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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(82) by Katie Ashley
  • “That’s awesome,” I said.

    Jake grinned. “You’ll be off the hook with the twins today, Allie-Bean. Micah and Valerie haven’t gotten to see the twins in person yet.”

    “Ah, I see.” I couldn’t help feeling a little giddy at the thought of having most of the day free. That meant more time that I could spend with Rhys. Of course, most of it would have to be in secret. Although Rhys was all for telling Jake about us, I wasn’t ready yet. I knew how horrible it was going to be after hearing from Rhys how Jake went off on Eli when he thought he had hurt me. I knew that was a slight drop in the bucket to what he would be feeling about us dating.

    Rhys must’ve shared my excitement of getting to be together because he squeezed my thigh again under the table. A shiver of anticipation ran through me, but considering I was sitting across from Jake and Abby I had to curb it. Now it was just managing to make it to where we could be alone again.

    Three hours later, the bus rolled into the parking lot of Rose Quarter—the arena in Portland. Jake hadn’t been exaggerating about Micah, Valerie, and the twins. The moment we stepped off the bus, they were waiting to each take a twin into their eager arms. After a lot of hugging and some tears on Abby’s part, we were hustled inside to prepare for rehearsals.

    With slight disappointment, I watched Rhys and Runaway Train take the stage first to rehearse. I hung back to watch them since I rarely got to see their shows now that I was watching the twins. Just the sight of Rhys playing the bass made me flush. It took me back to his shower in Savannah when he had played me just like his cello. The man had some masterful fingers, for damn sure.

    Once Runaway Train finished, Rhys came to join me below the stage. I gave him a beaming smile. “You guys sounded amazing, as always.”

    “It’s just a rehearsal.”

    Nudging him with my hip, I said, “Don’t be bashful. You should be proud of your talents.”

    “Thanks for loving our crappy rehearsal renditions,” Rhys replied, with a teasing grin.

    “Ass,” I muttered, under my breath.

    “Hmm, what I’d like to do what that mouth of yours,” he murmured.

    As Rhys leaned a little closer to me, two roadies interrupted by hustling past us. Rhys gave a frustrated grunt. “Never a f**king moment alone.”

    Our attention was drawn to the stage where Jake and Abby were starting up their duet rehearsals. Whenever they were in a city that had a song named after it, they liked to use it during their duet time. With us being in Portland, they were aptly singing Jack White and Loretta Lynn’s Portland, Oregon.

    When Micah joined Jacob’s Ladder out onstage, I wondered how Valerie was doing with Jax and Jules. “I should go backstage and check on the twins.”

    “I’m sure they’re fine with Micah and Valerie fawning over them.” Rhys gave me a slightly pleading look. “Stay here with me.”

    With his expression and request, it was a no-brainer what I was going to do. As the strong beat of the guitars started up, I stayed rooted to the spot next to Rhys. Turning my attention to the stage, I watched Jake and Abby begin to perform. After wagging his brows suggestively, Jake closed the gap between him and Abby in a determined swagger. With a cocky grin, he brought the microphone to his lips. “In a booth in the corner with the lights down low, I was movin’ in fast; she was takin’ it slow. Uh-huh.”

    Abby gave Jake a teasing grin while sashaying slightly away from him. I couldn’t help smiling at their stage antics. Of course, it just went to show how very much in love they still were. “Well, I looked at him and caught him lookin’ at me. I knew right then we were playin’ free in Oregon.”

    The moment after Abby finished her lines I could feel Rhys’s white-hot stare burning through me. When I turned my head, his lust-filled eyes narrowed on mine. With a slight jerk of his head that no one else would have noticed, he signaled that he wanted us to be alone. And right then.

    With my heartbeat thrumming wildly in my chest, I turned and started out of the auditorium to the dressing rooms. I didn’t even have to look back to know that Rhys was right on my heels. Thankfully for us, the hallway was clear. His body pressed up against mine only momentarily before he shoved me inside Runaway Train’s dressing suite. As one of his arms snaked around my waist, drawing me flush against him, the other went behind us to lock the door. With our tongues battling each other and our hands running over each other’s bodies, I could barely catch my breath.

    As he started backing me across the room to either the table or the chair, Rhys pulled his mouth from mine to start kissing a hot trail down my chin. His breath scorched against my neck. “Fuck, Allison. You drive me wild,” he mumbled, as I fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. “I think I could have you every f**king day and never get enough.”

    I giggled. “That’s good to hear.”

    Pushing my dress up over my hips, his hand then brushed against the front of my panties. A smirk stretched across his face. “Hmm, already soaked for me?”

    “Yes,” I panted, as he began working his fingers over my mound.

    “I must drive you pretty wild too, huh?”

    I grinned. “Oh, yes.”

    After tugging my panties down my thighs and off my legs, Rhys grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me onto the makeup table. The table-top felt cool under my bu**ocks as Rhys’s fingers teased along my thighs, causing me to shiver. I leaned forward and pushed his jeans and boxers farther down his hips. “I want you inside me. Right now,” I ordered.

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