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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(28) by Katie Ashley
  • “Are you okay?”

    Without answering me, Abby rose out of her chair. “Where are you going?” I asked.

    “To get my guitar. It’s probably nothing, but I just had an idea.”

    I grabbed her arm. “No, no, I’ll get it.”


    I held up my hand to silence her. “Angel, Rhys is notorious for sleeping in the buff, and I don’t think your virgin eyes are quite ready for that.”

    Crimson splotches dotted her cheeks, and she didn’t argue with me. I then hurried down the bus aisle. On his stomach, Rhys snored like a bear while his bare ass stuck out from the covers. Just as I suspected, he would have given her quite an eye-full.

    Before Abby got out her guitar, she tore a sheet of paper from my notepad. I couldn’t help asking, “Are you thinking you can do it better?”

    She shook her head furiously. “No, no, I was thinking of a way to enhance it.” At what I could only imagine was my intensely skeptical expression, she added, “It needs both sides of the story—his and hers.”

    “A duet?”

    “Yes. Now be quiet for a minute.”

    I chuckled as Abby began scribbling down words. “Angel, have you ever even written a song before?”

    “Nuh-uh,” she muttered lost in concentration. After a few minutes, she finally glanced up at me and gave a sheepish grin. “I’ve watched the boys do it forever, but I never tried. But for some reason, today it’s like… it’s just coming to me.”

    “Like you couldn’t stop it if you tried?”

    Her eyes widened. “Yes, just like that.”

    I smiled. “I think the muse has found its way to you.”

    “Hmm, I dunno,” she murmured.

    Motioning towards the paper, I urged, “Come on, let’s hear it.”

    Her brow creased as she nibbled her lip. “You won’t laugh, right?”

    “Of course not.”


    I crossed my finger over my chest. “Scout’s Honor.”

    “Okay.” Bending over, she took her guitar out of the case and adjusted it on her lap. She then mirrored the melody I had written earlier with almost absolute perfection.

    Baby, it breaks my heart to have to leave you here—shattered and alone.

    With no one to pick up the pieces or ease the ache that you own.

    There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you or for your love

    Each and every moment I had with you was an amazing gift from above.

    I’ll wrap the memories around me like a blanket as this winter crushes my soul.

    And although I can’t stay, I’ll keep you with me each and every day.

    When she finished singing, she kept strumming the melody. I could tell she was having a hard time making herself look at me. Finally, she dared a little peek.

    “That is f**king amazing!”


    “Hell yeah. We have to record this together.”

    Her fingers slipped on the chords, making a screeching noise on the guitar. “You’re joking, right?”

    “No, I’m completely and totally serious. This has chart topper written all over it.”

    With her blue eyes widening in fear, Abby shook her head furiously back and forth. “But I’ve never been in a recording booth. This is an important song, so you need someone with more experience who can do it justice.”

    I leaned forward to take her hand in mine. “I wouldn’t have even written the damn thing if it hadn’t been for you. As for a better singer, I can’t imagine finding one.” Giving her a reassuring smile, I added, “Besides, I don’t want to do the song unless I can do it with you.”


    “Yeah, so quit arguing with me about it.”

    She grinned. “Okay, but only if you insist.”

    “Why don’t we try meshing both parts together now?”

    “That sounds good.”

    As Abby and I ran through the song a few times, the other guys started coming to life. Brayden waved at us before hopping in the shower while Rhys appeared clothed and with his blonde hair perfectly styled.

    Without a word to us, he eased down at the table and listened intently. Closing his eyes a few times, I could tell he was imagining how to play his part. “That’s kickass, bro,” he said when we finished.

    I glanced up from my guitar to wink at Abby. She rewarded me with a beaming smile that caused the cutest dimple in her cheek to appear. “You think so?” I asked.

    “Oh yeah. Chicks are going to cream the hell out of themselves at the whole angsty thing you got going on about fighting for the woman you love.”

    “I thought so too. Think the other guys will dig it?”

    Rhys bobbed his head. “Bray’s gonna want it as acoustic as possible to bring out all the emotions. You know what a sap he is.”

    I laughed. “I agree—about both the acoustic and Brayden being a pu**y.”

    Before Abby could give me shit about the word she hated most, AJ staggered out of his roost and down the aisle towards us. “What are you douchebags doing up so early?” he asked. His hand, like on autopilot, went to his crotch to do an obligatory ball scratch and then his eyes widened when he realized Abby was at the table too. “My bad,” he muttered under his breath.

    Although she ducked her head, I caught the grin that fluttered on her lips at AJ’s actions.

    “It’s almost nine. We’re stopping for breakfast in a few minutes,” I replied.

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