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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(10) by Katie Ashley
  • Deciding to put him out of his misery, I took his length in my hand. At his sharp intake of breath, I slid my fingers up and down his erection. Jake sucked in a breath as he stared down at me with hooded eyes. Licking my lips, I brought my mouth to him and sucked his length inside. Jake’s deep groan reverberated around the bedroom. He swept my hair aside to watch what I was doing to him. “Fuck, you drive me wild,” he murmured. I kept sucking him harder and deeper while pumping my hand up and down.

    Just as I felt him begin tensing up, he jerked away from me, and his erection fell free of my mouth. With gentle hands, he lifted me off my knees. His hands went to the hem of my nightie, and he lifted it over my head. As one hand came to cup my breast, the other went to jerk down my thong. “Easy now. Don’t rip it, caveman,” I admonished him with a smile.

    “You’d like it if I did.”

    “Oh I would?”

    His head bobbed up and down. “You like it when I take control.” His thumb flicked over my nipple, causing me to gasp.

    “Not bad,” I murmured.

    When both of his hands came to pinch my ni**les, moisture flooded my core, and I couldn’t help moaning. He then eased onto his back on the bed. Taking my hand, he jerked me over to where I was straddling him. He then pulled me further up his body until his mouth connected with my core. “Oh God,” I moaned, as Jake’s tongue dipped inside me. With his hands clamped tight to my thighs, his mouth continued a steady assault. My breathing became erratic, and I pitched forward to grab hold of the headboard. My hips moved in time with the thrusting of his tongue inside me. Unable to grip the headboard for long, my hands felt blindly along the side of the bed. Jake’s grip on my thighs released, and his hands clasped with mine. As I squeezed his fingers with my own, I continued riding his face and tongue. A powerful orgasm rippled through me, causing me to throw my head back and scream his name.

    I was still riding the pulsing waves of my orgasm when Jake slid me down the length of his body and then impaled me on his erection. With his hands gripping my hips, he began working me on and off of him. Each time I came back down, he thrust his hips up to meet me. I splayed my palms flat across his pecs, but his hands seemed to be everywhere. Tangling through the strands of my hair, cupping my br**sts, sliding up and down my back—his touch was all over me, and it drove me deliciously wild into sensory overload.

    He pushed himself into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around me. We were now chest to chest, face to face and eye to eye. I shivered with pleasure at the feel of more of his skin brushing against mine. The fine, dark hairs on his chest tweaked and teased my ni**les as we rubbed against each other. As he brought his mouth to mine, his tongue plunged in and out in the same rhythm. After sliding a hand between us, his fingers stroked my swollen clit, and I came again, shouting his name and clinging desperately to his broad shoulders. As I started coming down, Jake continued pumping in and out of me. When I sensed he was getting close, I pulled back. I wanted to be looking into his eyes when he went over the edge.

    “Abby,” he moaned, as his hips jerked, and his body shuddered in release. When he was finished, he remained buried inside me. He lay back on the bed, taking me with him.

    As I snuggled into his side, I sighed with contentment. “That was…”

    “Amazing. As always.”

    I grinned as I propped my head up on my elbow. “Do you think it’ll always be like this?”

    “You mean, after we’ve been married for twenty years and you’ve popped out a kid or two, will we still be having sex as hot as this?”


    “I sure as hell hope so,” he replied, with a grin.

    “Me too.”

    “Sweet dreams, Angel.”

    “Only of you,” I murmured, before I closed my eyes and fell into a contented sleep.

    Chapter Three

    As the sun streamed in through the wide window panes, it warmed my body under the sheets. I’d been awake long before dawn. I’d savored the feel of Abby wrapped in my arms. In the quiet, I listened to her sleeping, the sweet little snores she emitted. There was nothing quite like holding my girl as she slept—the feel of her soft curves pressing into my body. I don’t think I ever felt safer and more secure than I have with her by my side.

    At the same time, my mind had also been preoccupied. The tell-tale signs of a new song waiting to be written flickered through my subconscious. It had started out small—a few jumbled words, a few chords. And then as I came awake, it built and built. In a low voice, I hummed a melody—one that was now playing on loop through my mind. Beneath the sheet, my foot began tapping out the rhythm. My eyes snapped open. Now that I truly had it, I didn’t want to lose it. Fumbling with the sheets and comforter, I threw them off and bolted from the bed.

    Abby raised her head and gazed at me with drowsy eyes. “Jake, where are you going?”

    “I have to get my guitar.”

    “Seriously, I don’t need a wedding day serenade,” came her muffled reply, as she burrowed deeper under the covers.

    I snorted. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not it, Angel.” I threw open the closet door and turned on the light. Most of my good guitars, or the ones I preferred, were up at the main house. I would have to make do with my Papa’s old Gibson.

    When I returned to the bed, Abby sat cross legged with the sheet clutched around her br**sts. The sunshine streaked across her body, making her skin glow. “Damn, you’re so beautiful.”

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