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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(47) by Katie Ashley
  • With the walls of Allison’s pu**y still pulsing, I reluctantly pulled away. I slid off the bed to drop my boxer briefs. Then I reached into the nightstand and pulled out the gold foil package. After tearing open the wrapper, I slid the condom down my length. When I dropped back down onto the bed, Allison opened her thighs for me. Positioning myself between them, the head of my c**k nudged against her slick opening. As our lips fused together, I thrust into Allison. She felt like every man’s dream—wet, scorching hot, tight, and made for my dick.

    Pulling my mouth from hers, I focused on her eyes. “You okay?” I panted.

    She smiled. “Oh yes.”

    God, she was so beautiful. So sexy. So responsive. Even though I knew she was all right, I didn’t speed up the pace. Although it was torturous keeping it slow and steady, I knew she was getting more out of it that way. After a few minutes of languid strokes, I sped up the pace of thrusts. Allison wrapped her legs around my buttock ass, drawing me closer and deeper inside her. Our shared breaths and skin slapping together joined the knocking sound. It was a punishing but aching burn that rippled through my body, but I didn’t dare stop. It felt too f**king good to stop. She felt too f**king good to stop.

    Allison wrapped her arms around my neck, drawing my lips back to hers. My tongue plunged in and out of her mouth, mimicking the actions of my dick below. I never wanted it to end—I wanted to stay deep inside Allison forever. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced many times before. I couldn’t help wondering if it was the alcohol or being with Allison.

    As I felt her walls begin to tighten around me, I dipped my hand between us to stroke her swollen clit. Allison’s mouth jerked away from mine to cry out as her walls clenched and released against my dick. I continued to pump furiously into her until I felt my own release begin. “Allison, oh f**k,” I muttered, as I collapsed onto her.

    While I worked to catch my breath, Allison’s fingers trailed the sweat-stained strands of my hair. As my head lay against her chest, I could hear the beating of her heart. I inhaled of her skin. “You smell like chlorine,” I blurted very ineloquently.

    Allison giggled. “I think it’s because we went swimming.”

    Raising my head, I grinned at her. “We did. Didn’t we?”

    She nodded her head. “I wish you could’ve seen yourself. One minute you were suggesting we go swimming, and then the next, you were jumping in the pool with all your clothes on.”

    “It was fun though, wasn’t it?”

    “I promise I’m not complaining. I’m just sorry I smell like chlorine.”

    “I think we can fix that.” With a wink, I rose off of her, even though I wanted to stay close to her warm body. “Let’s go shower.”

    Chapter Eight

    Closing my eyes, I let the steam envelop me along with the feel of Rhys’s hands on my body. I’d been all for taking a shower, but I hadn’t realized that it would mean another round with Rhys. Not that I was complaining. No, I was in the place where my most wonderful dreams and fantasies had come true. I’d finally been with Rhys—he had taken me fully, mind, soul, and now body. I’d always known it would be good. I just hadn’t realized exactly how good it would be.

    When he brought his wet hand between my thighs and began to stroke me, I moaned and closed my eyes. “God, it’s like you’re playing my cl*t just like you would a piece of music.”

    “I’m awfully good with my fingers.”

    My eyes snapped open when I realized I had actually voiced the finger playing comment aloud. As mortification rocketed through me, Rhys grinned at me. “Let me oblige the fantasy a little further.” He then shifted my h*ps to where I was in front of him, like I was the cello between his legs. Experiencing the real feel of his fingers was so much more intense than when I had watched him playing his cello earlier. While just the memory sent a tingling over my skin, my body was now alight with exquisite sensation as Rhys moved his fingers with the same glorious precision between my legs.

    As I lay my head back on his chest, one of his hands came to cup and knead my breast while the other went back between my thighs. Spreading my legs further apart, I gave him more room to work the magic of his fingers over me. I thrust my h*ps against his hand, letting his fingers plunge deeper and deeper inside me. Gripping his biceps, I squeezed them tight as the first waves of orgasm overtook me. When I finished and my eyes opened again, I found Rhys staring down at me, watching me absorb the pleasure.

    “You’re so sexy when you come.”

    I couldn’t help blushing at his response. “I’m not used to coming that hard or so much. At least not with a guy.”

    Rhys raised his brows at me. “What do you mean?”

    With a shy smile, I replied, “You’re really going to make me say it, huh?” When he still continued staring at me in confusion, I reached my hands up to cup his face. “You are the only person I’ve been with who has ever made me come that hard.”

    His eyes widened. “Seriously?”

    “Yeah, seriously.” When a smirk curved on his lips, I smacked his chest. “Don’t make me regret telling you that.”

    He laughed. “I’m sorry, but that’s too f**king hot not to get stoked about.”

    Turning around in his arms, I brought my hand between us to stroke his growing erection. “I guess it’s your turn now.”

    “To get clean or get off?”

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