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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(85) by Katie Ashley
  • We had already finished the dinner I’d gotten from Abby’s favorite restaurant, Longhorn’s. We were just making a dent in the dessert—my mama’s homemade Strawberry Shortcake—as the sun began making its decent in the horizon. I’d nestled Abby in my arms so we could experience our first sunset together. Now that it was over we were stargazing as light flickered around us from the votive candles lining the blanket’s edges.

    “Want some more cake?” Abby asked.

    “Sure.” I eased my grip on her so she could reach the plate.

    Taking the fork, she cut off a piece and swiveled in my lap to bring it to my mouth. She in turn took a bite as well. “That’s sooo good,” she murmured. As I chewed, I took my finger and dipped it into the cool whip lining the plate. I then covered Abby’s top and bottom lips. Leaning in, I kissed her deeply, licking and tasting the sweetness off her mouth.

    “Now that’s good,” I murmured against her lips.

    “Mmm, hmm,” she replied dreamily before she turned around to rest her back against my chest.

    Pulling the long shroud of her hair back, I kissed a moist trail down her neck and across her shoulder. When I got to her sundress strap, I tugged it down, causing part of her breast to spill over the cup. I nibbled on her shoulder as my fingertips feathered over the exposed part of her breast.

    Abby’s laughter caused her body to vibrate against mine. Glancing over her shoulder at me, she shook her head. “Jake Slater, I’m beginning to think you’re an insatiable sex fiend.”

    I grinned against her shoulder blade as I thought about our rather raunchy escapade a few hours ago. When I’d come out of the barn to the sight of Abby bent over the picnic basket with her tits practically hanging out of her sundress, my dick had twitched in need. I’d waited until after she had placed everything into the back of the Jeep before I’d had taken her hand in mine and tugged her into the barn. “Jake, what are you—” she began. But then her eyes widened at what had to be the lustful gleam burning in mine.

    Before she could protest, I’d shoved her back against the wall. After wrapping one arm around her waist, I’d used the other to jerk up the hem of her sundress. With one quick tug, I’d left her panties in shreds.

    Abby gasped at the sight of her ruined underwear hitting the barn floor. With a sheepish grin, I replied, “Sorry, Angel. I’ll get you another pair.”

    “Why bother? I mean, you’d probably just tear them up as well, you horndog!” she huffed.

    I threw back my head and laughed at her mock outrage. She smiled as she brought her lips to mine for a fiery kiss. After all the times we’d been together since that first night, I knew she still needed preparation to take me. Using one hand to unbutton and unzip my fly, I used the other to stroke and tease Abby into a frenzy. Closing her eyes, she had bit down on her lip before arching her h*ps in time to my hand.

    When I had her dripping with need, I momentarily pulled away to push down my pants and dig a condom out of my pocket. Then I had grabbed her by the ass cheeks, hoisted her up, and impaled her on my dick. “Jake!” she’d cried, and I’d almost blown my load right then and there. It was so f**king sexy the way she had said my name coupled with the fact that she was finally starting to be able to come when I was inside her.

    Wrapping her legs around my waist, Abby finally fulfilled one of my longest fantasies about her by digging her delicious cowboy boots into my bare ass. I pounded into her hard and fast while she gripped my shoulders to hold on. Her tiny pants along with my grunts of pleasure had echoed through the barn. “Are you close, Angel?”

    “Yes, oh yes,” she had moaned. It was only a few more moments before her walls clenched around me, causing me to come.

    Even though it had been the hottest sexcapade I had ever had with my girl, I still wanted more from her. I could never get enough of her sweetness, and then there was also the fact she was about to leave me bereft of her delicious curves.

    My hand snaked inside the bodice of her dress to cup one of her br**sts. Abby sucked in a breath as my thumb flicked back and forth over her nipple, causing it to harden. When I pinched it, her head fell back against my shoulder as she moaned. While I kneaded her breast, I kissed her cheek and over to her ear.

    “Rise up,” I commanded.

    Fumbling, Abby rose up on her knees before staring at me expectantly. When I started pulling up the hem of her dress, she swatted my hand away and widened her eyes. “Not out here.”

    I couldn’t help chuckling. “Baby, this is private property, and we’re out in the middle of nowhere. I promise that no one else is going to see your sexy bod but me.”

    Nibbling her bottom lip, she asked, “Are you sure?”


    She didn’t reply. Instead, her fingers came to the buttons on my shirt. In almost record time, she was stripping me of it, and then her hand went to my belt. She helped me out of my jeans.

    At the sight of me without underwear, she shook her head. “Commando?”

    “You know it.”

    She rolled her eyes but grinned in spite of herself. Since I knew she was modest, I let her keep her dress on until I was totally naked. Then I lifted it over her head. “So beautiful,” I murmured as my hands went to cup and knead her br**sts. Our lips found each other, and we began kissing passionately. I lay back on the blanket and urged Abby to straddle me. I knew she loved riding me because it gave her more pleasure, and it was hot as hell for me to watch her swaying br**sts and her body bouncing on and off of me.

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