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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(23) by Katie Ashley
  • Jake’s and my duet, Music of the Soul, shot to number one the day it was released, and everyone was talking about a repeat win at the Grammy’s. The label was looking into booking our European tour. While I should have been the happiest woman on the face of the earth, something was missing. Deep down I knew what it was, but I didn’t dare voice my longing to Jake or anyone else. I just tried to keep the faith that one day I would have the desires of my heart—one day I would have a baby of my own.

    In the meantime, I channeled my maternal instincts into spoiling Jude, Melody, and Bella. I was also thrilled when Brayden and Lily announced that they were going to have a third, and final, child. Bray had finally talked Lily into buying their own bus and using her teaching degree to homeschool the kids while we were out on tour. The guys of Runaway Train were positively domestic now with their wives and children along. Only Rhys was still unattached. He spent his time on the bus with my brothers, and I didn’t even want to know what kind of bachelor debauchery they were up to.

    Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the shading, Steve eased off. As he traded out colors, a sharp pain in my side caused me to grimace and suck in a breath.

    “Hey now, I wasn’t even doing anything,” Steve said.

    “I know. It’s not you,” I moaned.

    Jake’s brows furrowed. “What’s wrong, Angel?”

    “It’s my side, down low. I keep having these pains.”

    “You should get them checked out.”

    “I’m sure it’s just a cyst. I used to get them all the time when I was younger. Of course, I thought the birth control was supposed to stop them since I wasn’t ovulating.”

    Now it was Jake’s turn to grimace. “Um, seriously, babe. TMI.”

    I cocked my head at him. “Oh please. Like you can’t hear the word ovulation.”

    “I’d prefer not to.”

    With a teasing tone, I said, “Ovary…fallopian tube…uterus.”

    “That’s enough,” he said, with a shudder.

    “You’re too funny getting all riled about the female reproductive system.”

    “Just promise me you’ll get it checked out.”

    I held up my hand like I was swearing an oath. “As soon as we get back to Atlanta, I’ll go see my doctor.”

    “Good.” His fingers caressed my face. “I don’t want to think of anything happening to you, least of all, you being in pain.”

    “You’re so sweet and good to me,” I murmured, as I gazed into his eyes.

    A gagging sound came at my feet. When we glared at Steve, he held up his hands. “Sorry. But it’s hard for me to do this when I think I’m going to puke.”

    “Douchebag,” Jake muttered, which caused Steve to grin.

    I held out my hand to Jake, and like the wonderful husband he was, he took it and squeezed encouragingly. “Best anniversary present ever,” I said, with a smile.

    “How will we top it next year? Sky diving?”

    I shuddered. “Not with my fear of heights.”

    “Go back to our island and stay naked for days.”

    Steve cleared his throat. “What?” I asked.

    “Are you trying to kill me? That statement either puts a totally inappropriate picture of Abby in my head—” At Jake’s low growl, Steve shook his head. “Or, I see you and your naked ass parading around. Neither is a win-win situation.”

    “Finish the damn tattoo,” Jake ordered.

    Steve narrowed his eyes. “You forget that I’m working on you next. Don’t make me take out my aggression on you.”

    Becs stepped up with an ink gun in her hand. “Why don’t I help things along and take care of Jake?”

    “Then I can’t hold his hand for support,” I whined.

    Jake grinned. “Besides, this twatcanoe,” he motioned at Steve,” is the only one who does my ink.”

    “He really doesn’t think a woman can do it,” AJ called.

    “Shut up, dickweed,” Jake muttered. He glanced at Becs and shook his head. “I appreciate your offer, and despite what that ass**le over there says, I have confidence in your work, despite the fact you’re a chick. But my lovely wife needs me, so I’m staying here.”

    I smiled. “My hero.”

    “No more talking, especially the lovey-dovey shit,” Steve instructed.

    “I thought the customer was always right,” I countered.

    “Not in my parlor,” he replied before he brought the needle back to my skin.

    I sucked in a breath as Jake hovered over me. His breath warmed against my ear. “As long I whisper to you, Mr. Jackass can’t get his panties in a twist,” he whispered.

    “Thank you,” I replied.

    “Do you know what I’m going to do when I get you home and into our bed?” After I shook my head, he replied, “I’m going to strip you down and bury my face between your legs until you scream my name.”

    His words caused my face to flush as well as a tingle between my legs. He continued to whisper all the naughty things he intended to do to me and for us to do when we got back home. By the time he finished, Steve was done with the shading of my tattoo. As I sat up to admire it, I secretly hoped there wouldn’t be a puddle of wetness left on the chair that Jake’s sexy words had induced.

    “Like it?” Steve asked.

    “I love it. It’s amazing.”

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