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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(39) by Katie Ashley
  • Jake grimaced. “Yeah, that will blow.” He glanced over at AJ and shook his head. “I feel for you, man.”

    AJ laughed. “It’s going to be tough when they want to date, and I insist on going along with them.”

    Mia snorted. “Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen.”

    “We’ll see,” AJ replied, with a wink.

    Jake kissed Gaby’s head before passing her back to Mia. Then we made our goodbyes, and Jake took my hand and led me out of the room. We didn’t have far to go since Mia and I went to the same OB, and the practice was around the corner from the hospital. After we signed in, we took a seat, and I nervously began tapping my foot.

    “Abby Slater?” the nurse questioned. If I had been getting questionable looks from the women and men in the waiting room before, they were now on heightened alert that I was someone famous. I guess the fact Jake was sitting next to me didn’t help. We hurried away from their prying glances and followed the nurse to the ultrasound room.

    “Exciting day, huh?”

    “Yes, it is.”

    “If you’ll just go into the bathroom and slip off your jeans and underwear. Today’s ultrasound will be transvaginal.”


    I took the flimsy sheet from the nurse and headed into the bathroom. Once I’d taken off my jeans and panties and deposited them on the hamper, I wrapped the sheet around me and headed back outside. On shaky legs, I got up on the examining table. After I was settled, my hand flailed out, searching for Jake’s. When he grabbed it in his and squeezed, I exhaled a shaky breath.

    The door opened, and the ultrasound technician breezed in. She glanced at my chart before she spoke to me. “Hi Abby, I’m Claire.”

    “Nice to meet you,” I said, extending my free hand.

    If Claire recognized who we were, she didn’t let on, and I was glad. In that moment, it was kind of nice being treated normally. “So, let’s get a picture of your baby,” Claire said, as she sat on her stool and rolled up to the examining table.

    Within a few seconds, the probe was inside me, and I gritted my teeth at the pressure. But all of that was forgotten the moment an image appeared on the screen. “Looks good,” Claire murmured.

    I had to agree with her as I stared at the pea sized image. “Wow,” Jake murmured at my side.

    “Oh, my,” Claire said, peering at the screen.

    “W-What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Is something wrong?” Jake demanded.

    Claire glanced from the screen to us and then smiled. “There’s nothing wrong, so don’t panic.”

    “Then, what is it?”

    “I’m seeing two sacs.”

    My brows furrowed as I tried processing her words. “Two sacs…does that mean…”

    “Twins,” Claire replied.

    The world spun in a dizzying flurry, and I brought my free hand to my head to try to still the spinning. “You did take fertility drugs, correct?” Claire asked.

    “Yes, some Clomid to help egg production since I only have one ovary,” I replied.

    “Multiples with fertility medicine are quite common.”

    I glanced over my shoulder to stare at Jake. His face had paled considerably after our momentary scare. I couldn’t begin to imagine what was going on in his head now. “Twins?” he croaked.

    “That’s what it looks like. Let’s see if we can pick up two heartbeats.” Claire began scurrying around to hook me up to a fetal heart monitor. I held my breath, hoping and praying that there would be two. I didn’t know if I would have the chance to have another baby, so the idea of being blessed with two at once was overwhelming.

    At the sound of our babys’ heartbeat echoing around the room, tears stung my eyes. With one thump-thump, came another thump-thump. “There we go,” Claire said.

    “Oh, my God,” I murmured.

    Jake squeezed my hand. “You okay, Angel?”

    Tears streaked down my face. “I’m more than fine. I’m absolutely perfect.”

    He smiled and kissed me. “You think we’re up for twins?” he asked, in a shaky voice.

    “Oh, I am, but what about you?”

    Jake stared thoughtfully at the screen, eying our baby blobs. “I think it’s the most amazing and most terrifying prospect in the entire world.”

    I laughed. “I couldn’t agree more. We’re truly blessed.”

    Jake smiled. “Yeah, we are.”

    In that moment, the happiness of carrying two babies outweighed any fear I might’ve harbored about being the mother of twins. After all, I would have a wonderful support system with the members of Runaway Train, along with my parents. Deep down, I knew that I could handle two babies at once, and that Jake could as well. He would rise to the challenge like he always did.

    Chapter Fourteen

    Two Months Later

    After the initial surprise and shock of finding out we were having twins, life went back to normal. Well, I guess I should say normal for us. We’d had a blissfully wonderful month off where we’d spent time in the studio working on new songs, lounging around the house, and entertaining family and friends. Then, it was back out on the road touring the Midwest. We had just pulled into Salt Lake City the night before.

    Jake had let me sleep in longer than I should have, and I was running late to rehearsals. I hustled off the bus and followed Jody into the arena.

    When I got there, I found roadies bustling around, preparing for the show, but I didn’t see my brothers. Searching out a familiar face, I found Frank. “Isn’t it rehearsal time?”

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