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  • Music of the Heart(Runaway Train #1)(92) by Katie Ashley
  • After performing with her brothers, Abby and I would be singing several duets before Runaway Train came on, including I’ll Take You with Me. It had been bittersweet when the song shot to number one on the Billboard Top 100 the day of Mama’s funeral. Although everyone was heralding it as the most emotional break-up song of the year, I knew the truth. It was about immense heartbreak and suffering—just not the kind they thought.

    Since we were performing in a park, we had to get ready in our tour buses. My first order of business for our upcoming tour was to ensure that Abby and I had our own bus, so we could be alone without interruptions. Always thinking of someone else, Abby had insisted that we share it a lot with Brayden so that he and Lily could have more family time. Until then, I planned on christening every square inch of it with her when we got on the road. Tonight, however, there was no time for funny business.

    Besides organizing the venue and bands, it had also been Abby’s idea for everyone to dress-up, so to speak, in respect for my mama. The guys from both bands were wearing black dress pants, black shirts and black ties. A single pink ribbon for Breast Cancer awareness was pinned to our lapels. Although strapless, Abby’s black dress came to her knees and met the tops of her black cowboy boots. Wrapped around her neck were my mother’s pearls. She wore them often, and every time she did, it made my heart ache with both pleasure and pain at the bond the two amazing women in my life once shared.

    A stylist was still working on my hair when they came to escort Abby to the stage. After what had happened with Bree, I insisted on two bodyguards each and every time. She leaned over the chair to kiss my cheek. “See you in a few, babe.”

    “Bye Angel,” I replied.

    As soon as I was finished, I headed to the wings so I could watch Abby perform. I never got tired of watching her work a crowd. She was truly amazing in every aspect of her life. After singing several songs of her brothers’ hits, Abby sat alone on the stage with her guitar. “This song is for all of you out there who know the pain of loss and the anguish of grief.” She then began strumming the opening of Pink’s Beam Me Up. Her voice filled the stadium and warmed my soul. It meant so much that I had someone to share my grief with. Abby hadn’t known Mama long, but she still loved her. Having my Angel stand by me in the darkest, most hellish times of my life meant everything in the world.

    Glancing over my shoulder, I grinned at the guys. “Damn, she’s amazing, isn’t she?”

    With one arm wrapped around Lily’s waist and Melody in the other, Brayden smiled. “She gets better and better every time I hear her.”

    AJ nodded. “But I still don’t know what the hell she sees in you.”

    “Douchebag!” I shouted before ruffling his hair.

    “Hey man, don’t be hating on the hair!” he countered smacking my hand away.

    Rhys rolled his eyes at our antics and went back to texting on his phone. I knew he was fighting his nerves because his parents were in the audience. They’d flown up in his dad’s corporate jet. Like the true angel she was, Abby had called to invite them. She had also gone on and on about what an amazing son they had and how proud they should be.

    As Abby finished up the song, I adjusted my guitar on my shoulder, so I could head out to join her. We’d planned to sing several duets together, including I’ll Take You with Me. But Abby surprised me by abandoning her stool and handing off her guitar to a technician. She then went over to the piano and sat down. “There’s one more song I’d like to do tonight before Jake joins me. It’s another song by one of my favorite and most inspirational singers, Pink. It’s called The Great Escape, and it’s for anyone who has hit rock bottom and is thinking about making an escape.” She glanced up from the microphone and met my questioning gaze. “But most of all, this one is for you, babe.”

    Her fingers effortlessly flew over the black and white keys as she began the song. Leaning against the side of the stage, I listened intently to the lyrics. Even though I tried fighting them, tears stung my eyes, especially the part about how the passion and the pain would keep me alive someday. The song captured so much of the desperately dark emotions I’d been experiencing in the past two months since Mama’s death. I knew there would be more desperate times ahead, but I wouldn’t be making any escapes. I had Abby by my side, my bandmates and brothers, and the new love of Abby’s family to get me through.

    When Abby finished, I strode out on stage and pulled her up from the piano bench. After I wrapped my arms tight around her, I murmured into her ear. “Thank you, Angel.”

    “You’re welcome.” She kissed me on the lips, which caused the crowd to go wild. Working the moment, Abby took a microphone from the technician and asked, “I guess you guys are ready for us to sing together now?”

    Whistles and catcalls filled the air. “Well, all right then.” The set was changed to where two microphones sat between two stools. Abby and I adjusted our guitars on our laps.

    The first song we did together was a cover of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s I Need You. Perched on the stool across from me, Abby grinned when I changed the lyrics from riding across West Virginia to West Georgia and the part about cowboys going out like that to rockers. We finished the song to thunderous applause. I bobbed my head at Abby to do the next introduction. She grinned and winked at me. “We want to thank everyone who has made I’ll Take You with Me a hit. It means so much to Jake and myself because we wrote the song together. In fact, it was the first songwriting I ever did. So here it is.”

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