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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(73) by Katie Ashley
  • While one nurse began cutting away Abby’s dress, the other put a hand on my shoulder. “Please do as we ask. You’ll be no good to her if you’re in lock-up from security being called.”

    “You promise you’ll take care of her and won’t let her die?”

    Her expression softened. “We’ll give her the best possible care, but I can’t promise you any more than that.”

    Exhaling a defeated sigh, I stomped out of the door. I watched it close behind me while the nurses worked on Abby. The sobs that had been building overtook me. Just as I was about to sink to my knees, Frank’s strong arm came around my waist. “Come on, son.”

    With my eyes blinded by tears, I let him lead me past the Authorized Personnel Only doors and back into the waiting room. Collapsing down into a chair, I put my head in my hands as my body shook with sobs.

    “She’s going to be fine, Jake. She’s just banged up real bad,” AJ reassured.

    “I can’t lose her,” I muttered.

    He thumped my back. “You won’t, man.”

    “Should we call her brothers or her parents?” Frank asked.

    Digging my phone out of my pants, I thrust it at Frank. “Micah’s number is in there. They’re all together tonight. They had a show in Tennessee or Kentucky.”

    “Okay, I’ll go call.”

    I shuddered at the thought of Abby’s parents and brothers finding out what happened. It was bad enough I wasn’t high on their list of favorite people, so the very fact she lay battered and broken in the emergency room because of me wasn’t going to cement our relationship.

    Raising my head, I swiped away the tears. To my horror two people across the room started snapping pictures. Unable to control my emotions, I whirled out of my seat. “Do you have absolutely no f**king shame? My girlfriend was almost beaten to death not thirty minutes ago, not to mention my mother’s dying of cancer! So you think you could give the f**king photos and gossip a rest for one moment?”

    Their eyes widened in shock while AJ grabbed me around the shoulders. “Let it go, man.” Dragging me over to the registration desk, he asked, “Is there somewhere more private we could wait?”

    The lady nodded. “Sure, come right on through here.”

    As the Authorized Personnel Only doors buzzed opened again, AJ, along with Rhys who had appeared a few moments earlier, ushered me inside a small room that had a few plush chairs. Chewing my ragged thumbnail, I refused to sit down. Instead, I paced around the room like a caged animal. “Why don’t they come tell us something?”

    “They have to check her out first, Jake,” AJ argued.

    Standing in the doorway, I caught of glimpse of Bree limping past the door with her father, Lyle. Rage burned within me, and I raced out into the hallway. Before I knew it, I’d grabbed her by the shoulders and was shaking her so hard her teeth were clattering. “You conniving little bitch! How could you do that Abby? She never did a damn thing to you!”

    Rhys grabbed my waist and jerked me away. “Don’t touch her, man!”

    “Touch her? I want to kill her!”

    Rhys’s breath warmed my ear as he spoke in a low voice. “Look, I can understand that you want to break her neck right now, but you have got to think clearly. You physically assaulted her tonight too, and she and Lyle could sue the hell out of you. Give him one hell of a severance package and send them on their way.”

    “What about Bree attacking Abby? Is she just going to walk away from all of that?” I hissed.

    “It’s the bigger picture, man. Trust me.”

    I slung him off of me. “Fine.”

    Tears streamed down Bree’s face. “I’m sorry, Jake. I really am.”

    “Don’t give me your bull-shit apologies. It’s Abby you should be telling you’re sorry.”

    Lyle wrapped his arm around Bree’s shoulder. “I hate that it had to end this way.”

    “Just pack your things and go. I’ll have the lawyers get you a settlement.” My eyes burned into Bree. “But I better never see her at any show of mine ever again, or I’ll press charges!”

    Bree broke down in sobs as Lyle led her into one of the rooms where a nurse waited to asses her sitation. Brayden and Lily appeared then. Their expressions were ashen and filled with worry. “Heard anything yet?”

    “No,” I muttered miserably.

    It seemed like an eternity passed before a middle-aged doctor in a pristine white coat entered the room. “Which one of you is Jake Slater?” she asked.

    Swaying on my legs, I tried not to pass out. “I am,” I croaked.

    She gave me a reassuring smile that sent relief ricocheting through me. “I’m Dr. Mitchell, and I’m in charge of Ms. Renard’s case.”

    “How is Abby?”

    “I won’t lie when I say that she suffered some pretty extensive injuries. The CT scan along with some X-Rays confirmed she has some bruised and fractured ribs, a fractured clavicle, and a concussion, but fortunately, there’s no internal bleeding or hemorrhaging.”

    In one long, exaggerated whoosh, I finally exhaled the breath I’d been holding. “So she’s going to be all right?”

    Dr. Mitchell nodded. “She’s going to need quite a while to recover though. Fractured ribs can take up to eight weeks to heal, and they can be very painful. After stitching her up, we’ve sedated her and are moving her to a room. We’ll keep her overnight and then probably release her in a day or two depending on how she’s doing.”

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