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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(26) by Katie Ashley
  • “You want some?” he asked, his voice taking on a lower, husky tone.

    I bobbed my head. Instead of using the spoon, AJ dipped his finger into the chocolate and brought it to my lips. Leaning forward, I sucked his finger into my mouth, never taking my eyes off of his. As I pulled harder against his finger, swirling my tongue around it, a lustful gleam burned in his that caused me to shudder.

    “We should go. Now.”

    I was having a weird déjà vu moment from earlier in the dance studio when AJ was ready to leave in a hurry so he could ravish me in the limo. A delicious tingle of anticipation ran down my spine. I still couldn’t help questioning, “Don’t you want to finish the wine and mousse?”

    “I just wanna finish you off a time or two…maybe more.”

    “Oh, Jesus,” I muttered as my panties instantly moistened.

    AJ chuckled. Pulling away from me, he searched the restaurant for Pauley. When he saw him, he waved him over. “We’re going to need the check. ASAP.”

    Pauley ducked his head, trying to suppress his laughter. “Uncle Duke said it was on the house.”

    “He didn’t need to do that, but tell him thank you for both Mia and me.”

    “I will.”

    AJ reached in his pocket. I watched him slide a crisp hundred bill over to Pauley. “For your excellent service.”

    Pauley’s dark eyes widened. “Holy shit! Thank you, man.”

    “You’re welcome.” Pauley stepped aside to let AJ rise out of the booth. He held out his hand for me. “Coming?”

    Pauley snickered at the loaded innuendo. I rolled my eyes, feeling like I was surrounded by teenage boys.

    “Goodnight, Pauley. And do me a favor?”

    His brows rose. “Anything for you, cuz.”

    “Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.”

    He nodded. “Will do.”

    “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

    Leaning over, he gave me a kiss. “Have fun, cuz.”

    “I’ll try.”

    AJ and Pauley shook hands. “Can we go out the back? That’s where our driver is waiting.”

    “Sure thing. You know the way?”

    AJ nodded. “It’s usually how I come and go when I’m here.”

    “Night,” I called as I strode through the kitchen door.

    The moment I entered the room a shouted chorus of “Emiliana!” went up all around me.

    “Hi Louie, Petey, Carmine, Carmilla!” I shouted over the sound of clanking plates and silverware scraping food preparation bowls. I would have stopped to talk, but AJ’s insistent hand was against my lower back, pushing me along. As soon as we were out the door, his hot mouth was on mine in a hurried, frantic kiss. Pushing me against the brick wall, his hands started roaming over me. “Not here,” I panted against his lips.

    “Ready sir?” Benny called behind us. I actually felt sorry for him. He was going to need a whole lot of eye bleach to get rid of the images we’d given him in the last five hours. With my past, I never would have expected or imagined that I would be comfortable with such PDA, yet with AJ, it felt right.

    “Yeah,” AJ grunted, pulling away from me. My heels clicked along the pavement as I made my way to the limo. Benny stood, his head tucked to his chest, with the door open.

    “Take us home, Benny,” AJ instructed, as we collapsed into the limo in a wild tangle of arms and legs.

    “Yes sir,” came the mumbled reply, before the door was shut tight behind us.

    Once our bodies had adjusted on the bench seat, AJ crushed his mouth against mine, thrusting his warm tongue into my mouth. He tasted sweet like the chocolate and wine we’d just consumed, and I moaned into his mouth as our tongues intertwined. With one hand cupping my ass, AJ brought his other to my breast, slipping through the satin of my bodice to cup my naked flesh.

    As much as I hated to, I jerked away from him. Our gazes locked, and I’m sure mine mirrored AJ’s lust-filled one. It took me a full minute to find my voice. Even AJ’s broad chest heaved up and down from our passionate lip-lock. “We should go to my house.”

    “Nuh-uh,” AJ grunted, his hand kneading my breast harder.

    “But you’ll need to drop me off at my place anyway,” I argued, trying to ignore the heat pooling below my waist at his actions.

    AJ shook his head. “Mine’s closer. And I don’t wanna waste any time before I can be buried back inside you.”

    His words stoked the fire burning within me. I couldn’t believe just thirty minutes ago we’d been slow dancing at my family’s restaurant. Now we were mauling each other like sex-starved deviants. Of course, it was that damn chocolate mousse that had turned dessert into foreplay between the dancing and the limo.

    As his thumb flicked over my pebbled nipple, his other hand snaked up my dress to find my already damp center. When one finger slid inside my panties, I involuntarily thrust my hips up. Although I wanted nothing more than to be with him again, I smacked my palm against his chest, pushing him away. “Oh no, just a minute, big boy.”

    AJ’s chuckle scorched against my neck as he nudged his erection against my exposed thigh. “Thanks for the compliment, babe.”

    “I’m serious.” Grabbing the sweat-soaked strands of his hair, I jerked his head up to meet my gaze. “You’ve already had me once in this limo. What kind of girl do you take me for?”

    A wicked gleam burned in AJ’s dark eyes. “The kind who gets off on satisfying her man.”

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