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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(30) by Katie Ashley
  • “Yeah, but that’s what I was about to do,” she replied with a lazy grin.

    I threw back my head and laughed. “Because of you, I’m probably going to get instant wood each time I get on this fucking elevator.”

    Holding Mia with one hand, I grabbed my card with the other, and then staggered across the marble tile of the foyer’s threshold. Once we were inside the penthouse and the elevator doors had shut, Mia’s hungry lips came back to mine. I blindly made my way along to the living room. When I bumped into the couch, I eased Mia over the armrest. While her torso lay across the cushion, her lower half was elevated exactly where I needed it. As her legs dangled over the edge, I slid the hemline of her dress up. I jerked off her panties and tossed them over my shoulder. I then relieved myself of my shirt. “Hurry AJ!” she demanded, wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling me closer.

    “Patience, amorcito mio,” I murmured, before digging into my back pocket for my wallet. After I pulled out the condom, I needed a free hand, so I placed it between my teeth for safe keeping. I hurriedly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and shoved them down my hips. Tearing open the condom, I slid it on.

    With one harsh thrust, I buried myself balls deep inside her. “Oh AJ,” she moaned beneath me. Neither of us knew how to take it slow, so instead, I pounded into her. Grabbing her thighs, I wrapped my arms under her knees and used them for leverage to bring myself harder and deeper within her.

    Once Mia came, I concentrated on my own pleasure, slamming harder and harder into her. She didn’t seem to mind how rough I was. Instead, she kept right on panting and moaning with pleasure. When she came for the second time, her walls clenching against my cock caused me to come. “Mia!” I cried, before collapsing over on her.

    When I could once again focus on the world around me, I found Mia was stroking wide circles across my back. I pulled away to smile at her.

    She returned my smile. “Are we ever going to have sex in a bed?”

    I laughed. “I say we take a quick shower and then the next time will commence in my bed.”

    A little crease came between her brows. “You mean, you’re not ready for me to go?”

    “Jesus, no. What the hell gave you that idea?”

    She shrugged. “I just figured since we were done—”

    Cupping her face in my hands, I said, “Mia, babe, I don’t plan for us to be done until the morning…maybe tomorrow afternoon.”

    Her dark eyes widened. “You want me to stay the night?”

    “Of course.”

    “I just didn’t expect that.”

    “I’m not one of those douchebags who throws a chick out once he’s done banging her. Besides morning sex happens to be one of my favorite things,” I answered honestly. Even though it kinda stung, I could see why Mia would think I was a wham-bam kinda guy since I was a famous musician. It was true that I didn’t bring a lot of women here. I did most of my hook-ups on the road in the bus or in hotel rooms. Off the road, I was a lot more choosey. In the past, my house had been reserved for women I was in a relationship with—who I trusted. While Mia didn’t technically fit into that category, I was happy to make an opening for her. Because of her career, her family, and most of all her fiery personality, she had proven to be in a class all of her own.

    Leaning forward, I kissed her intently. “So you’ll stay?”

    “Um, okay.”

    “Good. Now let’s go take that shower.” Taking her by the hand, I pulled her up off the couch. I pushed her hair back away from her face and gave her a long, lingering kiss—one I hoped would show her how much I wanted her with me.

    When I pulled away, I took her by the hand and started down the hall. “I really want to see your place,” she protested.

    “After the shower.”

    “Like you’ll be in the mood for a grand tour then. You’re already naked,” she mumbled.

    I laughed and smacked her ass playfully. “You know me too well.”

    Once we were inside the bathroom, I closed the door behind us. After I stepped over to Mia, my hands immediately went to the zipper on her dress. When it pooled in a whisper at her feet, she was left only in her bustier since I’d happily shed her of her panties back in the living room. “I’ll get the water on while you get out of that thing,” I said, motioning to her chest. I knew my way around a bra, but that looked way tricky.

    “Okay,” she whispered.

    I turned on the water, letting the shower fill with steam. I stepped inside, but I left the door open. Glancing over my shoulder, I noticed Mia still stood frozen by the counter.

    “Aren’t you coming?”

    She gave a slight nod before slipping out of the bustier. Once she was fully naked, she stepped into the shower. With her arms crooked at the elbows, her hands rested under her chin, covering her breasts. “Don’t tell me you’re being shy now?”

    “No,” she murmured.

    “Then what’s the problem?”

    “It’s just…” She closed her eyes like she was in pain. “It’s the first time you’ve seen me fully naked.”

    “And it’s a fucking amazing sight.” When she didn’t look at me, I cupped her chin in my fingers. “Hey, what’s going on in that thick head of yours?”

    She sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. I know this is probably my own shit I’m projecting off on you. But I kinda have a feeling about the type of girls you usually date—willowy, blonde models who are size zeroes, with perfect fake tits and don’t have any cellulite.”

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