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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(35) by Katie Ashley
  • “Did you guys enjoy the ride?” AJ asked, flashing us a wicked grin.

    “Yes, it was very nice,” Lily replied.

    “I got several good pics of you guys making out,” AJ said.

    Lily gave me a dreamy smile as she answered AJ. “Good. I want to see them.”

    “You do?” he asked

    She nodded. “Then we can have the moment we got engaged forever immortalized.”

    “Wait, you guys are engaged?” Jake demanded.

    Holding out her hand, Lily showed them the ring. “I mean, he didn’t get down on one knee when he asked me, but it was still romantic.”

    “Still romantic? I was trying to be creative with my proposal,” I protested.

    Jake shook his head. “I can’t believe you guys are engaged. You’re just twenty-two.”

    Lily frowned at Jake’s words and harsh tone. “What does it matter how old we are as long as we’re in love?”

    “Whatever. It’s your funeral, not mine,” Jake replied.

    “I thought you would be happy for us,” Lily countered softly.

    Crossing his arms over his chest, Jake said, “Why would you want to get married?”

    “Because we’re in love,” Lily answered.

    “And how do you even know if the love you have is real? You guys were sixteen years old when you fell—” he made air quotes with his fingers, “in love.”

    I crossed the space between us to stand toe to toe with Jake. “That’s enough. Look, you don’t have to be happy for us, but you don’t need to stand there being an asshole by questioning our love and choices on one of the happiest days of our life.”

    He eyed me contemptuously for a moment before he relented. “Fine. I’m sorry. Okay?”

    “Fine,” I muttered.

    Taking Lily the arm, AJ said, “Come on. Let’s go buy you a celebratory funnel cake for your engagement.”

    Silently I thanked AJ for lightening the mood. Lily’s genuine smile warmed my heart. “Okay. If you’re treating, I won’t say no.”

    As she and AJ walked off to one of the stands, I started behind them with Rhys at my side. When I turned around, Jake was gone. “Asshole,” I muttered under my breath. I couldn’t imagine why Jake had reacted the way he had. Yeah, his parents divorced after his dad had an affair, but I couldn’t imagine that tainting him against all people getting married. The last time I checked he was crazy about Lily and enjoyed having her around.

    Determined not to let Jake put a damper on my happiness, I strode up to Lily who was munching on one of the funnel cakes. “Want some?” she asked, holding out a bite for me.

    Ignoring her, I pulled her into my arms and crashed my lips against hers. I moaned at both the contact and how sweet she tasted. My tongue ran along her lips, licking off the powdered sugar. When I finally pulled away, she was breathless. “You’re delicious,” I mused, licking my lips.

    She giggled. “You sure you don’t want some cake, or do you want to taste me some more?”

    “I might take a little of both.” I drew her to me and whispered in her ear. “Let’s go back to the bus for a little while.”

    Jerking back from me, her eyes widened. “You want to leave the fair?”

    “Yes, so I can make love to my fiancée.”

    “You don’t play fair,” she pouted.

    “You want a compromise?”

    “What do you mean?”

    Turning to the guys, I said, “Excuse us fellas.”

    I took Lily by the arm and started leading her to the edge of the fairgrounds. “Where are you taking me?”

    “Somewhere private.”

    She didn’t protest anymore. We dipped into the heavy thicket of trees just beyond some of the campers. When I thought we were far enough away from prying eyes, I pulled her to me. “I want you so bad, Lily.”

    “Then I guess you’re going to have to take me. Right here in the woods.”

    I grinned. “I had just the same thought.”

    Pushing her back against one of the trees, my fingers went to the button on her shorts. I jerked them down her thighs, along with her panties. As our lips stayed locked, I worked to free my hard on from my shorts. Grabbing Lily by the waist, I hoisted her up and then impaled her on me. Gripping my shoulders hard, Lily cried out. “I’m sorry, baby. I should have gotten you ready.”

    She shook her head. “Mmm, I’m good. It hurts so good.”

    Her words and noises of pleasure drove my hard thrusts as I pumped in and out of her. I was afraid that even through her shirt, she was going to get splinters from being banged back against the tree. After I dipped my head, jerked down her shirt, and took her nipple in my mouth, she came, which caused me to as well.

    We stood there, chests heaving and panting, from our exertions. “Our first time as an engaged couple,” I mused.

    Lily giggled. “It’s so romantic being fucked up against the tree just a few feet away from a bunch of strangers.”

    Cocking my brows at her, I countered, “You just came harder than you have in weeks.”

    “That’s true.” After nipping my bottom lip with her teeth, she said, “I guess we’ll just have to have sex in public more often.”

    “I wouldn’t exactly call this public, but I’m all for it if you are.”

    With a grin, Lily said, “Can you put me down? I’m not sure my legs will work though.”

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