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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(46) by Katie Ashley
  • With a solemn expression, she nodded her head. “I always have, and I always will,” she whispered.

    At the time, I didn’t understand the enormity of her statement. All I knew was my dick liked her very, very much, but in my hazy state, I tried to decipher what I felt about her deep down inside. There was so much about her to like—her sweetness, her smile, her sense of humor, her gentle, caring spirit, her artistic talent, and also her friendship. Without even trying, she’d found a way to break down my walls and strip my soul bare. If I was truly honest with myself, I should have been able to see how much I liked her…maybe even was in love with her. But it was impossible to process all of that tonight.

    Ignoring the more amorous feelings rocketing through me, I focused instead on the lust that popped and crackled in the air around us. Rolling my h*ps against hers, I groaned. “I want you, Allison. I want you so f**king bad it hurts.”

    Her fingers tangled through the wet strands of my hair. “Then take me, Rhys.”

    My mind screamed at me to man up and do the right thing—to remember Jake, to remember that Allison was drunk, and I was myself. But instead, I did what most guys do in a situation where a soaked and partially na**d chick is in front of you. I thought with my dick.

    My hands went to grip her around her ass cheeks, hoisting her up to wrap her legs around me. Once she had her legs around my waist, I started walking us out of the pool. “Oh Rhys,” Allison murmured, before bringing her lips to mine. Our mouths worked frantically against each other, tasting of a mixture of silver tequila, desperation, and pure lust.

    Sloshing through the water, I finally got us over to the pool steps. Allison tightened her arms around my neck as I climbed up the steps, which was no easy feat considering I had both the weight of my wet clothes and Allison to contend with. Our lips and tongues continued working manically against each other. As we went by the bar, I let one of my hands leave her bu**ocks to grab the bottle of tequila.

    After kicking open one of the wooden doors leading to the bedroom, I stalked over to the bed. Just before I lay Allison down, I pulled back to stare into her eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

    “Never more certain of anything in my entire life,” she replied breathlessly.

    Gently, I eased her down on the mattress. As I stood between her legs, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, freeing her tits. “Oh f**k me, you’re perfect,” I muttered.

    With a shy smile, Allison then scooted back on the mattress and lay back onto the pillows. She seemed to read my mind when my gaze landed on her lace-clad pu**y. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband and then slowly and tediously slid her underwear down her thighs. Either to tease me or because she was feeling shy, she kept her thighs pressed together, so I didn’t get a view of the deliciousness between her thighs.

    Christ. There was no way I was backing down now that I had her na**d and willing in my bed. Sitting the bottle of tequila down on the nightstand, I began to tear the wet clothes from my body. Allison’s heated gaze warmed my body as she followed my movements. When I was left in nothing but my boxer briefs, I picked up the tequila and eased down onto the bed.

    Allison stared up at me, her skin flushed and her breath coming in anxious pants. Looming over her, I brought the bottle over her body and began pouring out the silver liquid onto her exposed flesh. A stream of tequila ran from her breastbone to pool in her navel while tiny rivulets streaked off her stomach onto the sheets. I dipped my head and swirled my tongue into her belly button, lapping up the tequila. Flattening my tongue, I then licked and sucked the tequila off her abdomen up to her chest. Tiny tremors ran throughout Allison’s body as goose-bumps puckered her skin. Pressing her br**sts together, I drank up the remaining tequila before sucking and pulling her ni**les into my mouth.

    Allison’s whimper fueled me on to continue my assault. “More, Rhys,” she whispered, tugging at the strands of my hair. As I reached her mouth again, my tequila-laced lips met hers in a harsh kiss. My hand dipped between her legs to thrust a finger inside her. Sliding a second finger inside her warm, wet walls, I continued licking and sucking her br**sts. She felt and tasted just like heaven. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on her pu**y. When Allison started to get close, my thumb began to rub her clit. She came with a shriek, clawing my shoulders with her walls clenching around my fingers. I fought to keep the smirk off my face from the f**king ego trip of having her so responsive to me and coming so quickly.

    While our lips and tongues melted together, I removed my fingers. Our bodies then began to move in perfect sync. I rubbed my now painful erection against her core, causing us both to hiss with the delicious friction. I continued thrusting my h*ps against hers. When I thought I might come just from the minimal contact, I pulled away. “Don’t stop!” she cried, grasping for my shoulders.

    “I’m just getting started.” As I straddled her, I brought the bottle of tequila to my chest. When the liquid started to trickle down my pecs and abs, Allison sat up to catch it with her tongue. As she licked and sucked the tequila off of me, her hand came to rest on my dick. Throwing my head back, I groaned as she worked me over the soaked boxer briefs. When it all began to be too much, I shook my head.

    “Lie back,” I commanded.

    Although she gave me a questioning look, she did lie back to rest her head against the pillow. Bringing my hands to her calves, I spread her legs wide, giving me a view of her glistening pu**y. I licked my lips in anticipation before sliding between her thighs. Dipping my head, I buried my mouth in her slickness, lapping up the wetness I’d caused earlier. “Rhys!” Allison cried, her hand finding its way to my hair to tug on the strands. Spreading her folds with my fingers, I then thrust my tongue inside her. As I began to find a rhythm, Allison’s h*ps bucked in time with my tongue, and she mewled with pleasure. I continued to alternate between sucking her cl*t and tonguing her deep. She jerked my hair hard as she began to come again.

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