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  • Music of the Soul(Runaway Train #2.5)(47) by Katie Ashley
  • “I just hope your brothers don’t get any ideas about her,” Jake said, his fingers rubbing over one of Jax’s crocheted booties that Mia had made him.

    “I think they value their manhood too much to mess around with your baby sister,” I replied, with a smile.

    “They sure as hell better.”

    As I shifted Jax onto my shoulder to burp him, I resisted the urge to tell Jake that it wasn’t my brothers and Allison he should be worried about. At the twins’ christening, the unresolved sexual tension between Allison and Rhys was palpable. Something had definitely happened between them, but there was also a hell of a lot unsaid and unspoken going on. They worked their hardest to stay away from each other, but at the same time, they were constantly looking at each other. Since I wanted her along with us on the tour, I didn’t dare pry. I knew the truth would come out when the time was right.

    “What are you thinking about?” Jake asked.

    “Nothing,” I lied, diverting my gaze to Jules who had just finished eating.

    “Oh, no, I saw that expression of yours—the one you get when the wheels in your head are turning.”

    “I’m just excited and nervous about the tour, that’s all.”

    “We’re going to be a full house on the bus with Allison and the twins.”

    “And Angel,” I said. Hearing her name caused Angel to raise her head and wag her tail.

    “You really think it’s a good idea bringing her along?” Jake asked, as he took Jax from me, so I could burp Jules.

    “I couldn’t bear leaving her behind. Do you know what that would do to her if she saw us and the twins leaving her?”

    Jake grimaced. He knew as well as I did that Angel was so attached to Jax and Jules. She slept at the foot of their crib every night. If we let one of them cry too long while trying to get their diaper changed or bottle ready, she started howling and barking. “Fine, fine, we’ll bring Angel.”

    As Jules emitted a giant burp, I laughed. “Thank you, babe.”

    He shook his head. “I have no willpower when it comes to you.”

    “I know, and I love it,” I teased.

    Jake laughed. “Now that the little hellions—”

    “Angels,” I corrected.

    “Fine. Now that the angels are fed, what’s on tap for today?”

    “Hmm, maybe baths for all of us, and then a nice, lazy movie day?”

    “I like the sound of that. I bet I could get Papa to run down to Two Brothers for some BBQ for us.”

    My stomach growled appreciatively. “Yes, please.”

    Jake grinned. “Who would have ever thought my favorite things in the world would be lounging around in bed with my wife and kids?”

    “You’ve come a long way since I first met you.”

    “And I have you to thank.” He kissed Jax and then Jules. “And you two.” Jax grinned while Jules seemed to reach out for Jake. As he took her into his arms, I couldn’t help the happy tears that filled my eyes at the sight of Jake with his son and his daughter in his strong arms.

    Jake sucked in a harsh breath. “What is it?” I asked.

    He closed his eyes. “I’m getting another melody…oh yeah, definitely a new song.”

    “I’ll get your guitar and notepad,” I said.

    This was our lives, after all. The music of our heart and soul.

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