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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(51) by Katie Ashley
  • “Because you’re a complete and total horndog?”

    AJ laughed. “Now Mia, my mind wasn’t being so devious. I simply meant for us to swim in our underwear.”

    “Of course you did.”

    Playing with the hem of his shirt, AJ questioned, “So are you game?”

    The heat blazing all around me, singeing my exposed skin, made the water feel even more heavenly against my ankles. I wanted nothing more than my entire body to be enveloped in the coolness. “Are you sure no one can see us out here?”

    “Nope. We’re too far off the beaten path.”

    “Okay then, I’m game.”

    “Fuck yeah!” he exclaimed, jerking his shirt over his head so fast I thought he’d rip the fabric.

    I had barely gotten my shirt over my head when I noticed AJ was already stripped to his boxers and stood watching me intently. “This isn’t a peep show, Mr. Resendiz.”

    “You can’t fault a man for enjoying the view.”

    My fingers hesitated on the button of my shorts. I hated AJ seeing me naked with the lights on. With the sun beating against us and illuminating even the shady parts of the woods, he was going to see way more than I wanted.

    When I continued to stall, AJ sloshed into the water, bridging the gap between us. He walked me back to the shore before his fingers replaced mine on my shorts. As he unbuttoned them, he stared intently at me. “I know what you’re thinking, so I guess I need to repeat it once again. I love every square inch of your body, including these fabulous round hips…” He trailed off as he pushed my shorts over my butt and down to my feet. On his knees, he glanced up at me. “And it bears repeating once again how much I adore and worship this ass,” he said before sending a stinging smack against one of my cheeks.

    My face flushed with warmth. I wanted more than anything to believe that AJ was sincere in what he said about my body, but I had too many years of self-loathing ingrained in me. With desire and admiration glimmering in his eyes, I crooked my finger, beckoning him to me. As he rose up from the ground, his gaze locked in on mine as I gave him a truly grateful smile. “Thank you, AJ.”

    “You’re welcome,” he murmured, pushing long strands of hair out of my face.

    I ducked my head down to press a lingering kiss against his chest above his heart. Even under my lips, I could feel the strong beat of his heart—one that was so amazingly kind and giving. I peeked up at him through the shroud of hair covering my face. “In spite of all the joking and innuendo, you sure do know how to make a girl feel wanted.”

    He grinned down at me. “I’m glad you’re finally realizing how magnificent I am, both in and out of the bedroom.”

    At his cockiness, I sank my teeth into the skin where I had once tenderly kissed. AJ yelped and jumped back. “Mia Martinelli, did you just bite me?” He rubbed his chest while giving me a pouty face. “What a waste. I mean, it wasn’t even a love bite either.”

    I giggled. “Yeah, well, that will teach you to make douche comments when I’m being genuine,” I replied as I stepped out of my shorts.

    At the sight of me in my bra and panties, AJ’s expression switched over to one of pure lust. After I tossed my shorts on the bank, I wagged my finger at him. “Just swimming, remember?”

    “Yeah, yeah,” he grunted.

    Brushing past him, I made my way deeper into the water. The further I walked into the stream, the deeper my toes sank into the squishy mud. When I realized AJ had yet to join me, I glanced over my shoulder. I spied AJ shoving his wallet back in his shorts. The blazing sun caught the gold foil wrapper, and I giggled in spite of myself. After I recovered, I called, “I would think swimming protection would include a life vest and sunscreen, not a condom.”

    He used his free hand to scratch the back of his neck. I could tell he was waging war with himself as to whether to bring it with him or drop it back on the pile of clothes.

    Turning around in the water, I crossed my arms over my breasts. “Do I turn you on so much that you can’t imagine taking a harmless swim without us banging?”

    He rolled his eyes. “There’s a difference between not being able to control myself and just not wanting to, Mia. Is it that hard for you to understand that I want you twenty-four seven?”

    His words sent a tingle rippling through me, but I shook my head. “Bring it here.”

    AJ took a few trudging steps towards me, sending water splashing around us. When I held out my hand, he reluctantly slipped the condom in it. “Thank you.” When I shoved the wrapper inside one of my bra cups, AJ’s mouth curved up in a smirk. “What?” I questioned with a shrug.

    “I thought you were going to toss it.”

    “Now what a waste that would be.” Stepping forward, I grabbed the waist band of his boxers, jerking him to me. “But I will make one thing clear. I get to come at least once or twice before you get to use this.”

    AJ grinned. “I have no problem with that.”

    “Good.” I adjusted my bra cup, making sure the condom was held firmly in place. Once it was fixed, I continued walking into the stream until I was at chest level. “I’m going in,” I said, before I dove under the water.

    Kicking my arms and legs, I swam closer to the waterfall. When I resurfaced, I brushed my damp hair out of my face and wiped my eyes. Glancing around, there was no sign of AJ.

    “AJ?” I questioned. As I turned left and right in the water, desperately searching for him, my heart started to beat faster in fear.

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