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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(48) by Katie Ashley
  • “A little of both.” I sank down on my knees in front of him. His hooded eyes gazed down at me as I flicked my tongue over the head of his erection. He shuddered at the minimal contact. I then alternated between licking it from root to tip and then suctioning the head. Then I took the length into my mouth, bobbing up and down. When I began to hum as I took his length deeper in my mouth, Rhys hissed with what I assumed was pleasure. His hands tangled in the wet strands of my hair, watching as my lips worked up and down his cock.

    Sliding my hands between his legs, I gently tugged and massaged his balls. “Oh f**k, Allison,” Rhys said, throwing his head back against the tile. I let his erection fall from my mouth to dip my head and take his balls in my mouth. I sucked and nibbled at the sensitive flesh, all the while sliding my hand up and down on his dick.

    A tremor ran through his body. He jerked my hair back, but I sucked his c**k back into my mouth. I continued sucking hard and fast until I felt his h*ps buck and the start of his cum spurt into my mouth. Rhys cursed and cried out my name, his head making a loud noise as it banged back against the tile. I licked him dry before I got up off my knees.

    As he pulled his head off the wall, he appraised me with a dazed expression that seemed to express total and complete satisfaction. I knew then if he didn’t say a word, I had done well. “You’re wearing a pleased little smirk there,” he said.

    When I burst into laughter, I quickly brought my hand over my mouth. “I could say the same for you,” I replied, my words somewhat muffled behind my hand.

    Rhys grinned. “Come on. Let’s get out of here before we turn into prunes.”

    I nodded. Rhys reached past me to turn off the shower. He opened the glass door and motioned for me to go out first. I stepped out onto the tiled floor and then reached for a towel. Rhys took it from me and then proceeded to dry my arms and shoulders before dropping down to dry my thighs and legs. “Such personal service from my lord,” I teased, when he brought himself back up.

    “Nothing but the best for you, my little wench.”

    I smacked him playfully on the arm. Once I wrapped in my towel, I took another off the rack and began to dry off Rhys. The longer my hands stayed on him, rubbing the terry cloth over his body, the more I wanted him buried deep inside me. Again. I wasn’t the only one ready for another round. Rhys’s growing erection rested against my thigh.

    “Let’s go to bed.” He then led me out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. “Get on your hands and knees,” Rhys commanded, causing me to shiver. Normally, I wasn’t in to being told what to do, but the fact that it was him made all the difference.

    After I dropped the towel, I climbed onto the bed and crawled toward the center. When I reached it, I gazed back at him over my shoulder. I couldn’t resist wiggling my ass at him. “Come on, Rhys. Don’t make me wait for it,” I urged.

    “Do you like it hard?” he asked, as he eased down onto the bed behind me.

    “Hmm, yes.”

    When he smacked my ass cheek, the sound reverberated around the room, causing me to jump out of my skin. “You like that, too?”

    “Yes,” I hissed. Peering over my shoulder into his lust-filled eyes, I commanded, “Do it again.”

    This time he smacked my opposite cheek, and I moaned, my fingers gripping the sheets. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to have him. “Please, Rhys.” I felt his weight leave the mattress and then he was rustling in the nightstand drawer for a condom. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before I felt him positioning the head of his c**k at my entrance.

    When he plunged deep into me, we both cried out. There was nothing like the feel of having Rhys inside me. All the nights of fantasizing about him converged on this moment. I tightened my walls around him, causing a groan to rumble through his chest. The sound caused even more moisture to pool between my legs. There was something so erotic about hearing his sounds of pleasure and knowing I had caused them.

    As my long hair fanned out over my back, Rhys reached up to tangle his fingers in it. When he jerked my head back, I moaned and bit my lip. Bending over me, Rhys leaned down to where his lips brushed against my face. “You do like it rough and hard, don’t you?”

    “Just with you. Only with you,” I panted, turning my head so that my face could rub against his. And it was the truth.

    “That’s right. Only I get to take you like this,” he replied. I could tell my words had stroked his ego that he was the first one to really be like this with me, just like with the orgasms. But what he still was missing was that I could let myself go and feel so deeply because I truly loved him with every fiber of my being. As he continued pounding into me, our shower soon became a waste as our bodies became coated with the sheen of sweat caused by our exertions.

    I gasped when Rhys pulled out of me. Glancing over my shoulder, I watched as he rocked back on his knees, resting his feet under his bu**ocks. He reached for my h*ps and eased me up onto my knees as well. When my back was tight against his chest, he reentered me. The sensation was almost overpowering. He and I both groaned at the depth he reached as he entered me.

    As Rhys started slowly gliding in and out of me, I started to see the benefit of this position. He was able to reach around me to cup my br**sts and pinch my ni**les, or he could dip his hand down to stroke me between my legs. As my head fell back against his shoulder, I brought a hand up to tangle through the strands of his dark hair.

    My heart melted when Rhys dipped his face down to meet my lips in a frantic kiss. The instant he plunged his tongue into my mouth, I came. “Rhys! Oh God!” I cried, as my walls shuddered. As I was still riding my orgasm, Rhys eased me down onto my stomach and began to pump furiously until he came.

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