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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(8) by Katie Ashley
  • “I remember that, too.”

    “Good,” he murmured, before kissing me.

    As the song faded to an end, Jake and I remained lip-locked under the twinkling lights of the tent. I could have stayed in that moment forever—wrapped in his arms, feeling the intensity of his love with each and every kiss. In the end, I just hoped to be able to bottle up a little of the feeling, so that when there were hard times or fights or when I felt like his love had waned, I could look back on this moment in time and know how truly and deeply we loved each other. It was true bliss and heaven on earth.

    Only the sound of a rumbling explosion caused me to pull away. Over Jake’s shoulder, the night sky lit up in a multi-colored array. I gasped. “Fireworks?”

    Jake grinned. “A little surprise.”

    People abandoned their chairs and walked outside of the tent. “Too redneck?” Jake asked, as he slid his arm around my waist.

    I laughed. “No, I love it.”

    “I figured you were used to big finales during our shows, so I thought our party needed a big moment.”

    “They’re amazing. I mean, they’re as good as the ones at Stone Mountain on the 4th of July!”

    “I’m glad you think so,” Jake mused as we tilted our heads to take in the display.

    When the last streaks of color followed a sonic boom, Jake took my hand and brought it to his lips. “How about we cut that cake now?”

    “That sounds good to me.”

    As we waved goodbye to the last guest, Jake peeked at his watch. “Wow, I’m impressed. Everyone ate, danced, and drank and were outta here by eleven thirty.”

    “That’s because there weren’t many Italians or Mexicans here,” AJ commented with a grin. “We party until the sun comes up. Don’t we, Mia?”

    Mia nodded. “Yep, it’s true.”

    I laughed. “Then I better start training for your wedding.”

    “Oh, it’s going to be epic for sure,” AJ remarked.

    “Well, considering we have a slammed day tomorrow, I’m kinda glad that everyone decided to go home a little early,” I said.

    “It was a nice party though, wasn’t it?” Jake remarked, as we started up the porch steps.

    “It was beautiful—everything I hoped it would be,” I said.

    With a smile, Jake said, “Best of all, we get to party more tomorrow.”

    Mia glanced down at Bella, who was sound asleep in her arms. “I better get this pumpkin to bed.” When AJ started to ease down on the sofa, Mia grabbed his shirt sleeve. “I could use a little help.”

    AJ grinned. “Is that code for you want me to come downstairs so you can have your way with me?”

    At Mia’s laugh, Bella stirred, so Mia quickly covered her mouth with her free hand. “Yeah, Mr. Latin Lover, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” she replied softly.

    “Mmm, good deal.” With a wave of his hand to us, he added, “Night bitches,” before following Mia to the basement stairs. Glancing over her shoulder at me, Mia winked, causing a flush to enter my cheeks.

    Trying to recover before Jake got suspicious, I asked, “Think our house guests will think we’re poor hosts if we go on to bed?”

    Jake shook his head. “I think your parents and brothers understand. And from the sound of it, AJ and Mia are covered.”

    “I think so,” I replied with a smile.

    “So I guess this is goodnight, huh?”

    I nodded. “Yep, the last night we’ll ever spend as single people.”

    Cocking his head, Jake asked, “Remind me again why I didn’t have a swinging bachelor party?”

    I smacked his arm playfully. “Because you’re marrying an insecure, overbearing shrew who couldn’t stand the thought of some fake-breasted, plastic Barbie giving you a lap dance?”

    A wicked gleam burned in Jake’s blue eyes. “Actually, I think it was more that I was a caveman who didn’t want some oiled dude in a banana hammock dry humping you.”

    “Ew!” I cried while wrinkling my nose.

    “I’m sure that with some hot, cute little number like yourself, all the Magic Mike douchebags would have wanted to rub up on you.”

    “I would have totally declined since I’m very happy having you, and only you, rub up on me.”

    Jake’s amused expression grew serious as he traced my cheekbone with his thumb. “Are you sure?”

    My eyes widened. “Excuse me? Am I sure about gross, oily male strippers?”

    He laughed. “No, I meant about me and only me.”

    “Considering we’re getting married tomorrow, I think that shows I’m pretty damn sure.”

    “But are you sure you’re okay with me being the only man you’ve ever slept with.” His brows furrowed in thought. “I mean, do you think you’ll look back one day and wish you’d had more experience?”

    I shook my head furiously from side to side. “Never, ever.” Sliding my arms around his neck, I smiled. “I can’t ever imagine anyone being a better lover than you.”

    “And since you have no one else to judge that by, I don’t—”

    Bringing my hand to his chest, I silenced him. “Don’t go there, Jake. I know what I’ve felt with you, and I don’t want anyone else. I’m fully satisfied that you will be the only man I sleep with for the rest of my life.”

    Although I wasn’t entirely sure he believed me, a pleased smile curved on his lips. “I’m satisfied that you’re the last woman I’ll ever sleep with for the rest of my life.”

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