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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(25) by Katie Ashley
  • He winked. “Nice meeting you in the flesh. I feel like I already know you because Bray talks about you all the fucking time.” Smacking Brayden’s chest playfully, AJ said, “He’s such a sap.”

    While Brayden’s cheeks reddened, I couldn’t help smiling. “I’m glad to hear that he talks about me and isn’t having wild and crazy orgies while I’m gone.”

    AJ snorted. “This guy? Never. Jake and I have been calling him the Old Man.”

    “Because he’s the oldest?”

    “Because he acts like an old married man.”

    “You’re full of shit, AJ,” Brayden muttered.

    The thought of him talking about me to his bandmates and having eyes only for me made my heart swell. Overcome with emotion, I leapt at Brayden, smothering him with kisses.  “What dare you doing?” he asked, with a confused grin.

    “Showing you how thankful I am that you’re such a good boyfriend.”

    “I have some other ideas of how you could show me.”

    I giggled. “Is that right?”

    “Oh yeah.”

    AJ groaned. “Would you please take it to the bedroom?”

    “I’m sorry. It’s just I haven’t seen him in two weeks,” I replied.

    “Yeah, yeah, go fuck each other’s brains out. I’ll make sure to turn the TV up,” AJ replied, before walking back over to the couch.

    “There’s some earplugs in one of the kitchen drawers,” Brayden said.

    “Tempting. Very tempting.”

    Brayden swept me into his arms and started for the bedroom. “Goodnight, AJ.”

    “Goodnight, Lovely Lily.”

    I grinned as Brayden kicked the door shut behind us. “Aw, he called me Lovely Lily like Paul McCartney’s Lovely Linda.”

    “Makes sense to me,” Brayden replied, with a smile.


    The time apart made Brayden and me insatiable for each other. We kept at each other for most of the night until finally falling asleep just before dawn. With my naked body sprawled across Brayden’s, I wasn’t expecting the door to fly to open just a few hours after we had managed to go to sleep.

    “Brayden!” AJ cried.

    A scream erupted from my lips at the sight of AJ in the doorway. He quickly spun around to where he faced the door. My reaction freaked out a dead-to-the-world, Brayden. He shot straight up in bed, sending me tumbling to the floor.

    “Ow!” I cried, as my butt slammed onto the hardwood.

    “Oh fuck, I’m sorry, babe. Are you okay?” Brayden questioned, leaning over the side of the bed.

    “I think I broke my butt,” I replied, with a smile.

    “I’ll kiss it and make it better,” Brayden offered. He then got out of bed and helped me up.

    As he rubbed my aching backside, Brayden demanded, “What the hell are you doing in here AJ?”

    With his head down, AJ said, “I knocked a million times. I guess you guys didn’t hear me.”

    “Barging in here at—” Brayden glanced over his shoulder to look at the clock, “at fucking eight am? You better have a damn good reason.”

    “I do.” When he started to turn around, I dove under the covers. As soon as I was decent, he turned the rest of the way around. “Jake called me just a few minutes ago. Apparently this guy down at Eastman’s called him in a panic. The house band he had to perform on Friday and Saturday nights broke up, and he’s desperate for an act. He wants us to play tonight.”

    Brayden’s mouth gaped open. “You’re serious?”

    “I’m dead fucking serious.”

    “A gig? A real, paying gig?”

    AJ grinned. “Hell fucking yeah!”

    Brayden frowned. “But we just started together a few months ago. Are we really ready?”

    I smacked his bare ass to try to knock some sense into him. “You were born ready, babe.”

    He glanced down at me and smiled. “You really think so?”

    “Oh, I know so.”

    He then threw his arms up in the air. “Holy shit, we have a gig!” AJ and I laughed at him. “Now what happens?”

    “We have rehearsals at noon, and then our set starts at seven. Jake and Teague are on their way home from the mountains right now.”

    My ears perked up at the mention of his other two bandmates. Originally, I wasn’t going to get to meet them since they had gone home for the weekend, but apparently now, I would get to see all of the Runaway Train guys.

    “Shit, we need to decide what we’re going to play,” Brayden murmured, running his hands through his hair.

    “Well, first, you need to put on some fucking clothes. I’m tired of staring at your junk,” AJ mused with a smile.

    Brayden threw a pillow at him. “Fine, I’ll get dressed.”

    “Then we’ll start putting together a song set. Jake and Teague can agree or veto when they get here.”

    “Sounds good.”

    Shifting in the bed, I said, “While you guys are doing that, I’ll get us something to eat.”

    “There’s stuff in the kitchen to cook,” AJ said.

    My brows shot up in surprise. “Really? It’s not growing fur on it in the back of the refrigerator, is it?”

    He laughed. “No, mi amor, my mom takes good care of her boy. She brings groceries by once a week.”

    Brayden nodded. “She really does.”

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