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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(20) by Katie Ashley
  • She nodded at the DJ who pressed the play button on the music. It took all of two seconds for me to recognize the opening bass thumps. “Oh f**k,” I murmured as Like a Virgin began blaring throughout the bar. As soon as some of the inebriated truckers realized the song, they hollered and clapped their hands.

    From the minute she started singing, it was like Abby sent a direct beam of lust straight to me. I mean, I knew I put on an act when I was on stage, so the fact she was a performer should have made her behavior less believable. But damn was she convincing as a temptress. Every shimmy and shake of her luscious body, every time she tossed her head back and ran her fingers through her hair, every slinky step she took and thrust of her h*ps was driving me f**king insane.

    If I thought I was stunned, the other guys were open-mouthed and wide-eyed at her performance. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught AJ gulping down his beer like a man dying of thirst. Even Brayden was eying Abby in a way I hadn’t seen in years—although it was a helluva lot more innocent than how AJ, Rhys, and I were ogling.

    Shifting in my seat, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I lost the bet. I glanced down and glared at my traitorous dick. When I peeked up at Abby again, a pained noise escaped my lips as all hell broke loose below my belt with what I saw. Sinking down to her knees, she then began doing the unthinkable. She started crawling towards the end of the stage—never missing a beat or lyric. Sitting below her, I had a straight shot down the front of her dress with an epic view at her fabulous rack. When she reached the end of the stage, she swung her legs around, and for a brief moment, I got a flash of her upper thighs before she let her legs dangle off the edge.

    She hopped down and slunk over to our table. Without a glance at the other guys, she gave me a seductive crook of her finger. I shook my head and grinned, trying to make her believe she was having no effect on me, which was a f**king lie. But Abby wasn’t having any of it. She strode over to me as she ran her hand over her h*ps and ass as she sang about being touched for the first time. Her fingers then slid through my hair and across to cup my cheek before playfully smacking it.

    Just when I thought she was headed back to the stage, she backed up and straddled me. A hiss escaped my lips as she started moving her ass across my crotch. I couldn’t help throwing my head back and groaning. I’d been given expert lap dances in my day from some of the highest paid strippers in the business. Abby was clumsy and didn’t know exactly how to ride me to give my dick the most pleasure, but damn, if I couldn’t feel her hot, little center burning through my jeans. I had been at half-mast before, but I figured at any minute with her moaning the oohing and aahing parts of the song I would be busting out of my zipper.

    Even in her non-existent experience, she knew what was up, no pun intended. With the song still playing, Abby glanced over her shoulder and shot me a triumphant look. “Do you now concede to all the guys that you knowingly and willingly got it up for a virgin, or should I continue?”

    Although my dick would have enjoyed her continuing the half-hearted attempt at a lap dance, I shook my head. “Okay, Angel, you win.”

    As AJ and Rhys clapped and cat-called, Abby started to slide off my lap. When she did, I grabbed her arm and spun her around to where she was straddling me again, but this time we were face to face. A startled look flashed in her dark blue eyes. I leaned in closer to her. My breath tickled her earlobe, and she shivered. “So you got me all hot and bothered. Art thou now to leave me so unsatisfied?”

    Her chest rose and fell in heavy pants. “You’re quoting Romeo and Juliet?”

    “Why do you act so surprised?”

    “You didn’t strike me much as the kind of guy who liked to read, least of all Shakespeare.”

    “I’m full of surprises, Angel.” My hands gripped her h*ps tighter. “Just get to know me a little better.”

    Abby rolled her eyes. “Did you seriously just use a bad pick-up line on me?”

    “Who says it was a line? Maybe I do want you to get to know me better.” When she quirked her eyebrows, I laughed. “And not just in the biblical sense.”

    “With everything you know about me and not having sex, you still want to get to know me?”

    For reasons I didn’t begin to understand, I nodded. “Yeah, I do.”

    She stared at me like she expected any minute for me to go, “Gotcha! Just kidding!” But when I didn’t, a slow smile spread on her face.

    “Okay, I can try to let you get to know me.” She nibbled her bottom lip, which did nothing for my hard-on. “And I might as well give you a try, too.”

    “Good. I’m glad to hear it.” I shifted in my chair. “Would you like to get off my lap now? Your little performance has left me needing another bathroom break.”

    Her cheeks flushed when she thought she got my meaning. “Not very gentlemanly to admit that to me.”

    I laughed. “I’m talking about dousing some cold water on it, Angel. Give me a little credit not to go jerk-off in some diner bathroom.”

    Now the pink tinge in her cheeks spread to her neck. “Oh, uh, okay.” She quickly hopped off my lap, and without another look at me, eased back down in her chair. Winking at the guys, I said, “I’ll be right back.” I tossed my phone to AJ. “Go ahead and text Frank that we’re ready and settle the check.”

    “Will do,” AJ replied.

    I had almost reached the bathroom when someone grabbed the back of my shirt and jerked me hard. “The f**k?” I cried, stumbling backward as I was pulled into a darkened room and the door slammed shut. “Um, what the hell?”

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