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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(64) by Katie Ashley
  • Lily opened her mouth to respond, but then she clamped a hand over it. Throwing back the sheets, she raced from the bed. “You can’t go out there naked!” I shouted after her. The last thing I needed on top of everything else was for my bandmates to see my wife naked.

    At the slam of the bathroom door, I shot off the bed. When I got to the hallway, a bleary-eyed Jake and Rhys peered out of their roosts at me. Of course, I could still hear AJ snoring. He could sleep through an F-5 tornado. “Dude, what the fuck is going on?” Rhys demanded.

    “I wish I knew,” I grumbled.

    Motioning to the bathroom, Jake gave me a wicked grin. “I haven’t heard that much gagging since the last girl who thought she could deep throat me.”

    I rolled my eyes. “You’re a disgusting prick who has delusions of grandeur.”

    Jake chuckled and then disappeared behind his roost curtain. I rapped my knuckles lightly on the door. “Lils, are you all right?”

    Her response came in the form of the toilet flushing. A few seconds passed before the door opened. While her eyes and nose were red from the crying, her face was white as a sheet. She had managed to slip on one of the bathrobes that hung behind the door. Of course, I was still butt naked in the hallway with my junk hanging out. “Babe, are you all right?” I repeated.

    “I-I’m pregnant,” she stammered.

    The world around me came crashing to a halt. Just like the first time I met her and she took me out, I felt the world grow dark around me. No, no, no. Surely, I had heard her wrong. Once I had managed to recover, I demanded, “What?”

    “She said she was pregnant,” Jake called from behind his curtain.

    “I didn’t ask you,” I growled.

    “Then take it to the bedroom.” He poked his head out. “And congrats, Hot Mama.”

    A nervous giggle escaped Lily’s lips at his words. “Don’t tell me you’re happy about me having a baby?” she asked softly.

    “Why wouldn’t I be? It ain’t mine, so I’m thrilled.” He stared pointedly at the two of us. “Aren’t you happy?”

    I threw up my hands in frustration. “This is so fucking wrong! Damn, this bus. There’s no fucking privacy!” My voice had risen an octave to where I was practically shrieking. Glancing down at myself, I shook my head. “Fuck, this is surreal. I’m standing here with my balls in the wind for one of the most important announcements in my life!”

    “Bray, man, it’s—

    ”We are so not having this conversation with you!” I shouted at Jake. When Rhys poked his head out of the roost, I jabbed my finger at him. “Or you!” Taking Lily by the hand, I dragged her down the hall to the bedroom. After I slammed the door, I began pacing around the room.

    Lily was pregnant. My twenty-two-year-old wife of seven months was pregnant. I was going to be a father. “Jesus,” I muttered, raking my hand through my hair.

    At a whimper behind me, I turned around. Lily had sat down on the bed and drawn her knees up to her chest. She looked positively grief-stricken. She glanced warily up at me like she expected me at any moment to go utterly batshit on her.

    And in that moment, I felt like the biggest asshole imaginable. I mean, what the hell was I doing making my pregnant wife feel like shit? It wasn’t like we were back in high school. We had the means to have and take care of this baby. Sure, things with the band were crazy and chaotic, but rock stars had kids all the time. Besides, there was nothing more that Lily and I had ever wanted than to be parents one day. I guess it had come sooner rather than later.

    Striding over to the bed, I knelt down in front of Lily. “Baby, I’m so fucking sorry for reacting the way that I did. I was just so surprised.”

    Her brows shot up. “You’re not mad?”

    Shaking my head, I replied, “How could I ever be mad about one of my dreams coming true?”

    “Oh Brayden,” Lily cried, before throwing her arms around my neck. I cradled her trembling body in my arms as she shed what I hoped were tears of happiness. When she pulled away, she smiled at me. “Thank you.”

    “For being an asshole who made you cry?”

    “No. Thank you for loving me no matter what.”

    I brushed the hair out of her face and then stroked her tear-soaked cheeks. “I’ll always fight for you, Lily. I’ll always fight for us. Now there’s just going to be more of us to fight for.”

    Lily hiccupped a laugh. “It’s still so hard to believe.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me last night?”

    “We hadn’t been together in so long that I didn’t want to ruin it.”

    “What kind of asshole am I that would make you think a baby would ruin things?”

    Her hand came up to cup my cheek. “It’s not that. I’ve been upset myself. We’ve only been married seven months. You’re touring all the time and hardly home. Not to mention, that I just got my first teaching job, and now I’m pregnant. It was like I worked so hard for what?”

    “For a college degree that you’ll have all your life.”

    “That’s true.”

    “Besides, you know I hate that you’re teaching instead of coming out on tour with me.”

    “Once again, you have your dream, and I have mine,” she countered, softly.

    Turning her hands up, I kissed her opened palms. “I know, baby. But there’s one dream that we share, and that’s each other. Nothing can take the place of that.”

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