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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(22) by Katie Ashley
  • I’d missed her more than just physically. She had only been able to come out two weekends this month to be with me. Whenever she wasn’t with me, I felt lost. But between her job and the pregnancy, she was worn thin. Regardless of how much I wanted her with me, I wouldn’t allow her to do anything to jeopardize her health or our baby’s.

    When the car started slowing down, I sat up straighter in the seat. “Is this it?”

    Lily giggled. “I bet you used to drive your parents crazy.”

    “No comment.”

    The car came to a stop, and I held my breath until Lily put it in park. “Okay, I’ll come around to get you.” When she opened her door, I was tempted to jerk off the blindfold. As if she anticipated me, she said, “No peeking, or you don’t get your gift.”

    “Fine, fine,” I grumbled.

    Tapping my foot, I waited for her to come around the car. She opened my door and undid my seatbelt. Taking me by the hand, she led me out of the car. We took a few steps and then she let go of my hand. “Are you ready?”

    “Yes, dammit, I’ve been ready the last thirty minutes.”

    She laughed and then pulled off the blindfold. I was momentarily disappointed to see that we were just in our driveway. But then when I saw what was in front of me, I dropped onto my knees, which earned me another laugh from Lily. “Oh. My. God.”

    It was a black, 68’ Challenger just like I’d had gotten when I was sixteen. Just like the one I’d sold to fund our first record deal. Staggering back to my feet, I said, “I can’t believe you found another one.”

    Lily slid her arm around my waist. “I didn’t find another one. I found the one.” When I stared at her in shock, she said, “That’s your old Challenger, babe.”

    I was speechless. She had literally stunned me speechless. “But how?”

    “I ran the VIN number through some collectors, tracked it down, then explained to them the story behind the car.” With a teasing grin, she winked at me. “I might have used my feminine wiles a little bit to sway them to sell it.”

    “Please tell me you didn’t show them your boobs?”

    She smacked my arm. “Honestly, Brayden. I merely tossed my hair, gave them lots of smiles, and then maybe I turned the waterworks on about my dad and the baby.”

    I threw back my head and laughed. “You’re terrible.”

    “It got you the car, didn’t it?”

    “Yeah, it did.” I pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her. “Baby, this is the most amazing gift I think I could ever receive.” Feeling her tiny bump brush against me, I quickly corrected myself. “The most amazing gift until our baby is born.”

    “Good save, Vanderburg,” she murmured, her lips hovering over mine.

    “Glad you thought so.” I kissed her deeply, plunging my tongue into her mouth. When I finished we were both breathless.

    She smiled up at me. “Wanna take the car for a spin?”

    “Fuck yeah. But considering I’m hard as a rock, I think I would rather take you for a spin.”

    Lily pulled away from me. Swaying her hips, she walked over to the car and opened the backseat door. “Wanna fuck me in here like old times?”

    Glancing around, I tried to gage if any of the neighbors were home to see us. When I thought the coast was clear, I hurried to her side.

    Not taking her eyes off of mine, Lily lay back on the seat, opening her legs invitingly. “You want to know why this car is special to me?” she asked.

    Licking my lips, I asked, “Because I love it so much?”

    She tsked at me. “No silly.” She then whipped her shirt over her head. “Because I had my first orgasm with a guy in this backseat.”

    I grinned. “I was happy to oblige you with that one.”

    As she slid off her jeans, she said, “I almost lost my virginity in here.”

    “Yeah, not the most romantic place to lose it.”

    Cocking her brows at me, said, “Lose the pants, Vanderburg.”

    “Yes, ma’am.” Not caring about the neighbors, I unzipped my jeans and tugged them down.

    “Going commando, are we?”

    With a laugh, I replied, “I ran out of clean underwear.”

    Lily giggled. “Heaven forbid you have to do some laundry.”

    “You got that right.”

    The leather seat warmed my bare ass as I sat down. Once I closed the door, I covered Lily’s body with my own. She brought her hands up to grip my shoulders. “You want to know the number one reason why I love this car?”

    “Mmm,” I muttered, as my hands came to her breasts.

    “Because it was the place where you first said you loved me.”

    My fingers stilled their movements. “I remember that,” I replied.

    “In that moment, I didn’t think I could love you more, but I had no idea.” She cupped my face in her hands. “My love for you grows each and every day.”

    “As does mine.” I brought my lips to hers for a tender kiss. When I pulled away, my heart did a funny flip-flop in my chest like the first time I ever saw her or kissed her or made love to her. We were coming full circle from the horny teenagers who had romped in the backseat to a married couple with a baby on the way.

    And as the car rocked back and forth with our exertions, we made new memories in the Challenger with all new orgasms.



    After shifting in his chair, Giovanni gave me a wry smile. I couldn’t help bracing myself for his next question. The twinkle in his dark eyes told me he was about to pose a question that he really wanted to get some dirt on—something potentially salacious. I couldn’t imagine where he planned on going since he’d already gotten the dirt on Brayden’s and my first time, not to mention our R rated Challenger shenanigans. “This question shifts forward just a bit, but I think it will help tie everything together from your high school days to the days of Runaway Train.”

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