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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(16) by Katie Ashley
  • Frank glanced back and winked at me. “Don’t worry. I always do.”

    I patted him on the shoulder before hopping out of the SUV.

    Without even thinking, I opened Abby’s door. She tore her gaze from Frank to stare at me in surprise. I held out my hand to her. “I figured after your last little tumble, I should make sure you got out all right. I don’t want to be sending you back to your brothers all bruised up.” Under my breath, I murmured, “Well, at least not without enjoying it.”

    She cocked her head at me while the corners of her lips turned up in a half smile. “I heard your insinuation about me getting bruised up through…well, you know.”

    I laughed. “Now this is me being a pure gentleman like you requested. Wherever your devious little mind goes with my comments is your business.”

    Taking my hand in hers, she giggled. “Okay then.” Once her cowboy boots were firmly set on the pavement, she let go of my hand. “Thank you, Jake.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    As we started in the diner, I once again held open the door for her. She grinned up at me. “Can I just say a girl could get used to this?”

    “Well, that was my mother I was talking to on the phone. She made sure to remind me to act like I had some sort of upbringing when I was around you.”

    “I haven’t even met her, and I already like her.” She leaned closer to me, her breath hovering over my cheek. “And deep down inside you, there’s the man I’m sure she worked hard to raise. He just needs to come out more often.”

    “Is that right?”

    “Mmm, hmm.” Her blue eyes pinned me a stare. “Because when the gentleman Jake comes out, he makes you awfully irresistible”

    Something about the way she said those words made a shudder go through me. Trying to recover, my hand went to the small of her back to usher her to a table. “Yeah, well, just don’t get too used to it, Angel.”

    A disappointed look flashed on her face, but she ducked her head before she thought I saw it. Bray had asked the hostess to seat us away from the crowd, and that put us in a side room with a stage and an almost antiquated looking karaoke set-up. I was surprised to see a DJ organizing music.

    “Ooh, they have karaoke!” Abby squealed as she eased down in her chair.

    AJ grinned at her excitement. “Whattya say you and me do a duet in a bit? Prove to you there’s a voice behind the drum-set?”

    She bobbed her head. “I’d love to!”

    It was then that a very hot, scantily clad waitress with a fabulous rack sauntered up to our table, and instantly my dick twitched in my pants, leaving any ideas of being a good boy in the dust. “What can I getcha?”

    Leaning back in my chair, I let my gaze rove over her body. “Hmm, there’s a loaded question,” I replied suggestively.

    She winked at me before saying, “Let’s stick to the menu for now, sugar.”

    I grinned. “Fine if we have to. We’ll have five beers—”

    “Four. I’ll have a Coke Zero,” Abby interrupted.

    The waitress, whose name tag no lie read Billie Jean, didn’t even look at Abby. Instead, she pursed her heavily glossed lips at me. “We don’t have Coke Zero here.”

    Cutting my eyes over to Abby, I could practically see the steam coming out of her ears. “Something else for you, Angel?”

    “Diet Coke then,” she grumbled.

    I cocked my head at Billie Jean. “Angel will have a Diet Coke, and the rest of want beer. Maybe you should just bring us a pitcher or two.”

    “Anything for you,” she replied with a wink. She scribbled down on her pad. “Any starters?”

    “Yeah, we’ll take a sampling of all your appetizers,” AJ replied.

    As Billie Jean left to fill our orders, Abby gaped at AJ. “You’re serious about ordering after you eat all those appetizers?”

    He grinned. “You have to watch out when I’m really hungry, Angel.”

    “With my brothers, I should expect no less, right?”

    “You bet.”

    Brayden tapped Abby’s menu. “Order anything and everything you want. Dinner is on me tonight.”

    “No, you don’t have to do that.”

    He smiled. “I don’t have to, but I want to.”

    “Okay then. I’ll let you this one time,” she replied.

    Billie Jean returned with our beers and Abby’s Diet Coke and began taking our orders. “I’ll have the double cheeseburger, fries, and a side order of baked beans,” Abby said before handing her menu to Billie Jean.

    “You’re seriously going to eat all that?” I asked.

    She grinned. “I’m starved. I might even order dessert too.”

    When AJ started to open his mouth to say something I could imagine suggestive about Abby and dessert, she pointed a finger at him. “Don’t even go there. It’s you, me, and karaoke time.”

    He laughed. “I’m good with that.” AJ swept out of his chair and followed Abby to the stage. Only a few other patrons, mainly truckers, were sitting in our section, sipping beer and eating burgers. They didn’t look like they gave two shits about AJ and Abby’s performance.

    As he started going through the song selection book, AJ grimaced. “Dude, this shit is like all from the 70’s and 80’s,” he groaned.

    “With the looks of this place, did you actually expect some of our stuff to be on there?” I called.

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