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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(61) by Katie Ashley
  • With a squeal, Abby did her happy/victory dance around the studio before jumping into my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist. She then proceeded to lay a hot, lingering kiss on me right in front of Gio. It was in that moment I knew I f**king loved Abby Renard with all my heart.

    After we finished at the studio, we headed back to the hotel to join the others for a late brunch. As we sat down, Brayden said, “We waited to order until you got here.”

    “Aw, that was so sweet. Thank you,” Abby replied.

    As soon as we had all ordered, everyone wanted to know how the recording session had gone. With animated gestures, Abby filled them in on every single detail—including her freak-out. My heart swelled with pride when she told them how it was me that helped her overcome her stage fright. Leaning over, I planted a kiss on her lips. “You were amazing all on your own. I didn’t do anything.”

    “You did everything,” she argued.

    AJ rolled his eyes. “God, you guys are positively sickening,” he groaned.

    “You’re just jealous.”

    “Whatever,” he grumbled as he raised Jude onto his lap.

    Our food arrived, and after we ate, I caught Abby gazing with a wistful look at Brayden and Lily. While Melody slept soundly on one of Lily’s shoulders, Brayden nuzzled Lily’s neck and spoke softly to her. Lily’s eyes closed while a serene smile filled her face. I had a pretty good guess that Abby was envying what she saw of the perfect rock-star family.

    When she caught me looking at her, Abby smiled. Motioning her hand towards Brayden and Lily, she asked, “Are they always like that?”

    I chuckled. “Pretty much. During the tour, they don’t get a lot of time together, least of all alone time. When they finally do see each other, they act like two horny teenagers.”

    “But they’re so in love,” she murmured as she watched Brayden rub Lily’s cheek. A frown turned on Abby’s lips. “Poor things, I bet they don’t get much alone time with the kids though.”

    Shrugging, I replied, “They seem to be doing just fine to me—nauseating as it is.”

    When her hand came to graze my upper thigh, I almost jumped out of my chair. “Jake, if I asked you to do something for me, would you?”

    My heart thudded to a stop before restarting. “Don’t tell me watching those two has turned you on, and you want to go upstairs with me?”

    “Um no!” she cried.

    I laughed at her outrage. “Okay, what is it?”

    She glanced from me over to Brayden and Lily. “Would you help me take care of Jude and Melody today?”

    “You’re joking, right?”

    She gave a small shake of her head. “They could have the whole day together—just the two of them. I could even spend the night in their suite and give them mine. You know a whole day of romance.”

    Crossing my arms over my chest, I asked, “Okay, but why does all that have to involve me?”

    Her blue eyes narrowed, and I knew I was in trouble. “I thought you might like to not be a self-centered jackass for once and want to help out both me and the guy who is like a brother to you.

    I held up my hands in surrender. “Fine, fine. I’d love to spend the rest of the day babysitting Bray’s kids with you.”

    The corners of Abby’s lips quirked up, and I could tell she was fighting not to smile. “Try not to sound too excited about it.”

    I plastered a fake smile on my lips. “Oh, I’m f**king stoked. Can’t you tell?”

    She grinned at me. “You’re such a tool.” Patting my thigh, she said, “Now come on and let’s tell Brayden and Lily the good news!”


    Chapter Sixteen

    Brayden and Lily were so touched by mine and Jake’s offer. It took about an hour for them to get everything we would need together for a day and night with the kids. Then taking Lily’s SUV, Jake and I headed first to the Atlanta Zoo and then we went to the Aquarium. With his dark sunglasses and baseball cap, Jake did his best to blend in and not call attention to himself. While I pushed Melody in her stroller, he carried Jude on his shoulders. Since we appeared to be the model picture of a young family, no one even stopped to look or question whether a famous rocker was in their midst.

    After ogling all the wildlife, we then headed back to the hotel for Melody’s nap time. “Big boys don’t nap!” Jude complained when I suggested he lie down as well.

    “Come on, Little Man. You and I will go for a swim while the girls relax,” Jake suggested.

    Jude squealed with delight and raced into the bedroom. While I got him into his swim trunks and floaties, Jake borrowed a pair of Brayden’s swim trunks. When he came out of the bathroom, I drew in a sharp breath at the sight of his bare chest and all his hard, chiseled muscles on display.

    Lowering his sunglasses, Jake grinned wickedly at me. “Impressed, Angel?”

    I rolled my eyes. “Why do you always have to be so cocky?”

    He pulled me into his arms. “And why do you always have to fight your feelings when it comes to me?”

    “I’m not fighting anything right now when I say your arrogance manages to ruin more moments.”

    Jake’s hands dipped lower to cup my butt. “Oh come on, baby, you drive me wild with desire every minute, so can’t you just at least admit that every once in a while, the sight of me gives you a lady boner?”

    I bit my lip to keep from laughing. “A lady boner?”

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