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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(15) by Katie Ashley
  • Glancing over my shoulder, I nibbled anxiously on my bottom lip. “That’s really cool, Brayden, but you’re going to get me in trouble.”

    “I don’t care,” he replied, with a chuckle.

    My mouth dropped open in shock at his attitude. “Well, I do! And you should too. If I get grounded, I won’t be seeing you until after graduation.”

    Taking a step forward, Brayden said, “Don’t you get it, Lily? I’ve never written anything in my entire life. Hell, I could barely string the right sentences together to write the essays for my English classes.” He stared determinedly up at me. “But then you came into my life just when everything had gone to shit, and I thought I could never be happy again without football. But I’m fucking happier than I’ve ever been. And when you chose me, it changed everything.”

    “Oh Brayden,” I murmured, my heartbeat accelerating wildly at his words. For a moment, I had to resist the urge to pinch myself. Could it truly be possible a handsome guy with a beautiful heart was on my lawn in the middle of the night to sing a song he wrote just for me? Surely, I would wake up in a minute and find out it had all been just a dream.

    “Want me to sing it for you?”

    At that point, I didn’t care if my parents caught me and grounded me for the rest of my natural born life. I needed desperately to be serenaded. “Oh yes, please.”

    Brayden grinned. His talented fingers began working over the strings of the guitar. A melancholy melody floated up to me, one I knew came straight from Brayden’s previous suffering.

    Disappointments twisted and crippled me with rage.

    Darkness held me bound like a prisoner in a cage.

    Sadness wrecked me and brought me to my knees.

    Suffering had me begging “Oh lord, help me please."

    There was no reason to go on

    Until there was you

    Winking up at me, Brayden switched chords, and the sound of the sound changed to one more hopeful.

    You drove away all the dark clouds with your smile.

    You made life once again seem worthwhile.

    You gave me a reason to go on.

    A purpose to escape the twilight for the dawn.

    Your love has the power to transcend and transform.

    You’re my Lily of the Valley, my savior from the storm.

    Nothing really mattered in my life until there was you

    When he finished strumming the last chords, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I raced over to the deck gate. I flung it open and pounded down the stairs. The moment my bare feet hit the grass, I began to run. I couldn’t wait to get to him. I had to touch him to know that he was really real. Tears blinded my eyes as I threw myself into his arms.

    His guitar screeched between us. He chuckled against my ear. “I guess that means you like it.

    “Oh my God, I love it!” I cried, before leaning back so I could smother his face with kisses.

    “I’m glad to hear it,” he murmured, in between me kissing him.

    “This is the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for me,” I gushed.

    He grinned. “Now you’re going to make it hard for me to ever top this.”

    I laughed. “I don’t know how you could.” Tilting my head at him, I asked, “Did I really do all those things like you wrote in the song?”

    “You sure as hell did, babe. Every. Single. Word.”

    When I reached to pinch his arm, he gave me a funny look. “What was that for?”

    “I wanted to make sure you were real.”

    “Why don’t you kiss me again and see just how real I am?”

    “Okay,” I murmured. Just as I leaned in to bring my lips to his, the flood-lights came on all around the house. With a squeal, I jumped away from Brayden and glanced up at the deck. My dad stared down at us with his arms crossed over his chest. My mother stood behind him. While she wanted to look stern, I could see she was trying hard not to smile.

    Brayden threw up one of his hands to my parents. “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Gregson.”

    My dad grunted. “All right, the shows over. Lily, get your ass up here and get in bed. Brayden, get your ass to your own home and go to bed.”

    “I’m sorry for waking you up, Mr. Gregson. I didn’t mean to cause any problems by coming over here. Lily didn’t know I was coming, so please don’t punish her for my mistake,” Brayden pleaded.

    My dad huffed out a breath. “I’ll take that into consideration.”

    “Thank you, sir.” He started backing away from me, and then he stopped. In a flash, he was back at my side to plant a chaste kiss on my lips. “Goodnight, Lily.”

    “Goodnight,” I called, as he started running around the side of the house. Ducking my head, I walked over to the stairs. I went up them a lot slower than I had come down them. When I got to the top, I dared to peek at my parents.

    With his arms still crossed firmly over his chest, my dad’s jaw clenched and unclenched. “I’m sorry, Daddy. He just wanted to sing me a song he wrote. I promise we weren’t doing anything wrong.”

    “Excuse me that I might misinterpret the situation after seeing you two with your hands all over each other.”

    “Paul,” my mother cautioned.

    “What?” he demanded.

    “They didn’t have their hands all over each other. They were just hugging.”

    His brows shot up. “Whose side are you on, Marie?”

    She smiled. “I’m not taking sides. I’m just stating facts.”

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