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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(3) by Katie Ashley
  • Close on her heels, the urge to show her just how much I loved and wanted her overcame me. My dick instantly swelled at the idea of being inside her. Just as she rounded the corner to go into the master bedroom, I grabbed her wrist, jerking her back to me. My other hand came around to press her body flush against mine. When I ground myself into her core, her eyes bulged. “Jake, what are you—” she questioned breathlessly before I crushed my lips to hers. My tongue danced along hers as I wrapped my arms tighter around her. Her little moan caused me to shiver.

    When she felt my half-mast hard-on pressing into her stomach, she jerked away. “No, no, no!” she hissed. Her blonde ponytail flipped wildly back and forth as she shook her head at me. “We’re abstaining until our wedding night, remember?”

    I groaned. “You’re the one who made that decision, not me.”

    “You agreed to it,” she countered.

    “Yeah, that was a week and a half ago when I was coming off of an all-day sexathon with you. I didn’t realize what I was agreeing to.”

    Abby rolled her eyes. “It’s only twenty-four more hours, Jake.”

    Reaching over, I nuzzled my lips against her neck. I wasn’t playing fair since I knew it was one of her sensitive zones. A little sigh escaped her mouth when I ran my tongue across her jawline to suck on her earlobe. “I could explode by then.”

    “I just want our first time as man and wife to be special, that’s all.”

    I pulled away to arch my brows at her. “Do you really think tomorrow night is going to be the most amazing sexual experience of your married life?”

    She jerked her chin defiantly up at me. “Maybe,” she countered.

    My amused chuckle almost seemed to piss her off more. “Angel, we’re going to be exhausted from tonight’s party, jetlag, and the ceremony and reception. Bray and Lily didn’t even have sex on their wedding night—they passed out into an exhausted coma.” Taking her face in my hands, I grinned down at her. “By the flush on your cheeks and the way you just moaned into my mouth when I was kissing you, I can tell you really want to take me in that bedroom and have a quickie.”

    Abby chewed on her bottom lip, and I could tell her resolve was slowly fading. “It’ll have to be fast. Everyone is supposed to be here at six.”

    “We can shower together—you know, multitask.”

    She grinned. “Oh, you say the most romantic things. Think you can whisper more sweet words in my ear?” she teased.

    “Yeah, how about this? You’re such a sweet looking smartass,” I said before bringing my lips back to hers. Her eager tongue thrust into my mouth as she tightened her arms around my neck. Grabbing Abby by the ass, I hoisted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. We both moaned at the closeness. With my lips locked on Abby’s, I balanced her under the ass with one hand while my other groped blindly for the doorknob. When I finally found it, I flung it open and staggered into the room.

    “Shit!” came a voice from the bed.

    When my eyes flew open, I was a goner. One glance was all it took to kill my wood. On the bed, Mia scrambled to close the front of her shirt with one hand while she held Bella in her other arm. She pivoted on the bed, so her back was to us.

    “Jesus,” I groaned as I glanced down at my crotch. Just that one glimpse of AJ’s breastfeeding fiancée was enough to completely obliterate my junk. My dick shriveled even further when Bella began shrieking and howling in protest that her meal had been interrupted.

    Mia gave us an apologetic look over her shoulder. “I’m so sorry, guys. With all the catering staff and people buzzing around, I thought this would be the best place to feed her before we got dressed for the party. I should have gone in the bathroom.”

    “Oh, don’t apologize, Mia,” Abby said.

    When I didn’t respond, Abby elbowed me in the ribs. “Oomph,” escaped my lips before I could stop myself. “Yeah, uh, it’s fine,” I replied. Gently, I set Abby down on her feet. I jerked my chin towards the bathroom. “You go on and get a shower. I’ll use the one off the guest bedroom.”

    “You don’t want me to come with you?” Abby asked coyly.

    I scratched the back of my neck furiously. Part of me really wanted to shower with her, so we might finish what we started. But the other part was so traumatized that I knew there would be no way I’d be ready. “Um, no. I better take a rain check.”

    Abby’s blue eyes widened in surprise. She stared at me for a moment before turning to Mia. “Excuse us,” Abby said, as she grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. “What is wrong with you?”

    With a shrug, I replied, “We were interrupted.”

    “It’s never stopped you before.” She cocked her head at me. “Did seeing Mia bother you that much?”

    I couldn’t help shuddering. “Yeah, it did.”

    “It’s just a breast, Jake. I mean, you’ve seen your fair share of them.”

    “Not like that I haven’t.” At her amused expression, I threw up my hands. “That’s my best friend’s fiancée out there. I don’t need a mental image of her boobs seared into my mind.”

    “You are too adorable,” she said, before leaning up to kiss me.

    “It’s not funny,” I argued feebly. When Abby’s warm lips covered mine, I decided to shut the f**k up and not argue with her anymore. Knowing that she was trying to start something up again, I reluctantly pulled away. “You need to get ready.”

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