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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(34) by Katie Ashley
  • I fiddled with the door handle, trying to avoid Frank’s intense stare. “I can try, but I’m not making any promises.”

    A wide grin curved on Frank’s face. “Good, I’m glad to hear it. And if it doesn’t work out, I’ve got a son not too much older than you.”

    I laughed. “Do you ever stop with the matchmaking?”

    “Nope.” He opened his door. “Come on. Let’s go get the boys some food.”


    Chapter Eight

    A long moan erupted from my lips as my eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure.

    Bree was riding me like a crazed cowgirl. Her fingers dug into my hips, sending her acrylic nails scratching across my skin. She bounced and jerked on and off of me as I thrust up to meet her frantic movements. “Fuck,” I muttered as she tightened her walls around me. If there was one thing Bree knew, it was how to please me and give me the best sex, along with the best head, I’d ever had in my life.

    But when I opened my eyes, I didn’t see Bree’s back arched in ecstasy. Instead, Abby straddled me—her expression one of wide-eyed wonderment. She gazed down at me lovingly, not with eyes hooded with lust like Bree always did. “Angel?” When she didn’t respond, I murmured, “Abby,” to which she smiled. I rose up to take her swaying breast into my mouth. I suckled the nipple causing her to moan.

    “Yeah, do me harder, Jake!” Bree’s voice roared through the bedroom.

    I blinked my eyes, trying to clear Abby’s image from my mind. This time when I looked back, it was no longer Abby, but Bree scratching her fingernails harshly down my chest as she rode me. Shaken by what I had hallucinated, I tried focusing on Bree’s writhing form. What the hell was happening to me? I had a sex goddess screwing my brains out, and I was fantasizing about a blushing virgin. A growl escaped my lips as I flipped Bree over on her back and started pounding her hard.

    “YES JAKE! Yes, just like that!” Bree cried, smacking my ass.

    I sucked one of her ni**les into my mouth and teasingly bit it. She screamed and clutched her legs harder around me. But when I raised my head from Bree’s breast, Abby stared up at me. “Oh, I’ve wanted to make love for so long, Jake. I’m glad you’re my first.”

    I blinked my eyes a few times, but it was still Abby smiling up at me. A pleading expression took over her face. “No man has ever made me come before. Please be the first.” Hearing those words on her lips was my undoing, and I felt myself start to shudder.

    “Abby! Oh God, Abby, yes, yes!” I cried as I came hard into her.

    The room became eerily silent. “What the f**k did you just say?” Bree demanded. Before I could finish coming down from my high, she shoved me off of her. “You ass**le!”

    “What’s your problem?” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

    “You called me Abby, you douchebag!”

    Oh f**k…I had. I’d not only fantasized about banging Abby, but I’d actually said her name when I came.

    Bree shook her head. “I cannot freakin’ believe this. I thought I heard you say it earlier, but now I know you did! What the hell, Jake?”

    “I don’t know why I did that. I’m drunk.” I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to still my nerves. It wasn’t like I owed Bree an explanation—she was just a groupie I banged frequently. It was more that I was so freaked out myself at what I had done that I wanted to rationalize it.

    “That’s not an excuse!”

    Talking my thoughts aloud, I mumbled, “She comforted me last night about my mom. Maybe that’s why I was thinking about her.”

    “Yeah, thinking about her while you were f**king me!” Bree shrieked, throwing her dress over her head.

    “You’re making a big deal over nothing. We’re not exclusive, so we’re free to f**k or fantasize about whoever we want to.” I then narrowly dodged the heel she threw at me. “Are you insane?” I shouted.

    “Go to hell, Jake!” she screamed before she stormed out of the room, leaving the black heel that had almost whacked me in the head.

    “I need a drink,” I muttered before staggering into the hallway.

    By the wide-eyed looks of the horror the guys were giving me, I knew they heard what I’d did. Without another word to me, Bree stormed off the bus.

    AJ leaned forward. “Dude, did you seriously just call out Abby’s name?”

    I groaned and stalked over to the fridge. I snatched out a beer and took two long pulls. When they continued peering expectantly at me, I shrugged. “Maybe I did. Don’t tell me you’ve never said something crazy when you were coming.”

    “I sure as hell never called the girl the wrong name,” AJ replied. Brayden bobbed his head in agreement.

    When I glanced at Rhys, he gave me a sheepish grin. “In my defense, it was a three-some. I kinda lost track of who was who.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Look, it’s nothing. Bree’s spent the last few months trying to get her hooks further into me. It’ll be better if I just find someone else to f**k after the show.”

    A growl came from low in Brayden’s throat. “Pricks like you make me sad for my sweet, innocent baby girl back at home,” he grumbled as he headed for the bathroom.

    Once he slammed the door, AJ leaned forward in his seat. “So don’t you think you might want to take a second to think about why you called out Abby’s name?”

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