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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(82) by Katie Ashley
  • When Jake pulled his head away from my shoulder, I smiled up at him. “That was so amazing, baby. I love you so much for giving it to me.”

    “I love you too, but…” His brows furrowed.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.

    “You didn’t come.”

    My cheeks warmed at his comment. “No, but I think that’s kinda normal for girls the first time.” When Jake didn’t respond, I took his face in my hands. “I did twice before though.”

    “Yeah, but…”

    I smiled. “Baby, you just gave me the best experience of my entire life.”

    He scowled. “You have nothing to gauge it by. I coulda been lousy as hell, and you’d think it was rainbows and unicorns.”

    “Are you trying to ruin my making love for the first time just because your ego is bruised because I didn’t come?” I snapped.

    His expression softened. “No, that’s not it.”

    “Well, that’s what it sounded like to me.” I snatched my hands away from his face. “I’ve been waiting and wondering my entire adult life what sex would be like, and for me, you blew away all my expectations. So what if I didn’t come when you were inside me? It was my first freakin’ time, and for the first part, it hurt like hell!”

    When I started to climb off the mattress, Jake wrapped me in his arms. “I’m sorry, Angel.”

    “Yeah, well, you should be. Asshole!”

    He chuckled. “Trust me, I am.” With his fingers, he tipped my chin up to look at him. “You were right. I was being a complete and total dick because I thought I had totally f**ked up your first time because you didn’t come.” He tenderly kissed my cheek. “It’s hard for me getting used to the all the emotions with sex. It’s overwhelming being your first.”

    “So what you’re trying to say is you were under a lot of pressure?”

    “Yeah, but it was worth it. It was f**king amazing.” He grinned. “You were f**king amazing.”

    “Really?” I asked, my voice rising an octave.

    Jake propped himself up on one elbow to stare at me. “You know what made it for me? It was the look in your eyes as you were experiencing every range of emotion from the physical pain to the emotional connection. Your eyes are so expressive, and I felt like I was really, really inside you.”

    My heartbeat raced at his thoughtful words, and for a moment, I could only reply, “Oh wow.” I cocked my head at him. “So does that mean you like making love better than f**king?”

    Jake chuckled as his finger came to trace my lips. “Such a dirty mouth you have, Angel.”

    “You’re avoiding the question.”

    “I plan on continuing to make love to you as well as introducing you to f**king.”

    I grinned. “I look forward to that.”

    “Now come here and let me spoon you again.”

    I happily snuggled up to him. After all, who would argue with that?


    Chapter Twenty-One

    Sunlight streamed across my face, warming my cheek. Yawning, I started to stretch when I realized I was imprisoned by two muscular, tattooed arms. When I tried squirming away, Jake tightened his hold on me. “Where do you think you’re going, Angel?” he murmured drowsily.

    “Nowhere,” I replied. Glancing over my shoulder at him, I grinned. “I’m not used to waking up na**d with a guy.”

    Jake’s closed eyes popped open. “Hmm, that’s right. Since I’ve got you na**d and in my arms, I think I should make the most of the moment. Don’t you?”

    “What did you have in mind?”

    “Showing you just how much I love you,” he replied as he pushed me onto my back. He then began nibbling a moist trail over my shoulder, up my neck, and then finally after what felt like an eternity, his lips met mine.

    Realizing I hadn’t brushed my teeth, I jerked back and covered my mouth. “Oh God, do I have morning breath?”

    Jake rolled his eyes. “Angel, me and my morning wood couldn’t give a shit about whether or not you have morning breath.”

    I giggled. “If you’re sure.”

    “I’m sure, but maybe I should put my mouth somewhere else.”

    I inhaled sharply as his lips closed over my nipple. I arched my back, allowing him to take more of my breast into his mouth. Swirling his tongue over the hardened peak, he then gently nibbled it, causing me to gasp. “You like that?”

    “Mmm, hmm,” I murmured.

    He chuckled as he kissed a trail over to my other breast to give it the same attention. “Let’s see how wet you are for me,” he said as he brought a hand between my legs. He stroked and caressed me until my h*ps were arching off the bed. “You like that too, huh?”

    “Yes, Jake!”

    But when he thrust two fingers inside me, I cried out from pain, rather than pleasure. He grimaced before withdrawing his fingers and tenderly kissed my cheek. “I’m sorry, Angel. I should’ve realized you would’ve been too sore this morning.”

    “Ugh, this sucks!” My breaths came in harsh, frustrated pants. “I really wish it didn’t hurt because I do want you again. Very much.” I cupped his face in my hands. “I can’t tell you enough how last night was the most beautiful experience of my life, and I can’t wait to make love to you again.”

    His genuine smile made my heartbeat accelerate. “We will. But I think we better give you a little while to recuperate.”

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