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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(21) by Katie Ashley
  • The light flashed on to reveal a grinning Billie Jean. As she leaned back against the door, I heard the distinct click of the lock. She then stepped forward. “I didn’t recognize you at first, but now I know who you are.”

    I quirked my brows at her. “And who is that?”

    “Jake Slater of Runaway Train.”

    “Yep, that’s me.”

    Her gaze left mine to take in the half-mast bulge in my pants. “Looks like you have a little problem.” She laughed. “I guess I should say a big problem.” Her eyes, filled with desire, met mine. “I’d give anything to take care of that for you.”

    Oh shit. This was so not happening. How was it possible I had a hot babe wanting to screw me not ten feet away from the virgin I’d just asked to give me a chance to be a gentleman? This was all shades of f**ked up. As the room closed around me, I knew I needed to get out fast.

    When I started for the door, Billie Jean sidestepped me. “Please?”

    My c**k twitched at her persistence. It had obviously had enough teasing for one evening. Trying to clear my mind, I shook my head. “Yeah, well, my ride is coming in about two minutes, so I don’t have time to f**k you.”

    Her fingers came to the zipper of my jeans. I shuddered as she took my erection in her hand. “I’d be happy just being able to say I sucked Jake Slater off.”

    “I really need to go,” I argued feebly as she sank to her knees. When she took me deep inside her warm mouth, I groaned. There was no more arguing—I just gave in and got off in the dingy storeroom surrounded by extra napkins and ketchup packets.

    Any pleasure I’d gotten out of the experience was fleeting in the moments after I came. I actually felt dirty and used for the first time in my entire life, and that was saying a lot. What the hell was I thinking? I wanted to get to know Abby not get blown by some random waitress in a storeroom. My head fell back against a box of salt, and I sighed with disgust.

    When Billie Jean rose off the floor, I couldn’t even look at her. “Thanks sugar,” she said.

    “Yeah, whatever,” I mumbled as I headed for the door. I was zipping up my fly and adjusting my junk when I bumped into Abby in the hallway.

    Warmth flooded her cheeks at my actions. “Oh hey, do you know where the bathrooms are?” she asked.

    In that brief instant, she totally misread the situation. But when Billie Jean appeared behind me, Abby glanced between us, and then her eyes widened. It was like a light bulb had gone off in her brain, and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that the hard-on she’d caused earlier had just been taken care of by Billie Jean—the bitchy waitress who refused to speak to her.

    Abby stared at me and gave a gentle shake of her head. “You wanted to get to know me, huh?”

    “Abby, I’m—”

    “Where’s the ladies room?” she demanded of Billie Jean.

    “Down the hall.”

    Averting her gaze to the floor, Abby mumbled, “Thank you.”

    Motherfuckingshit! I had so screwed up.


    Chapter Five

    When I shut myself into the grungy bathroom stall, I fought to keep my emotions in check. I felt like I was on a defective Merry-Go- Round. One minute Jake is showing interest in me and the next hooking up with some random waitress. What the hell was his deal? I guess the better question was what was my deal? Why in the world was I remotely interested in some ass**le who would do that? I had to be delusional to think that someone like Jake Slater would actually be interested in me or be willing to give up his manwhore existence.

    “I’m so stupid!” I exclaimed.

    Once I finished in the bathroom, I drew in a deep breath before heading outside. I half expected Jake to be waiting on me to try and talk or explain himself, but once again, he disappointed me. Instead, he sat at the table with his chin propped up on one of his hands while the other guys talked and laughed.

    As I eased down at the table, I didn’t dare look over at him. It was too embarrassing. I tried occupying myself with my phone. But I felt his eyes burning into me. Then the heat from his body grew closer as he leaned over, causing me to hold my breath. “Angel, about what happened back there—”

    He was interrupted by his phone ringing. One glance at the caller ID and he tumbled out of his chair.

    “Dude, what’s wrong?”

    “It’s Sally,” Jake replied before he stalked out of the restaurant.

    Even though I hated myself for it, I asked, “Who is Sally?”

    “His aunt,” AJ replied with a grimace. He then downed the last of his beer before adding, “I sure hope that means nothing is wrong with his mom.”

    I then followed the guys out of the restaurant. Frank hadn’t arrived yet, so we stood under the awning waiting for him. Peering into the night, I caught sight of Jake’s form. His phone was pressed tight to his ear while he was pacing around the parking lot. With his free hand, he gesticulated wildly. Whatever it was his aunt was saying was obviously very upsetting to him. Just as he finished the phone call, the familiar black SUV came screeching into the parking lot.

    “Jake!” AJ called.

    Without responding, he came stalking over to us. This time he didn’t bother opening the door or helping me inside. Instead, he disappeared into the backseat without a word to anyone.

    I hopped inside and then chewed on the inside of my cheek. Should I forget what an asshat he had been earlier and at least check on him? Although part of me wanted to tell him where to get off, I finally bit the bullet and turned back in my seat to look at him. His expression was dark as he stared ahead. “Everything okay?” I tentatively asked.

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