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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(67) by Katie Ashley
  • Eli narrowed his eyes at Rhys. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize she answered to you.”

    “I don’t,” I countered.

    Ignoring Eli, Rhys turned his wrath-filled gaze on me. He closed the gap between us. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, letting him run his hands all over you?”

    Standing toe to toe with him, I snapped, “You’re not Jake, or my father, so you can’t even begin to try to tell me what I can or can’t do!”

    “No, but I’m pretty sure Jake would be appalled that you’re acting like a cheap whore!”

    “Fuck you, Rhys!” I spat, planting my hands on his hard pecs and shoving him away from me. I stalked past him and Eli off the dance floor. When I stomped up to our table, Gabe stared wide-eyed at me. “Give me my purse,” I demanded.

    He didn’t bothering arguing with me or calling me out for my attitude. He just thrust my purse at me. “Thank you.”

    It was only after I escaped into the VIP bathroom that my adrenaline began to fade. Gripping the sides of the marble sink, I let Rhys’s words pierce further and further into me until it felt like a jagged hole had been cut through my heart. He hadn’t fought for me because he wanted me—he’d fought because he believed I was acting like a whore. He continued seeing me as only a little sister—not someone he wanted to date or be with.

    The bathroom door flew open, and Rhys stormed in. Glancing at his reflection in the mirror, I shook my head. “I have nothing left to say to you, so leave me alone.”


    Whirling around, I narrowed my eyes at him. “Excuse me?”

    “I said no.”

    I threw up my hands. “Fine, I concede; you win. Does that make you happy?” When he started to open his mouth, I shook my head furiously from side to side. “Don’t you f**king dare say ‘no’ again!”

    “I didn’t come in here to gloat.”

    “Then what did you come for?” When he cocked his brows at me, I demanded, “What do you want from me, Rhys?”

    “Everything.” He strode across the room to me. “I want to take everything you’ll give me and more.” Grabbing my arm, he jerked me into the handicapped stall. My body slammed back against the metal wall. My whimper of pain died on my lips as Rhys pressed his body against mine. The hardness of his erection burned into my thigh. Gripping my hips, he tugged me closer against him. His fingers closed over one of my thighs before bringing it up over his. It gave him the perfect angle to rub his erection against my core. I moaned, clawing desperately at him to get more friction.

    “Why are you doing this now?” I demanded.

    Rhys shook his head. “I don’t f**king know. I just know that I couldn’t bear sitting in that booth one more minute and letting Eli have everything I wanted.”

    “You want everything with me or just everything with my body?” I asked.

    As he stared into my eyes, his hands slid over my waist to cup my bu**ocks. “I know I want my hands on this fine ass that you’ve been shaking all night at everyone but me.” One hand left my butt to come and cup my breast. “I want my hands and mouth on these gorgeous tits that you’ve rubbed all over Eli.”

    I widened my eyes when his hand left my ass to cup between my legs. “But most of all, I want to bury my dick so far in this pu**y that no man here will doubt who it belongs to, especially Eli.”

    Although I wanted nothing more than to be with Rhys again, this all felt wrong—the anger and jealousy fueling our actions were not healthy. “But it doesn’t belong to you,” I countered weakly.

    “It doesn’t?” His fingers tore away my thong before they plunged deep inside me, causing me to gasp with pleasure. “Tell me, Allison, did he make you this wet?” Rhys demanded.

    Panting, I shook my head. “No, he didn’t.”

    Rhys rewarded me for my response by speeding up the pace of his fingers. Throwing my head back, I moaned. My h*ps took on a rhythm of their own. I was getting so deliciously close that my toes were curling in my heels when Rhys suddenly withdrew his fingers. “No, please. Please don’t stop,” I begged.

    “Who is the only man to have made you come so hard you’ve screamed?”

    “You. Only you, Rhys,” I replied, breathlessly.

    With a lazy smile, he thrust his fingers back inside me while his thumb clamped down on my clit. Gripping his shoulders, I desperately rode his hand to find my orgasm. It had been three long months since a man had made me come—since Rhys had made me come.

    “Rhys! Yes, oh, yes!” I cried out, my eyes fluttering closed in bliss. At that moment, I didn’t care if there was a bathroom full of women hearing me come. I just wanted the pleasure to never end. I’d barely come back to myself when Rhys’s blunt head nudged at my entrance. Somehow he’d managed to unbutton his pants and slip on a condom while I blissed out with my head on his shoulder.

    With a grunt, he thrust deep inside me. “Oh f**k, Allison,” he groaned, his breath warm against my neck. “No one feels as good as you.” His dirty compliment made my heart beat faster. He gripped my other thigh and brought my leg up to wrap around him. As I clung to his shoulders, I was completely impaled on him.

    But then a hard revelation crashed upon me, causing me to shudder. I wasn’t ha**ng s*x again with Rhys because he had told me he loved me or that he had feelings for me. No, I was f**king him in a club bathroom because he was jealous over Eli. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too—he wouldn’t have me, and he would make sure no one else did either.

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