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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(52) by Katie Ashley
  • Something brushed against me before I was jerked under by my feet. Kicking my legs, I fought against it to find my way to the surface. When AJ popped up behind me, I squealed and clutched my heart. “You shithead!” I cried, splashing his face with water.

    He chuckled before wrapping his arms around me. “Did you think I’d been eaten by some river monster, and it was after you, too?”

    “No, I didn’t,” I huffed. Pushing against his chest, I tried wiggling out of his embrace. When he kept his grip tight around me, I shook my head. “Don’t think you’re going to get any loving from me after you pulled that douche move.”

    “Aw, I’m sorry for scaring you, amorcito mio. Let me make it up to you, okay?” AJ brought his lips to mine. As he deepened the kiss, my resolve slowly faded, and I melted into him. Pulling away, he cocked his brows at me. “Forgiven?”

    I smiled. “Yes, forgiven.”

    “Good. Let’s go swim over there where our feet can touch the bottom.”

    “Okay.” Spreading my arms out, I kicked with my feet and followed AJ’s steady strokes across the water. As we got closer to the rock formations, I could see the water was growing shallower. But when I put my feet down, the water was still chin level. “I think I’m a little vertically challenged for this.”

    AJ laughed. “Come here. I’ll help you since I got a few inches on you.” He waggled his eyebrows. “In more ways than one.”

    I rolled my eyes as he pulled me against him. “Lame, Resendiz. Very, very lame.”

    “I had to go there. Now wrap your sexy legs around my waist.”

    “With pleasure,” I replied. Grasping his shoulders, I hoisted myself up. The moment my center brushed against AJ’s cock, it reared to life. I raised a brow at him. “Seriously? Isn’t the water too cold?”

    “Obviously not.” He slid one of his hands off my hips and brought it between my legs. “Looks like we need to warm you up a little.”

    I gasped as he rubbed my clit. “I thought we were going to swim first.”

    “Can’t we fuck first and swim later?” he asked earnestly.

    My pleasure turned over to amusement. “You and your one track mind. You had this planned back at the bonfire, didn’t you?”

    “Sort of.” His deft fingers brushed past my panties to slide two fingers inside me. “But I’ve never fucked at a waterfall before.” He nipped my bottom lip, sucking it between his teeth as he began pumping his fingers even faster inside me. An amused look twinkled in his hooded eyes. “Mia, will you do the honors of taking my waterfall virginity?”

    “Mmm, let me think about it.” When I tightened my legs around his waist, our bodies melted together, and we both moaned into each other’s mouths. He thrust his hips out, nudging his enlarged cock against my center. Filled with his fingers, I wanted even more of him, so I arched against him causing a shudder to ripple through AJ.

    The teasing look he had before vanished, and one of white hot lust burned in his eyes. “I want to take you right here, right now,” he rasped.

    I pulled back to run my fingers through the wet strands of his dark hair. At the base of his neck, I tugged hard. “Then take me.”

    At my invitation, AJ enthusiastically replied by pushing hard against me. As I went spiraling backwards, I slammed my back onto the jagged rocks. I cried out in pain, rather than pleasure.

    “Oh amorcito mio, I’m so, so sorry.” AJ’s hands went to tenderly rub up and down the stinging flesh of my back. “Here turn around and let me check on you.”

    I pivoted in the water to where I was facing my former nemesis, the rocks. “No cuts or scrapes, thankfully.” I shivered when AJ’s warm lips kissed a trail over my back. When he finished, his strong hands came to my shoulders and turned me back around. Cupping my face with his hands, he gave me a truly apologetic look. “I’m so sorry for being such a Neanderthal and manhandling you like that.”

    I brought one of my hands up to pat his arm. “You don’t have to apologize. It was an accident. I know you would never willingly hurt me.” A shudder rippled through me as a few buried memories flashed through my head.

    AJ leaned over to place a chaste and tender kiss on my lips. “I couldn’t live with myself if I ever hurt you intentionally.”

    Desperately fighting the ghosts of the past, I forced a smile to my lips. “I know that. Although you’re a badass, you’re a sweetheart through and through.”

    He scowled at me. “Thanks for making me sound like an utter pussy.”

    I laughed. “That’s the last thing you could ever be. Besides, it’s no secret that you like it rough.”

    “Yeah, that’s true.” AJ’s thumb traced my lower lip. “But I feel awful.”

    “Would you stop wasting energy on this self-deprecating tirade and instead get your fabulous dick in me?”

    His eyes widened. “Hell yeah, I can do that.”

    “And while you’re at it, bring back the arrogant, naughty talking guy I like so much.”

    “My pleasure,” he replied, snatching the condom out of my bra cup. While he worked on removing his boxer shorts, I reached around to unclasp my bra and then shimmied out of my panties. After I wadded them in my hands, I tossed them onto one of the higher boulders. AJ followed my lead and threw his boxers up there as well.

    When he brought his gaze to mine, desire burned bright in his eyes. “Put your hands on those rocks,” AJ commanded, his voice a harsh growl in my ears.

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