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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(16) by Katie Ashley
  • Abby glanced over her shoulder at me, her blue eyes wide with surprise. “You had them do this?”

    I shrugged. “I made a few suggestions to their ‘romance package’.”

    “It’s beautiful,” she murmured, with a small smile. Gathering up the front of her dress, she began padding barefoot down the hallway. With the candlelight illuminating her golden hair and skin, she looked just like an angel. My angel—for now and always. Fuck, how did an ass**le like me ever get so lucky?

    I heard her sharp intake of breath when she entered the master suite at the end of the hallway. “Oh Jake,” she whispered. Candles lit the interior of the room while on top of the bed, red, pink, and purple rose petals were formed into a giant heart.

    “You don’t think it’s cheesy?” I asked tentatively.

    “Never.” She turned around to wrap her arms around me. “The fact that it came from your heart makes it even more special.”

    “I wanted to make tonight beautiful for you. I know chicks dig shit like flowers and candles.”

    Abby smiled. “It is wonderful, Jake, but you’re all I need to make this night wonderful. You and your love.”

    “Mmm, I like hearing you say that,” I said, before leaning in to kiss her. As her ready mouth worked against mine, I knew how hard it was going to be to reign myself in tonight. But more than anything, I was ready to get the show on the road. When I pulled away, I stared into her expectant eyes. “Turn around,” I commanded.

    Abby quickly obliged. Her hands came to sweep up the long stands of her hair to give me better access to undress her. When I caught sight of the long row of fine pearl buttons, I sucked in a harsh breath of frustration. “Fuck me! Are you serious?”

    She burst out laughing. “It’s just a zipper, babe.”

    “Thank God,” I muttered. My fingers went to the middle of her back to find the zipper. I tugged it down. Once the dress bowed open, I leaned forward to bestow a trail of tender kisses across the exposed skin of her shoulder blades. I was rewarded with a dreamy little sigh from Abby as she arched her back toward me. After I’d given enough attention to the soft, creamy skin on her back and the base of her spine, my hands then went to the top of the dress to push it off her shoulders.

    All I could see on Abby was a white, lacy push up bra thing that extended down her back to her waist. I could only imagine how perfect she looked from the front with her tits all pushed up, just waiting for me to touch and suck on them. Just the thought sent my dick pounding against the zipper of my pants.

    I slid the dress off her hips and let it drop to the floor. Offering my hand, I helped Abby step out of it. “Mmm,” I murmured, as she stood before me in only a lacy, white thong and the bra thing that sure as hell did thrust her tits up into my face. A thousand and one different scenarios entered my head of f**king her fast and hard until we were a sweaty mess and she was screaming my name.

    “You look like you’re about to devour me,” she whispered, her cheeks flushing in the candlelight.

    “I want to—I really do. But more than anything, I want to make love you as your husband tonight.”

    “Oh, yes,” she gasped.

    I took her hands in mine and then brought them to my vest. Abby made quick work of unbuttoning me. She tossed the vest to the floor and then went to work on my shirt. To help things along, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. When I was only in my boxer shorts, I gripped her waist and pushed her back to the bed. “Lie down,” I said.

    Without taking her eyes off mine, she eased on top of the heart made out of rose petals on the bed. I knelt down on the mattress. As I loomed over her, I couldn’t help being amazed at how beautiful she was. How in the world a bastard like me had been gifted this angel of perfection I would never know. She would always be too good for me—too sweet, too pure, too giving of herself.

    “Hey, what’s wrong?” Abby asked, her hand coming up to cup my cheek.


    “Jake?” she implored.

    I sighed raggedly. “I was just thinking how much I don’t deserve you.”

    Her tender fingers rubbed my cheek. “Oh no, baby. That’s not true at all.”

    With a smile, I realized her love for me would always blind her of my faults. Her sweet words fueled me on. I kissed and licked across her collarbone, leaving little love bites as I went. My hands came to the clasps on the front of the bra, and I popped them open one by one. Her br**sts sprang free and into my ready mouth. I sucked hard on one pink nipple. After increasing the pressure, I pulled back to let my tongue flick across it. As it hardened beneath me, I let it fall free of my mouth before blowing across the puckered tip.

    “Jake,” Abby moaned, her legs scissoring beneath us.

    “Patience, Angel.” I understood her frustration. My dick pounded against the front of my boxer shorts to get free and be buried deep inside her. But this was a once in a lifetime deal—the very reason why she had wanted to abstain. Tonight was supposed to be special, amazing, and heartfelt, and by God, I was going to make sure it was.

    I licked a wet trail from the valley between her br**sts down to her abdomen. My fingers came to grip the sides of her thong before I slid it down over her legs. She opened wide, giving me a great view of her pu**y, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. Instead, I rolled her over so she was on her stomach. Starting at her feet, I kissed and licked up her calves to her thighs. Then I alternated with the other leg. Little goose bumps puckered her flesh, as my mouth warmed over them. Abby’s fingers gripped the sheets as she writhed beneath me. Her little whimpers told me I was doing everything right to extend her pleasure as long as I could.

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