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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(45) by Katie Ashley
  • “So I did better at the performance part?”

    He gave a quick nod. “But I would suggest you don’t get that into it when you’re singing with Garrett.”


    He grinned. “Because you’ll make me jealous if you look at him the same way you just looked at me.”

    I tried not melting into a puddle of emotion on the stage floor at his comment. “Okay then. That’s only for you.”

    “Good. I’m glad to hear it.”

    The rest of the day was a whirlwind of events. After Jake and I finished singing, the other guys arrived at the arena to do their sound checks and rehearsals. Frank put an Authorized Personnel lanyard around my neck, and I stood in the wings and watched them. Once the sound check was done, we were hustled across the street for an early dinner. I couldn’t believe how much food the guys put away. I was too nervous for them to eat, but they packed it all away, including dessert.

    Then it was back to the arena to get ready for the show. While Jake and the other guys were ushered for last minute wardrobe fittings and then to the dressing room, I just milled around, watching the backstage rooms fill up with people I’d never seen before. Runaway Train had a huge crew and entourage compared to my brothers’ outfit. I was trying my best to stay out of the way when my phone dinged with a text.

    It was Jake. Where r u?

    Just waiting on you guys to get ready.

    Come back here with us.

    I don’t wanna be in the way.

    U r never in the way. U r with me.

    At the sight of his words, I had to take in a few deep breaths. R u sure?

    Get your fine ass back here now!

    I grinned. You’re so bossy.

    Now, Angel.

    Yes sir!

    As I started across the room to find Jake, a hand reached out and grabbed my arm. I yelped as he pulled me down onto his lap. A lustful gleam burned in his dark eyes. “Hello sexy, where you’ve been hiding all this time?”

    It was then I recognized him as Tyler Mains, the lead singer for Vanquished, the group opening for Runaway Train. His dark hair was already styled to perfection along with his heavy stage makeup. I guess his idea of killing the last few minutes before he went onstage must’ve included thinking he could molest me.

    “I’ve not been hiding anywhere!” I snapped, smacking his hands away. I started squirming out of his lap when his arms slithered around my waist.

    His eyes drank in my appearance. “It’s just I don’t see your kind around here often. I mean, you’re certifiable Grade-A Pussy.” He grinned as he fingered the hem of my sundress. “Mmm, this is to die for when it comes to a quickie. You already got plans after the show?”

    “Yeah ass**le, and they don’t involve being your plaything, thank you very much.”

    He grinned. “Ooh a feisty one. I like that.” Intertwining his fingers through my hair, he jerked me closer to where his alcohol-laced breath fanned across my cheek. “Do you f**k as feisty as you talk?”

    “Let go of me!” I shouted.

    “Get your damned hands off her before I break more than just your playing hand, Tyler!” Jake snarled.

    My gaze snapped from Mr. Asshole Mains to Jake who stood towering over us. His fists clenched at his sides while the vein in his neck pulsed in anger. Tyler immediately let me go. “Sorry, Slater. I didn’t know she was your piece of ass.” He smirked at me. “Man, you must really be an amazing f**k if Jake’s willing to get so defensive about you. But since I’ve shared pu**y with him in the same night before, you think while he’s on stage you could show me what’s so amazing between your thighs?”

    “You son of a bitch! I’ll beat your f**king ass!” Jake snarled as he lunged forward.

    “No Jake!” I cried. For a moment, I was pinned between the two of them. I shook my head at him. “It isn’t worth it—he’s not worth it,” I argued.

    As soon as Jake backed down, Tyler chuckled and murmured, “Pussy,” under his breath. Blood boiled within me, and I reached out and slapped Tyler’s cheek. Hard. “Don’t you dare talk to me or about me like that ever again!” I then scrambled off of his lap. “And for the record, you’re the last man on earth I would ever let touch me!” Without a word to Jake, I stormed off to his dressing room. Jake was close on my heels because I almost slammed the door in his face.

    AJ and Rhys looked up from their makeup chairs in surprise at my outrage. “What happened?” Rhys asked.

    I was almost too upset to speak, so I sputtered, “T-That ass**le Mains tried to molest me and then said things…” I shuddered.

    AJ shot out of his chair. “I’ll kick his ass!”

    Jake held up his hand. “Easy, Terminator, but there’s no need. I took care of it.” He glanced over at me and grinned. “Well, I could say Angel here handled it on her own.”

    AJ’s brows rose in surprise. “What did you do?”

    “I slapped him.”

    With a chuckle, Jake added, “Yeah and she told him off too.”

    A wide grin curved on AJ’s lips. “Hell yeah, baby girl. You keep on kicking ass and taking names!”

    I giggled. “Thank you, I will.”

    From behind me, Jake’s arms snaked possessively around my waist. He nuzzled my neck, and I shivered pleasantly. “I’m sorry you had to go through that. I know he said some pretty vile shit to you.”

    “He did. But I told him off.”

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