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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(62) by Katie Ashley
  • He grinned. “Yep.”

    “No, seeing you did not give me a lady boner, but it did get me hot, okay?”

    Jake twirled me around. “Finally, you admit it.” His lips met mine in a hurried, frantic kiss since we both knew at any moment Jude would be coming out of the bathroom. After he licked a moist trail up to my ear, he whispered, “And as for that lady boner, guess I’ll just have to step up my game.”

    I giggled. “Yeah, you do that.”

    Jude emerged, and Jake and I reluctantly pried away from each other. After a bottle, Melody went down for a two-hour nap. While she slept, I texted with my brothers and my parents. Jake and Jude arrived back at the hotel suite just as Melody was waking up. Since they were both starved, dinner was our next order of business.

    As we gorged ourselves on chili dogs and hamburgers from Jake’s favorite Atlanta restaurant, The Varsity, Jude asked, “Are Mommy and Daddy playing somewhere else today?”

    When Jake snickered, I shot him a look while wiping the ketchup stains off Jude’s face. “Yes, they needed some time alone to do some big people stuff.”

    That caused another amused snort from Jake. “You’re impossible!” I hissed.

    A little pout formed on Jude’s face. “I’m not a baby. I could do big people’s stuff.”

    “Sorry Little Man, but you’re not quite ready for what Mommy and Daddy are up to,” Jake said.

    Jude crossed his arms over his chest in a huff while I gave Jake a smile. “Now don’t worry. Uncle Jake isn’t a big enough boy to get to do what your parents are doing right now either.”

    Stuffing a handful of fries in his mouth, Jake mumbled, “Oh please, I’ve done it plenty of times. It’s Aunt Abby who needs to loosen up.” When he winked at me, I tossed the dirty napkin at him, which caused him to almost choke on his fries.

    After we arrived back at the hotel, it was after eight. Jake yawned as he collapsed on the couch. “Can you give Melody her bottle while I give Jude a bath?”

    He nodded and took the almost sleeping baby from my arms. I then herded Jude into the bathroom. After a quick splash to get clean, I slipped him into his pajamas and read him a bedtime story.

    When I finished the book, Jude’s eyes were heavy, but he still wasn’t asleep. “Sing to me, Aunt Abby.”

    “Um, okay.” I searched my mind for a song and finally remembered the one my mother used to sing to me.

    Finally, he nodded off, and I carefully eased myself off the bed. After I closed the bedroom door behind me, I was surprised to find the living room bathed in darkness. Only the flickering TV screen lit the way for me as I walked toward the couch. When I was almost there, I skidded to a stop at the sight before me. Shirtless, Jake lay on his back while Melody slept soundly on his chest. My hand fisted my shirt over my heart as the scene of Jake with a baby wrecked me emotionally.

    I drew in a deep breath and continued over to the couch. Gently, I picked up Melody. Sensing the loss, Jake popped open his eyes. “I’ll put her down,” I whispered.

    “Okay,” he replied, rising up into a sitting position on the couch.

    After I laid Melody down in her Pack-N-Play, I covered her up. Grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants out of my suitcase, I went into the bathroom to change. When I finished, I peeked at the kids again before leaving the bedroom. Jake reclined on the couch with the remote in his hand. When he saw me eyeing his na**d chest, he grinned sheepishly. “Melody kinda spit up all over me.”

    “Oh, I see,” I replied, as I eased down beside him.

    “Jude asleep?”

    “Yep.” I couldn’t fight the dreamy smile that curved on my lips. “I ended up singing him to sleep.”

    Jake chuckled. “There’s not a chance in the world that kid isn’t gonna be a rocker just like his old man.”

    “You’re right. He adores music.”

    With a yawn, Jake turned to me. “I had no idea two kids would wipe my ass out so much.”

    I laughed. “I know. But they’re really good kids.”

    “Oh yeah, Bray’s a lucky man.”

    At the serious way he was looking at me, I quickly turned my head. Wrinkling my nose at the TV screen, I asked, “Ugh, do we seriously have to watch Sports Center?”

    Jake snorted. “If you think we’re watching some sappy chick flick, you got another thing coming.”

    “Well, at least let me see what else is on,” I suggested, reaching for the remote.

    “Oh no. I don’t think so.”

    When I tried prying the remote out of his hands, it went flying across the living room and bounced onto the floor. Jake and I momentarily eyed each other before we both lunged off the couch for it. Pushing and shoving each other out of the way, I finally grabbed it. “Aha!”

    It was a brief victory because Jake flipped me over on my back. After he straddled me, he pinned my arms above my head. “Not so fast.”

    As he smirked down at me, I tried squirming out of his hold. “Let me go, ass**le!”

    “Ooh, you get so feisty when you’re angry.”

    “Don’t make me knee you again,” I threatened.

    At the mention of our first encounter, our eyes locked, and in that brief instant, the remote was forgotten. Leaning down, Jake brushed his mouth against mine, caressing my lips with his. I craned my head up, so I could reach him better. The tighter we fit against each other the more feverishly Jake’s lips moved against mine. I darted my tongue into his mouth and teased mine against his. His hand abandoned mine and moved to cup my breast. Over my t-shirt, he kneaded my flesh, causing me to moan with pleasure.

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