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  • Melody of the Heart(Runaway Train #4)(65) by Katie Ashley
  • “I love you,” she murmured.

    “I love you, too.” I leaned in to place a tender kiss on her lips. When I pulled away, I smiled at her. I reached for the tie of her robe. Her brows lined with confusion when I pushed it open. Bending down, I bestowed a kiss on her abdomen. “And I love you, too,” I said to her stomach.

    Lily sucked in a breath before her fingers tangled in my hair, and she jerked my head up. “I want you to know you’ve made me the happiest woman in the world.”

    “Ditto,” I murmured, bringing my lips to hers.

    Just as I pushed her back onto the mattress, a loud bang came at our door. “Everything okay in there?” Jake asked.

    I groaned. “It was until your nosy ass came knocking!” I shouted.

    “I just wanted to make sure Lily was okay.”

    “Just when I think Jake is a selfish and unfeeling asshole, he goes and redeems himself yet again,” Lily said, amusement vibrating in her voice.

    “She’s fine,” I called back.

    “Uh, yeah, I’d rather hear her say that herself. You know, so I know there’s no coercion.”

    Lily giggled. “I promise that I’m fine, Jake. Now will you please go away, so Brayden can fuck me?”

    As my mouth dropped open in shock at her words, Jake’s laughter bellowed outside the door. “You got it,” he replied.

    Amusement shone in Lily’s eyes as she cupped my cheeks in her hands. “I wish you could see your expression right now.”

    “I’m sorry, but that’s the last thing I expected out of your mouth.”

    “I’d say we’re 0-2 on unexpected things said out of my mouth this morning, huh?”

    I laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

    “Now come on and make love to your pregnant wife.”

    “Yes, Mrs. Vanderburg. I’ll be happy to oblige you,” I said before bringing my lips to hers.


    The bus roared down the darkened interstate, taking us from Mississippi into Alabama. Lily lounged on the couch with a pint of chocolate chip ice cream on her lap. Occasionally, Rhys would reach over to dunk his spoon in for a bite. Each time he did, Lily used her spoon like a sword to fight him off. Rhys merely grinned at her antics.

    Sitting across from them in one of the captain’s chairs, I had a notepad beside me and my guitar on my lap. Jake also had his guitar out.

    Lily huffed out a frustrated breath. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Rhys McGowan. Stealing ice cream from a poor, pitiful woman who’s forty months pregnant.”

    “Nice try, Lils. You’re only eight-and-a-half months pregnant,” he argued, before grabbing another bite.

    Lily groaned. “It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever. I’m so ready for this baby to be born.” Glancing down at her belly, she said, “Did you hear that Michael? You can come out now.”

    “Michael?” AJ questioned, from the kitchen area. “Is that what you guys decided to name him?”

    I laughed. “No, that’s just the one we’re trying this week. Seeing how we like it since it’s my middle name.”

    Cocking her head, Lily said, “Paul Michael Vanderburg sounds very prestigious, don’t you think?”

    AJ made a face. “Isn’t there a hair products dude name Paul Michaels?”

    Jake and Rhys snickered as Lily shot Jake a look. “Fine then. Michael Paul. Is that better?”

    “A little.”

    We were on the last leg of a Southern tour that had kicked off in Atlanta and then did a sweep through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and as of last night, Mississippi. After shows in Alabama, we would head home. Because there was no flying involved and she could put her feet up, Lily’s doctor had approved her to come along. I didn’t like the idea of leaving her behind in her third trimester anyway.

    “What do you think about this?” Jake asked, as he strummed a catchy beat.

    My brows furrowed. “It sounds familiar.”

    “How the hell would it sound familiar if it just came out of my head?”

    I shrugged. “I don’t know. It just does.”

    “Fine, smart ass. What does it sound like?”

    Racking my brain, I then started to strum the melody that was in my mind. Jake snorted. “I so did not just play something that sounded like Hey Jude.”

    “Yeah, you did.” The Beatles fan in me kept playing the song not only because I liked it, but because I wanted to aggravate Jake.

    When Lily sucked in a harsh breath, I stopped playing. “What’s wrong, babe?”

    “Nothing is wrong. You wouldn’t believe how strong Michael started kicking then.”

    “Ooh, I wanna feel,” AJ said, as he abandoned the arroz con pollo he had been making for us.

    She frowned. “He stopped.”

    “Bummer,” AJ muttered.

    Absently, I started strumming Hey Jude again. Lily started laughing. “He must like the song because he just started kicking again.”

    My brows shot up. “Seriously?” Wanting to prove the theory, I stopped playing. “Is he still kicking?”

    Lily grinned. “No, he stopped again.”

    With a groan, Jake said, “Jesus, you’ve already bred another Beatles freak.”

    AJ motioned to my guitar. “Start it up again, so I can feel him.”

    Once again, I began playing the opening to Hey Jude. This time, I started singing along to. Taking AJ’s hand, Lily placed it on her stomach. “Feel him?”

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