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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(27) by Katie Ashley
  • Brayden shook his head. “I want you with me, baby.”

    My heart did a little skip at his words. “Okay then, I’ll come.”


    Eastman’s was a small bar close to the Georgia Tech and Georgia State campuses. Apparently, it catered to a younger, college age crowd, especially on the weekends. One wall was made up of Georgia Tech black and gold paraphernalia while the other was blue and grey for Georgia State.

    The inside was empty accept for two waitresses refilling salt and pepper shakers. “We don’t open until three,” one of them said.

    Brayden cleared his throat. “We’re here to rehearse.”

    The waitresses glanced between each other. “You’re the new house band?” the other waitress asked.

    “Yeah, we’re Runaway Train. Well, we’re waiting on our other two guys to get here.”

    As their gazes devoured Brayden and AJ, I moved a little closer to Brayden. At that moment, a middle-aged man came out of the side door. His face lit up at the sight of us. “So fucking glad you guys could help me out.”

    “It’s our pleasure,” Brayden replied, with a smile. Turning to me, he said, “Sean, this is my girlfriend, Lily.”

    He gave me a warm smile. “Hey, I’m Sean Underwood, owner of Eastman’s.” He shook my hand. “Nice to see you guys again.”

    “Again?” I questioned before I could stop myself.

    Sean smiled. “These guys auditioned to be my house band probably about two or three weeks ago. But I was really stupid and went with another band.”

    “Yeah, but we were meant to be the one and only in the end, right?” AJ said, with a smile.

    “Exactly,” Sean replied. He then motioned for us to follow him to the stage. I noticed the waitresses continued to undress Brayden and AJ with their eyes. Brayden must have noticed my discomfort because he wrapped his arm around my waist and drew me to him.

    “So everything is here that you need. Take your time setting up. I’ll need you back here by six, even though the set doesn’t start until seven.”

    Brayden and AJ nodded in agreement. “Sounds good. We’ll just start setting up while we wait for the others.”

    At the sight of all the chairs on the tables and nowhere to sit, I started to feel out of place. Sean motioned for me to follow him. I shrugged at Brayden and then started behind Sean down the hall next to the stage.

    At the first room on the right, he opened the door. Inside was a cramped but cozy dressing room. “In case you want to take a load off while they get set up.”

    “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

    “I’ll tell Brayden to come get you when he’s ready.” He smiled and then left me. I walked around the room, taking in the somewhat lacking décor. It was pretty cool thinking that this was where Brayden and the guys would get ready tonight. They’re very own dressing room.

    “Well hello there,” a voice said behind me.

    Whirling around, I widened my eyes at the sight of the guy in the doorway. He was taller than Brayden and bigger built. An inviting smile lit up his handsome face while his deep blue eyes, that had an impish twinkle in them, seemed at odds with his dark hair.

    “What are you doing in here?”

    “Oh, um, I’m sorry. I thought this is where I was supposed to wait.”

    “Who told you that?”

    “The owner. I mean, Sean. He said this is where I should wait for the band.”

    The guy chuckled. “Damn, we haven’t even played yet, and we already have groupies,” he mused.

    My brows furrowed in confusion. “Wait, what are you talking about?”

    Closing the gap between us, the guy stood directly in front of me. At the intense look blazing in his baby blues, I had to look away. The next thing I knew his hands had slithered around my waist, jerking me against his hard body. He stared down at me with eyes hooded with desire. “Damn, you’re so beautiful,” he murmured, his alcohol-laced breath burning against my cheek.

    “Let me go!” I protested, my hands pushing against his sculpted chest.

    As he dipped his head to kiss me, I tucked my neck to my chest, so he only ended up kissing my forehead. He grunted in frustration. When I dared to peek up at him, he gave me a pleading look. “Please, beautiful, open up to me. You’re just what I need.”

    The sound of a voice behind us caused us both to freeze. “What the hell is going on here?” Brayden demanded.

    The guy smirked at Brayden over his shoulder. “Man, your girl really has been gone too long if you don’t know what this is.”

    In a flash, Brayden was beside us. Planting both of his hands on the guy’s chest, Brayden shoved the guy hard, sending him spiraling backwards. “Dude, what the fuck?” the guy demanded, as he flopped down onto the couch.

    Jerking me to him, Brayden’s chest heaved up and down. “What are you doing groping my girl, Jake?”

    Jake’s blue eyes widened in shock as his head slowly shook back and forth. “You’re Lily?” he asked incredulously.

    “Yes,” I squeaked.

    “Fuck!” He jerked his hand through his dark hair. “I’m sorry.” He glanced from me to Brayden. “I really am sorry, man. I had no idea she was Lily. If I had, I would have never, ever come on to her.” With a grimace, he added, “She reminded me of Stephanie.”

    Brayden’s arm remained tight around my waist. I wanted to tell him I couldn’t breathe well, but I didn’t want to set him off. The last time I’d seem him this furious was the night we became official—the night I’d demanded he fight for me when it came to Mitch. Now it seemed he didn’t have any problem fighting Jake for me. “You better not ever let it happen again,” Brayden finally growled.

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