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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(26) by Katie Ashley
  • “So I could make pancakes, eggs, and bacon—Brayden’s favorite breakfast?”

    “Hell yeah, you could,” AJ replied, with a grin.

    “Then it’s a deal. You guys work on the song set, and I’ll cook.”

    AJ brought his hand to his heart and gave me a revered look. “She wants to cook for us, and she makes the most amazing sex noises I’ve ever heard. You really have to marry this girl, Brayden.”

    Now it was my turn to throw a pillow at AJ. “You said you would turn the TV up!” I shrieked at him.

    “It was too hot not to listen to,” he argued, with a chuckle and waggle of his eyebrows.

    “If you don’t get out of here right now, I won’t give you any pancakes,” I challenged.

    Without another word to me, AJ hustled out of the door. “Oh my God,” I moaned, as I collapsed back in the bed.

    “He just being his big goof self, Lils,” Brayden said.

    “I’ve known him less than twenty-four hours, and he’s heard me having sex and seen me naked.”

    “He only saw your ass.”

    Cocking my brows, I countered, “Just my ass?”

    Brayden grinned at me. “It could’ve been worse. He could’ve seen your fabulous tits or your—”

    I held up my hand to stop him. “I get it.”

    “Come on. Let’s get dressed before he has the nerve to come back in here.”

    “Um, that’s a great idea, but I seem to remember in our excitement to get in here last night that we didn’t bring in my suitcase.”

    Running his hands over his stubbly face, Brayden snorted with laughter. “Fuck, I forgot about that.” He went over to his dresser and took out a T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. “Think these will work until I can grab a quick shower and go downstairs?”

    “I think so.” Climbing out of bed, I went in search of my panties and bra in the collection of clothes we had strewn across the floor last night. After putting them on, I slipped into Brayden clothes and then went out of the bedroom.

    AJ wasn’t in sight at the moment, so I went to the kitchen to get started on breakfast. AJ hadn’t been lying about his mom keeping the kitchen stocked. I’m sure the other guys contributed some as well, but I was able to put on quite a feast by the time Brayden emerged from the shower.

    He sat down at the table at the same time as AJ came out of his bedroom, freshly showered and dressed. “Damn, that smells good,” he remarked, as he slid into a chair across from Brayden. After I’d given them their plates, I brought mine over to sit beside Brayden.

    When he bit into my pancakes, he rolled his eyes in exaggerated bliss. “Man, you sure can cook.”

    I couldn’t help laughing. “It’s just pancake mix, AJ. Not brain surgery.”

    Brayden shook his head. “She’s just being modest. Lily really can cook.”

    “Then we need to bring her along when we go out on the road.”

    My brows shot up in surprise. “You’re going out on the road?”

    Holding up a hand, Brayden replied, “AJ is getting ahead of himself as usual. We want to be able to go out on the road to try to hit some music festivals. But it probably won’t be until next summer anyway.”

    “If it’s the summer, then I really could come with you.”

    Brayden winked at me. “Of course, you’ll be coming with us. You and me are a package deal.”

    My heart did its usual tap dance whenever Brayden made me feel so loved, especially in front of his friends. “How would you guys get around?”

    AJ took a swig of his orange juice before replying. “My uncle owns an RV dealership in Guadalajara.” At what must have been my blank look, AJ said, “In Mexico.”

    “Oh. I see.”

    “He can get us a killer deal on an older model.”

    Brayden snorted. “Older model as in a hunk of junk.”

    AJ tossed his napkin at him. “Hey asshole, we can’t afford much better than a hunk of junk.”

    “True,” Brayden replied.

    When his cellphone started ringing in the bedroom, AJ ran to grab it. He came back out a few minutes later. “That was Jake. He said they would just meet us at Eastman’s at noon, rather than coming by here.”

    Brayden nodded. “Guess we better get busy working on that set list.” When he started to rise out of his chair, he winced. “I’m sorry, babe.”

    “What are you apologizing for?”

    “It’s your birthday weekend. I know we had planned on spending today with just each other and doing all your favorite things in the city.”

    I smiled. “It’s okay, Brayden. You just got a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think I can entertain myself the rest of the day.”

    AJ sighed. “Once again, you gotta marry her. Like if you don’t, I think I will.”

    As I laughed at AJ’s comment, Brayden merely grunted. While the boys started working on their set list, I cleaned the kitchen up. Then I decided to do laundry. Thankfully, the boys had a washer and dryer in with one of the bathrooms. So, I did my clothes and then Brayden’s. In between bouts of folding clothes, I got dressed in jeans and T-shirt and did my hair and makeup.

    I had had just about enough domestic bliss when Brayden came looking for me. “Hey, we’re about to head down to Eastman’s for rehearsals. Want to come with us?”

    “Are you sure I wouldn’t be in the way?”

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