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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(67) by Katie Ashley
  • “Okay, I’ll do it.”

    “Good luck, sweetie.”


    Once I hung up with Mama, I paced around the room, trying to think of some grand gestures. Finally I called a local florist and spent a small fortune on every rose they had in the store. Even though it was mortifying as hell, I rattled on for several minutes about what to write on the card. The guys were texting me about breakfast, so I reluctantly threw on some clothes. I headed downstairs to the hotel dining room where they were waiting on me. When I flopped into my chair, AJ glanced around the table. “Where’s Abby?”

    Brayden chuckled before winking at Lily. “Don’t tell me she needs a day to recuperate from watching our little monsters?”

    After shifting Melody on her hip, Lily shot me a disgusted look. “No, everything went fine with the kids.”

    Braydon’s brow creased. “Then where is she?”

    “Why don’t you ask Mr. Asshole over there?” Lily snapped.

    “Mommy said a bad word!” Jude exclaimed from his perch on Rhys’s lap.

    “Um, why don’t you and I go throw some more pennies in that fountain, huh?” Rhys suggested. As he brushed past me, Rhys whispered, “But I better get the whole damn story when I get back!”

    Once Jude was out of earshot, every pair of eyes at the table burned into me. “Okay, so I f**ked up pretty bad.”

    Brayden’s brows furrowed in worry. “Maybe you should start from the beginning.”

    I jerked my hand through my hair and drew in a ragged breath. “Look, last night, Abby and I got a little carried away.”

    A strangled noise came from the back of Brayden’s throat. “Please tell me my son didn’t see you guys doing anything?”

    “God no! We were done by the time he woke up from his nightmare and came looking for Abby.”

    Brayden pinched the bridge above his nose. “Would you please explain exactly what happened?”

    I squirmed in my seat. “After Abby put the kids to bed, we fooled around a little. When we were done, Jude woke up and wanted Abby. I was embarrassed by him almost catching us, so I bailed. And then I didn’t text her to check on her.”

    “Once again, you’re an ass**le!” Lily exclaimed.

    “Babe, please,” Brayden protested.

    “Don’t tell me you’re defending him?”

    Brayden shook his head wildly back and forth. “Of course not. What he did was completely and totally uncalled for. He made Abby feel cheap and used!”

    I cringed. “I realize that now.”

    “You’re such an idiot!” Lily replied.

    “I’m sorry, okay? I’m new to all this relationship stuff. It was a guarantee I was going to screw up.”

    Lily huffed exasperatedly. “Now tell them what else happened.”

    AJ’s dark eyes widened in disbelief. “There’s more?”

    “Unfortunately yes.” I then explained about Bree showing up and Abby seeing her hugging me.

    “Christ almighty, Jake, you sure have a gift for screwing up,” Brayden mused.

    “Tell me about,” I mumbled miserably.

    “You gotta make it right, dude,” AJ said.

    “I’ve tried. Hell, I just spent a f**king fortune having dozens upon dozens of roses sent to her. She still won’t talk to me.”

    Scratching his chin, AJ replied, “Okay, so it’s gotta be something a little more epic than just flowers.” He glanced over at Lily. “You’re a chick. What should he do?”

    She rolled her eyes at him before handing Melody to Brayden. She then sat down next to me. “Jake, I’ve known you for eight years, and for most of those years, you’ve absolutely disgusted me with your treatment of women.”

    “Thanks for the pep talk,” I grumbled.

    She held up her hand. “Let me finish.”


    “Even though you made a pretty dick move, I can tell you like Abby a lot. I mean I’ve never seen you act this way around a girl before.” I bobbed my head in agreement. “I’d venture to say that even though it’s been a whirlwind the last three weeks that you might even love her.”

    I swallowed hard under her’s and the guy’s scrutiny. “I know it’s quick, but I’ve fallen in love with her for sure. And yeah, I like love her, love her.”

    Lily’s eyes misted over while Brayden’s mouth dropped open in shock. “Seriously dude?”


    “Have you really told her yet?” AJ asked.

    “No, not yet.”

    “Then you have to tell her,” Lily commanded.

    “Yeah, well, I’d love to do that, but she isn’t talking to me at the moment.”

    AJ shook his head. “That’s why you gotta do something f**king epic to make her see the light.”

    “And just what would you suggest, Mr. Latin Lover? I bring her on stage and sing to her about how much I love her?”

    AJ’s eyes bulged as Lily drew in a sharp breath. When I glanced at Brayden, he grinned. “That’s exactly what you do.”

    Both AJ and Lily nodded in agreement. “Like when we usually bring a fan up, I should bring her instead?”

    AJ snapped his fingers. “Hell yes!”

    “That sounds amazing, but how in the hell am I going to get her to the show? She won’t answer my calls or texts or even come to the door.”

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