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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(83) by Katie Ashley
  • I grinned coyly at him. “If you just didn’t have such a big penis, I would be fine.”

    Jake threw back his head and laughed. “Yeah, right. You wouldn’t know big from small.”

    Sliding my hand between us, I cupped his erection in my hand. “I dunno. Seems pretty gigantic to me.”

    “Hmm, now you’re just being a smartass and getting me riled up even more with no hope of getting off.”

    When he tried to push my hand away, I shook my head. “Just because we can’t do it, do it, doesn’t mean I have to leave you unsatisfied.”

    “And just what did you have in mind?”

    I gave him a flirty wink as I sat up in the bed. “Taking care of my man.” I then rose up to straddle him. Ignoring the ache of both pain and pleasure at the position, I began kissing and licking my way down Jake’s tattooed chest. I boldly flicked my tongue out and circled both of his ni**les, causing him to moan. Then I worked my way down his well-defined abs to that delicious V. Just before I got to his erection, I stopped. He whimpered in disappointed. “Patience, baby.”

    “Don’t ‘baby’ me when you’re torturing me!” he argued.

    With a laugh, my hand feathered across his abdomen and between his legs. I took his length in my hand and stroked it like he had taught me before. Gripping him tighter, I bent over to teasingly lick my tongue over the tip. I met Jake’s gaze, which burned into me with desire, before I slipped the head into my mouth.

    “Oh f**k me,” Jake muttered as his head fell back against the pillow.

    I grinned as I tried taking him further into my mouth. Fighting my gag reflex, I worked him in and out, stroking him with my hand as well. “Angel…Abby. Oh yeah, keep doing that. Damn, it feels so good,” he groaned, his h*ps bucking off the mattress.

    Although I’d been mortified to get sex advice from Lily, I remembered she’d said to give a guy’s balls lots of attention. With my free hand, I cupped them gently, working them between my fingers. Jake grunted in pleasure, so I kept up my ministrations. One hand twisted into my hair while the other fisted the sheet. “Oh Angel, I’m gonna come.”

    When he tried moving me off of him, I murmured, “No,” against his penis. I wanted to do everything I could for him, and that included letting him come in my mouth. My acknowledgement caused a low groan from deep in Jake’s throat before he began shuddering. When he came, it took me off guard for a minute, and I jumped, but I kept him in my mouth until he was done.

    After swallowing hard, I let him fall from my mouth. I glanced up at him to gage how well my first b**w j*b had gone. A lazy grin etched across his face. “Angel, do you even have to ask?”

    I giggled as I snuggled against his side. “Yeah,” I replied.

    “Fanfuckingtastic.” He kissed the crown of my head. “You’re good at everything you do, so I don’t know why you would doubt your sex abilities.”

    I shrugged. “Because it’s all new for me, and you’re so experienced. I don’t want to be a disappointment.”

    He brought his fingers to my chin and tipped my head up to meet his intense gaze. “The past is the past, remember? All that matters is you and me and the future. And I have no f**king complaints about anything, got it?”

    “Okay, Mr. Bossy, I got it.”

    He grinned. “Good, I’m glad to hear it.” He had just begun to kiss me again when I heard Susan’s voice from inside the barn. Jake jerked his lips away from mine.


    “Yeah?” he called breathlessly.

    “I’m cooking breakfast, so make sure you and Abby pry yourselves away from each other for some fortification, okay? I’ll expect you down in fifteen minutes.”

    “Okay, Mama,” Jake replied.

    “Oh God,” I gasped as mortification rocketed through me. Even though Susan had practically pushed me out the door to be with Jake, I was still horrified that she knew exactly what we had done and what we were still potentially doing.

    Jake snickered at me. “Quit worrying, Angel. Mama isn’t going to be mad or shun us for what we did. Hell, she’s even cooked breakfast for us.”

    “If you say so,” I murmured.

    He then tugged me up from the bed and led me into the bathroom.

    After a quick shower and one mind-blowing orgasm later from Jake’s magic mouth, I slipped into my robe and hurried across the yard to the house. I threw my partially wet hair into a ponytail before I slipped on a pair of jeans and shirt. I then padded down the hall to the kitchen. Susan was taking out a pan of homemade biscuits from the oven while Angel played on the floor. At the sight of me, Angel yapped happily and ran to my waiting arms.

    “How’s my baby girl?” I asked as Angel licked my face.

    “She’s better this morning, but last night, someone abandoned the poor thing, and she came scratching at my door,” Susan replied as she took a plate of bacon and sausage to the table.

    “Oh no! I’m so sorry.”

    She winked. “Don’t worry honey. You had bigger things on your mind last night.” When my cheeks flushed, she laughed. “Besides, I enjoyed having her with me. She makes a wonderful bed buddy.”

    “I’m glad to hear that.”

    Jake arrived then, and we sat down to eat. I would be lying if I said my exertions the night before along with this morning hadn’t made me starved. I ate until I felt like my stomach would explode. When we were finished, Susan stared intently at me before turning to Jake. “Jacob, why don’t you do the breakfast dishes and give Abigail and me some time alone for a few minutes?”

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