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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(24) by Katie Ashley
  • “You have an entire floor?”

    “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Four bedrooms and two baths.”

    My brows shot up. “That’s like a house. How in the world do four college guys afford it?”

    “One of my roommates, Jake, his dad owns the contracting company that bought the building. His dad has this giant guilt trip when it comes to Jake, so he offered it to Jake for the same amount of rent he was paying at his old place. It’s worked out well because Mr. Charismatic, Jake, has been able to rope more college kids into moving in. A win-win situation for them both.”

    “He’s the lead singer, right?”

    “Yep, Mr. Jake Ego-Trip Slater,” Brayden mused, with a grin.

    Wrinkling my nose, I replied, “I’m not looking forward to meeting this guy. Tom was enough of an ego-trip for me.”

    “Just wait, babe. I think Jake is even worse.”

    “Ugh, that sounds horrible.”

    “He grows on you once you get to know him. Deep down, he really is a nice guy. He’s a helluva singer and songwriter, too. With him as our front man, we’re really going to start going places. I can feel it.”

    “I hope so, baby. No one deserves it more.”

    With a growl, Brayden jerked me to him. “Enough talking. I think it’s past time we got to fucking.”

    I smacked his chest playfully. “You’re terrible. Besides, I want you to make love to me.”

    Cocking his brows at me, Brayden countered, “I haven’t been inside your for two weeks. I won’t last long enough to make love to you. Maybe tomorrow, but not tonight.”

    I merely giggled at his response. My laughter was silenced by him slamming his lips against my own. All other thoughts faded away as I focused on the feel of his mouth on mine, his tongue against mine. Just when I thought we might go at it on the hood of his car, Brayden pulled away. “Let’s get upstairs,” he demanded.

    By the time we reached Brayden’s floor, I was out of breath. While the three flights of stairs had been a bit of an exertion, it was more about the fact that we hadn’t been able to keep our hands off each other. At each landing, we paused to let our mouths crash together, our tongues tangle in a passionate dance. When we finally got to his apartment door, I was in his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist. He grunted as he shifted me to the side, so he could dig his key out.

    “Hurry,” I moaned, as I kissed a trail across his jawline to his ear.

    “Trying,” he muttered.

    Instead of putting the key in, he shoved my back against the door. His free hand delved under my top to grab my breast. “Hmm, yes,” I murmured, as my nipple began to harden under his touch. He began to rub his jean-clad erection against me. It was getting to be too much.

    Gripping the back of his T-shirt, I started tugging it off him. Once I had it in my hands, I dropped it to the floor beside us. He followed my lead by stripping off my shirt. He then buried his head in my cleavage, licking the tops of my breasts before moving to put his mouth over my bra covered nipples.

    “I want you inside me, Brayden,” I panted.

    His hand with the key in it left my waist to unlock the door. When it opened, we fell through, nearly collapsing to the floor. I giggled at our sex-crazed antics as Brayden tossed the key onto the table next to the door. As we started across the room, his fingers dug into my buttocks, kneading my flesh. “I can’t wait until I’m buried so fucking deep inside you that you come so hard you scream.”

    I opened my mouth to say how much I wanted him to do just that when a guy’s voice interrupted me. “Just try to keep it down, will ya? I’m watching a movie.”

    At the stranger’s voice, I squealed and gripped Brayden’s shoulders tighter. “Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?” Brayden demanded.

    “Uh, last time I checked, I lived here.”

    “You said you were going home this weekend to stay with your parents.”

    “I said I might go home.”

    Brayden grunted in frustration. “You said you would because you knew Lily was coming this weekend.”

    “Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about that.”

    “Sorry, baby,” Brayden said, before he gently eased me onto my feet. Considering I was in my bra and jeans, I pivoted around to hide behind Brayden.

    “You told me she was a hell of a looker, but you didn’t mention that she was so shy. Of course, she didn’t sound shy when you guys were out in the hallway.”

    “Oh God,” I moaned, as mortification filled me.

    I heard the guy rise off the couch and start over to us. When I shrank farther behind Brayden, he said, “Come on, mi amor, a bra is like a bikini top. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

    Slowly, I peeked around Brayden’s shoulder. A tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed guy stood grinning at me, his arms crossed over his broad, bare chest. The only article of clothing he had on was a pair of boxer shorts that hung low on his hips. If I hadn’t been totally in love with Brayden, I would have probably fallen to the floor in a pool of lust for this guy. He was that good-looking. But the thing I liked most about him was his warm smile and the mischievous glint in his eyes.

    “Lily, this is my roommate, AJ,” Brayden introduced.

    Throwing out his hand, AJ said, “That’s Alejandro Joaquin Resendiz actually. And I’m not just his roommate. I’m the drummer in his new band.”

    With a resigned sigh, I stepped around Brayden to shake his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

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