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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(5) by Katie Ashley
  • “Sorry about Jake freaking out like that on you,” I said, as I toweled my hair.

    Mia adjusted the enormous lavender bow on Bella’s head. “It’s okay. I’m surprised it didn’t happen to him sooner like it did to Rhys when we were out on tour.”

    “Oh no. Did he have a similar reaction?”

    Mia laughed. “Worse. He ran into the wall trying to get away from me.”

    “Seriously?” I asked.

    “Sadly, yes.” With a smile, she shook her head. “Men spend their lives being obsessed with boobs, and then the moment a baby is attached to it, they lose their minds.”

    I grinned. “I know, right?”

    “Well, when it’s all said and done, I’m really, really sorry that I interrupted you two.” She winked at me. “You guys looked pretty hot and heavy there.”

    “It’s okay.” When Mia gave me a ‘yeah right’ look, I shook my head. “Trust me, it was fine. Besides, Jake was trying to break my resolve on abstaining until our wedding night.”

    Mia’s dark brows furrowed in confusion. “Excuse me?”

    “Oh, I decided to make our wedding night special, we wouldn’t have sex for a week before the wedding.”

    “Hmm, maybe I should torture AJ with that in a few months.”

    I laughed. “Why not?”

    She grinned. “Considering we’ve already done everything backwards, I don’t think we need to worry about our wedding night being very special. In the end, you make your special moments, and they usually happen when you go off the script.”

    “The script?”

    “Oh, you know. The life script—the way you’ve meticulously planned out how everything is going to happen in your life.” Mia picked up Bella. As she stared into her daughter’s face, pure love emanated in her eyes. “My life script never would have ever included AJ. I mean, a rock star? Who in their right mind would want to marry someone who lives a rootless existence on the road with beautiful women constantly throwing themselves at their feet?” She snorted. “Not me, that’s for damn sure. But that’s where I was wrong. And when I decided to just screw the script, that’s when I found the truest of loves and the greatest of happiness.”

    “I see what you mean.” I’d been pretty rigid with my life script lately, and I couldn’t help wondering if it was for the best. “Maybe I should go to Jake tonight after the party,” I murmured.

    Mia adjusted Bella on her hip. “And finish what you started?” she asked with a sly smile.

    “Oh yes.”

    She grinned. “I think that sounds like a wonderful idea.” She then motioned to the bathroom. “Now go finish getting ready so you can put this plan in motion.”

    I laughed. “Yes, ma’am,” I replied, before hurrying to the closet for my dress.

    At a few minutes past six, Jake and I made our way down the hillside to the tent. It was already teeming with people as waiters in white jackets hurried about serving hors d’oeuvres. With a champagne flute in my hand, I weaved in and out of the tables as I tried to greet each and every one of our guests. “Don’t you look like a living dream?” Frank complimented when I came to the table full of Runaway Train roadies and their families.

    I glanced down at my dress. I had picked a white, strapless, Grecian-styled dress with a glittering bodice for tonight’s party. Around my throat were Susan’s pearls. As I turned to the side, I asked, “You like it?”

    “It’s beautiful, but you’re even more beautiful in it.”

    “Aw, you’re too sweet.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek, which earned hoots and hollers from the men.

    “Hey, now, save some loving for me,” Jake teased from behind us.

    “Fine, fine, you can have some too,” I replied, before kissing his cheek.

    “Thanks, Angel,” Jake murmured with a wink. As he stayed joking with the guys, I moved on since dinner would be served promptly at seven. While I chatted and laughed with friends and family, there was one table that I kept putting off going to, and that was the one where Jake’s father and stepmother were seated. Taking a long gulp of my champagne, I bit the bullet by plastering on my best smile.

    “Hey, how are you guys?”

    Jake’s stepmother, Nancy, returned my smile. “Great, thank you. Don’t you look exquisite?”

    “Thank you.”

    “I can’t wait to see what your dress looks like tomorrow,” Nancy said.

    “It’s a little more poofy than this one,” I replied with a smile. When I turned to address Jake’s dad, Mark, he stared expectantly at me.

    “Can I talk to you for a moment?” Mark asked.

    I couldn’t help nibbling on my bottom lip before I responded. “Um, sure.”

    When he rose out of his chair, I couldn’t hide my surprise. “I thought it would be better to discuss this alone,” he said in a low voice.

    “Okay,” I replied. With his hand at the small of my back, Mark eased me away from the crowded tables to the outside of the tent. He made sure we were out of earshot from the others before he spoke. “Abby, I just want you to know that I couldn’t be more pleased that Jake has found a girl like you to settle down with.”

    “Thank you,” I said, hesitantly. I knew from his tone and expression, there was a lot more Mark wanted to say.

    With a ragged sigh, he gave me a tight smile. “Because of the woman you are, I know if there’s anyone who can mend the relationship between myself and Jake, it’s you.”

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