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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(54) by Katie Ashley
  • “I will.”

    “You’re amazing too.”

    “I know.”

    I giggled. “Such an egomaniac.”

    A roadie waved at me to get my attention. “Five minutes!” he called.

    “Oh Jake, I have to go,” I lamented.

    “Wait, I need to ask you something.”

    “Sure. What is it?”

    “I wanted to see if you would come with me to my sister’s Sweet Sixteen party in two weeks. Since the guys and I are playing, we’re making a big weekend out of it. Brayden’s wife, Lily, is flying in with the kids. Do you think you can make it?”

    Oh wow. Jake was inviting me to something that involved meeting his family. This was huge…and fast. Breathe, Abby. “Um, yeah, sure.”

    “If you need to soften the blow with your brothers about running off with me, you can tell them I plan to take you into the studio to record I’ll Take You with Me.”

    “Holy shit!” I exclaimed.

    Jake chuckled. “Does that mean you want to come?”

    “Yes, I definitely want to come. I just can’t believe you still want to record with me.”

    “Of course I do, and one of my favorite places to record is in Atlanta.”

    “Wow, this is still so unbelievable.”

    “Well, believe it. There will be a plane ticket waiting for you back at the hotel. My people have taken care of everything, including the hotel. It’s all on me.”

    “That’s too much. I can’t let you do that, Jake.”

    “Yes, you can, and you will. It’s my trip, so it’s my treat.”

    “You’re so bossy.”

    He laughed. “Yep and you better get used to it.”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll accept.”

    “Glad to hear it, Angel.”

    When the roadie reappeared and beckoned me to the stage, I sighed with frustration. “I gotta go, Jake.”

    “All right. I’ll talk to you later tonight, and then I’ll see you in two weeks.”


    Chapter Thirteen

    Standing in front of the lighted hotel mirrors, I adjusted my black, silk tie. Even though I’d barely had it on five minutes, it was already choking me to death. AJ groaned beside me. “Remind me again why we have to wear suits?”

    I rolled my eyes. “Cause this is my baby sister’s Sweet Sixteen we’re playing, and we’re not going to look like a bunch of rocker hoods.”

    AJ tilted his head at me. “But I thought we were rocker hoods?”

    With a laugh, I replied, “Not tonight. We’re going to blend in with the normal stiffs aka the elite of Atlanta.”

    Rhys shuddered next to me. “I thought I had escaped all the high-society bullshit when I left home. I swear, if someone tries to ‘present’ their daughter to me as a suitable marriage candidate, I’m outta here.”

    I thumped his back. “I think you’re fine, man. Sorry for inducing some flashbacks of your horrible youth spent in the country clubs and finest social circles of Savannah.”

    Rhys scowled. “Okay, so I’m a douchebag for whining about growing up rich, but dude, high-society people are as cutthroat as ghetto people sometimes.”

    “Whatever,” I murmured as my phone buzzed at my side. One glance at the ID, and I was grinning like a fool.

    “Dawww, iz Abby messaging her hunny-bunny,” AJ teased.

    I flipped him off as I started reading. Hey baby, I’m ready. Want me to come down and meet you guys?

    Sure. I’ll be in the lobby. Can’t wait to see u.

    Be there in 5.

    The last two weeks had been a dizzying flurry of different tour stops and cities. But one thing remained consistent and true, and that was my feelings for Abby. Any downtime I had, I spent with her via text messaging, calls, Facetiming, or Skype. It was long-distance dating in the 21st century at its finest.

    “You guys ready? I gotta go meet Abby.”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be to go play to a room with a bunch of screaming, horny teenage girls, most of them if I even look at, I could get arrested,” AJ replied with a grin.

    “You’re a douche,” I muttered as I exited the bathroom.

    Leaving the guys behind, I strode through the elaborately decorated ballroom. I wanted to get to the lobby and Abby. She had flown in earlier in the day. After meeting up with Lily and the kids at the airport, Brayden had brought Abby back to the hotel. I’d been rehearsing, so I hadn’t gotten to see her yet. Although I felt like a giant pu**y, Brayden had talked me into sending Abby with Lily to the hotel spa to get her hair and makeup done. Of course any doubts about whether I had balls left or not was short lived when Abby’s excited squeal came over the phone when she got my gift.

    Craning my neck, I peered through the crowd of people. Like out of a movie, it parted, and there she stood. For a minute, I couldn’t breathe at the sight of her. She looked so f**king beautiful that she took my breath away. Her long blonde hair cascaded in curly waves over her shoulders, and she was wearing more makeup than usual.

    When she caught sight of me, her face lit up, and she started running as best she could in the sexy-as-hell heels she was wearing. “Jake!” she cried before throwing herself into my waiting arms. I spun her around before sitting her back on her feet. Her blue eyes twinkled as she took me in. “Look at you!” she exclaimed as she ran her hand down the front of my suit. “You look amazing!”

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