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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(91) by Katie Ashley
  • I continued stroking him with my hands and tongue. With my free hand, I cupped his balls, causing Rhys to groan again. His head fell back against the pillow while he thrust up his h*ps to fill my mouth even farther with his dick. As I continued to suck and lick his straining erection, Rhys’s hands came to my waist. When he started lifting me as if I weighed nothing at all, I stilled my movements, letting him fall free of my mouth. After emitting a gasp of surprise, I let Rhys turn and then slide my lower body across his chest. He eased me up on my knees where my pu**y was directly over his face, and we were in a delicious 69 position.

    Giving him head had already turned me on so much that there were beads of moisture trickling along my inner thighs. Rhys flattened his tongue against my skin and licked me dry. “You taste so f**king good,” he said, his voice vibrating against my core.

    I moaned when his tongue began to lick and suck my clit. Once again, I took his erection in my hands and stroked it up and down. When my hungry mouth sucked him inside again, Rhys groaned against my clit. The vibration caused me to shiver. His fingers came to spread me open to give his delicious tongue better access. He plunged deeper and deeper until I was moaning and groaning against his dick. Finally, it grew to be too much, and I pulled away, crying out as I came in hard shudders.

    Rhys’s hands once again came to my waist. He gently turned me around to where I was facing him, my core rubbing against his dick. I rose up on my knees to straddle him better. Once I was in place, I took his erection in my hand and guided him to my ready entrance. As I slid inch by inch down on him, I whimpered as his fullness filled me. Glancing down at Rhys, I watched as he closed his eyes and bit his lip. “You feel so f**king good around my dick,” he murmured.

    “You feel good inside of me,” I panted, as I rose off him to slowly ease back down. We both groaned at the sensation. Placing my hands on his chest, I began to raise my h*ps on and off of him. Each time, he almost slid free of my body only to have me slam back down on him. As I began to ride him, Rhys’s hands came up to cup my br**sts. His fingers tweaked my pebbled ni**les, making them harder and more sensitive. When I met his gaze, I showed him with my eyes what I desperately wanted.

    Rising up into a position, he brought his arms around my back—his fingers feathered light touches along my spine causing me to shiver. But he gave me what I wanted more than anything when he dipped his head to bring his warm mouth to my breast, sucking my nipple until I gasped with pleasure. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand the pleasure anymore, he slid over to my other breast, making me pant and cry out his name.

    Cocking his head at me, he twisted his fingers through the strands of my hair, pulling my face down to where our eyes were on level with each other. “Tell me you love me,” he commanded.

    I slowed down my frantic pace of riding him. Cupping his face in my hands, I smiled. “I love you, Rhys McGowan. I always have and always will.”

    His hands feathered down my body to grip my hips. “And I love you, Allison Slater. You and only you.”

    My heart began beating wildly in my chest at his declaration. No matter how many times I heard him say the words, they never got old. I’d waited too long and fought too hard to ever take them for granted.

    Rhys began to push me on and off of him. Our mouths fused together as we sped up the soft and sweet rhythm from before into one that was more frantic. Wrapping my arms tight around his neck, I pressed my br**sts flush against his chest. I loved the feeling of this position—the closeness and connection. I could feel Rhys tensing up, and I knew he was just as close as me. Pulling my lips from his, I stared into his eyes as we both went over the edge. Together.

    We remained in bed late into the morning. After making a bathroom break, I’d thrown on one of Rhys’s T-shirts along with my panties. Rhys, however, remained na**d under the sheet. As I lay with my cheek pressed to his chest, I could hear the gentle thump, thump of his heart beating. One of my hands was entwined with his. There was a white elephant in the room that neither one of us seemed to want to mention. It was the last day of the summer tour, and I was supposed to be returning to Savannah tomorrow to start classes on Monday. The weeks and months together seemed to have flown by at warp speed. I wanted nothing more than to slow time down to a standstill so I could savor each and every moment with him.

    After an eternity of silence, Rhys cleared his throat. “I have something for you.”

    I rose up to prop my head on my elbow. “You do?”

    He nodded. “I hope it’s something to make leaving a little easier.” With my curiosity piqued, I reluctantly let him untangle himself from me. I got an appreciate eyeful of his ass when he got out of bed and strode over to his suitcase. It didn’t take him long to take out a box.

    When he returned to the bed, he slipped under the covers again. “After we got together this summer, I kept thinking that I wanted to give you this to show you how much you mean to me.”

    The size of the box gave me a little concern. It was most definitely a ring box. As much as I loved and cared for Rhys, I was most definitely not ready for an engagement ring. Not just yet. Not after we had been working on building a relationship and a life together.

    With trembling fingers, I tore off the pink ribbon. An odd sense of déjà vu filled me. I was no longer in the bedroom on the bus. Instead, I was transported back to my Sweet Sixteen when Rhys had given me another gift with a pink ribbon. When I cracked open the box, I gasped.

    Inside was a ring, but not the one I had feared. It was an oval disc with a magnolia just like the one Ellie had painted years before. Taking it in my hand, I saw that it was on a platinum band with diamonds encircling the magnolia. Even the bud of the magnolia was a yellow princess cut diamond. Tears filled my eyes, blurring the beautiful image before me.

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