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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(33) by Katie Ashley
  • Instead of the pounding sex we’d had previously, this was slow, tender, and…heartfelt. It caused a whole range of emotions to ripple through me. As I kept my eyes on hers, Mia’s hips rose to meet my thrusts. Her whimpers and moans made me hot as hell, but I reigned myself in. It felt too good to end it fast.

    When Mia came, her arms clutched me tighter against her. Her cries echoed through the bedroom, but I loved she called my name the most. It didn’t take too long before I was tensing up and coming inside her. After I was done, I didn’t immediately roll off her. Instead, I let her continue swirling lazy circles with her fingers on my back while I buried my face in her neck. I inhaled her soft skin and smelled some tiny remnants of her perfume mixed with the more manly body wash I’d used on her last night in the shower. The silky strands of her hair tickled my nose, and I rose up to kiss a trail over her neck and chin and slowly back to her mouth. I thrust my tongue inside, seeking out her warmth. After a frenzied lip-lock, my phone ringing brought me out of my post-sex haze.

    “Shit,” I grumbled before pulling out of her. I fumbled along the nightstand for my phone before realizing it must be in my pant pockets. I strode down the hall to find them by the couch. I had a missed call from Jake, so I called him back.

    “Hey man, where are you?” Jake asked.

    “Home. Why?”

    “We got rehearsal at Eastman’s in fifteen minutes, remember?”

    Fuck, I had forgotten all about that. To celebrate our success, we were doing a show at Eastman’s, the bar where we’d first come together as a band. “Yeah, I kinda forgot about that. I’ll be there as soon as I can, okay?”

    “You better get your ass here ASAP, douchebag.”

    “Bite me, ass-munch.”

    Jake chuckled before hanging up the phone. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Mia’s panties on the kitchen floor. I grabbed them and then headed down the hall. When I entered the bedroom, my bed was empty. I found Mia dressed in the bathroom and washing her face. “I figured that call meant you have to go.”

    I nodded. “We have rehearsal in fifteen minutes.”

    Eyeing my naked form, Mia grinned. “You better hurry.”

    “I can throw something on real quick.” I closed the distance between us. “I wouldn’t want to shower anyway. I wanna smell like you the rest of the day.”

    Turning around, she wrapped her arms around my neck. “I’d say since I used your manly smelling bath wash last night, you’re just going to smell like yourself.”

    “And sex,” I added with a smile.

    She laughed. “Yes and that.”

    I brought my lips to hers, giving her a long, lingering kiss. When I pulled away, I cocked my head at her. “So, can I call you?”

    Mia hesitated before replying, “Sure.”

    After another kiss, I replied, “You know if I say I’ll call, I mean it, right? I’m not one of those douchebags who says that and bails.”

    Sadness briefly flickered in Mia’s eyes. “We’ll see.”

    “Ooh, you’re challenging me, huh?” I smacked her ass playfully. “You know I love a good challenge.”

    Mia smiled. “Call it whatever you want.”

    “Just call you, right?”

    She nodded. “But…only if you want.” She leaned in and kissed me again, before starting for the door.

    “Wait,” I called. She turned around. I swung her panties around on my finger. “You forgot these.”

    She eyed them for a moment before glancing back at me. “Keep them to remember me by.” And with a wink, she walked out of the room.

    With a grin, I shook my head. Somehow I’d managed to meet my match in every way possible. One day with her would never be enough. Hell, I doubted even a week would be enough. I knew there was no way I could let Mia get away when she could be my one and only.


    When Monday morning arrived, I hopped out of bed before the alarm went off with a renewed bounce in my step. Instead of cursing at traffic, I sang along to the radio. I even managed to arrive ten minutes early to work, which caused Dee’s jaw to drop.

    “Well hello. Look at you Miss Thing. It’s a gloomy Monday morning, but you’re here early and with a smile on your face. Hmm, mmm.” He snapped his fingers up and down. “Miss Mia got her groove back!”

    I snickered as I bypassed him for the break-room. When I turned around from putting my purse in my locker, Dee stood in the doorway, hand on his hip. Although he had gotten every single salacious detail last night, I could tell he was eager for more.

    “I’m not discussing AJ with you right now.”

    “Lunchtime then. I want a side of naughty with my salad.”

    I laughed. “Sounds like a plan.”

    With several post operation patients, we were pretty slammed the rest of the morning. Of course, in between checking vitals and changing IVs, my mind couldn’t help straying to AJ and our elicit weekend. Every time I did, I couldn’t keep the beaming smile off my lips or the flush of warmth from filling my cheeks. When lunchtime rolled around at eleven, I made my way to the break-room. Sunday nights were always spent with my dad and the crew at Mama Sofia’s, and I always brought salad back for Dee and me.

    As I took out the container and something to drink from the fridge, my cell beeped in my pocket. When I pulled it out, my heartbeat broke out into a wild gallop at the name on the text. It was AJ.

    The words, Miss U, were accompanied by a picture of him with his bottom lip poking out. When a giggle escaped my lips, I wanted to roll my eyes at my ridiculous behavior. Honestly, I’d barely been away from him twenty-four hours, and he already had too much effect on me.

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