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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(19) by Katie Ashley
  • “I know. I bet she tastes just as sweet as she looks,” another replied.

    My gaze snapped from Allison to two chicks standing beside me. One caught my eye and waggled her brows suggestively. “Easy man, I know she’s batting for your team. Doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize, right?”

    Although my dick thought it was quite arousing having a woman hot for Allison, my mind thankfully overrode it. I’d gone down the threesome path once or twice, but I couldn’t even imagine doing that with Allison. Not to mention, I had a feeling this chick would not be interested in me partaking with her.

    Allison finished up the song to wild applause and ear-splitting whistles. Desperately in need of a drink, I hauled ass over to the bar. “Crown Royal, please,” I called over the chatter to a bartender with multicolored hair.

    As she sat an empty glass in front of me, she raised her pierced brows. “You must be from out of town.”

    With a laugh, I eased onto one of the stools. “I seem to be getting that a lot tonight.”

    She took the bottle of Crown from under the bar and filled my glass with the amber colored liquor. “We have mostly a local crowd, but occasionally we have a tourist stumble in by mistake.”

    After sucking down a burning gulp, I said, “Actually, I’m here for Allison Slater.”

    The bartender grinned. “Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you’re hooking up with the only straight girl in the place.”

    Furiously, I shook my head. “Whoa, hold up. We’re not hooking up. She’s my best friend’s little sister—she’s like my little sister.”

    “Oh, is that really all she is?” The bartender winked at me. “No offense, sweetie, but you sure as hell weren’t looking at her like a little sister.” She tilted her head thoughtfully. “Well, maybe in Alabama,” she teased.

    “Whatever,” I grumbled into my Crown.

    After downing one glass, I asked for another. I took my fresh drink over to an empty table. Thankfully, the alcohol helped cool my libido and any more salacious thoughts about Allison. After a few more cover songs, Allison performed some of the original songs of Pink Magnolia, which from a musician’s standpoint weren’t that strong. I was thankful that this wasn’t Allison’s dream, and she had other talents to see her through. It was just before eleven when they wrapped up the set.

    “Thank you all so, so much for your support. Have a great night!” Allison cried into the microphone. Craning my neck, I watched as she headed offstage. While she received kisses on the cheeks and hugs from some of the patrons, Allison kept her gaze on mine as she bobbed through the crowd toward me.

    Breathless, she finally plopped down in the chair across from me. “So what did you think?” she asked, her dark eyes still dancing from the adrenaline high pumping in her veins.

    I smiled. “You were amazing.”

    Her brows shot up. “Really?”

    “Come on, stop fishing for compliments.” When her brows creased slightly, I reached over to take her hand. “You’re good, Allison. I wouldn’t tell you that if it wasn’t true.”

    A pink flush tinged her cheeks. “Thank you. Maybe I should invite Jake to the show.”

    “Oh, I’m sure he would get a real kick out of your pole dancing on the microphone stand.” I couldn’t help laughing when she squealed and then covered her face with her hands.

    “I would die…just die for Jake to see me like that,” came her muffled reply.

    “You looked good up there.”

    Peeking at me through her fingers, she asked, “Really?”

    “Very kick-ass and very sexy,” I admitted.

    When she removed her hands, she stared at me. “You really thought I was sexy?” she asked incredulously.

    For reasons I didn’t understand, Allison genuinely cared about my opinion. “Of course I did. I would’ve been blind not to appreciate your microphone groping skills.” While I was being honest, she didn’t need to know everything, such as how she’d managed to get me hard. “You know, I wasn’t the only one either. Two chicks beside me had a lot to say about you.”

    “They did?”

    I nodded and leaned in closer to her. Lowering my voice as best I could over the booming house music, I said, “One was speculating on how good you would taste.” Allison once again squealed and covered her face. Her innocent response caused me to laugh. “There’s nothing wrong with having admirers.”

    Pulling her hands away, she fanned her face. “I guess not, but I think it’s time to change the subject.”

    “If you insist.”

    Tilting her head, she asked, “So do you think Pink Magnolia could be opening for Jacob’s Ladder and Runaway Train soon?”

    I laughed. “Not exactly.”

    She giggled. “I didn’t think so. But in a way, I’m glad. It’s fun just doing it during the week, letting off some steam through the music. As far as ever really performing—” She wrinkled her nose. “That’s just not for me.”

    “You are meant for bigger and better things in the world of fashion.”

    “I sure hope so.”

    An attractive girl with cropped black hair sat a fruity looking drink with an umbrella down in front of Allison. “Drink up, Sonny. You sure as hell earned it tonight. That Etheridge cover was out of this f**king world.”

    “Thanks, Cassie.” Allison grinned as she picked up the drink. “I am feeling a little parched after all that singing.”

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