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  • Strings of the Heart(Runaway Train #3)(93) by Katie Ashley
  • Cocking his head, he asked, “So you’re really coming out on tour with me?”

    I grinned. “Yep, I am.”

    “Good. ‘Cause I think that’s a f**king amazing idea,” he replied, with a grin.

    “I’m glad to hear you say that.” As Rhys pulled me back to lie down again, I peered up at him. “Now that we’ve got all that settled, I want you to buy me something.”

    Rhys chuckled. “The ring wasn't enough for you?”

    Gazing down at my left hand that glittered with his ring, I sighed with contentment. “It's more than enough.” I glanced up to stare pointedly at him. “Actually, what I want from you is more for the both of us.”

    “Hmm, lingerie and sex toys?”

    I smacked his arm. “Smart ass. That is NOT what I was talking about it.”

    With his dark eyes twinkling with amusement, Rhys asked, “Then what is it?”

    “A tour bus of our own.”

    “So we can have privacy to defile every square inch?” he teased.

    “Well, that will certainly be a plus, but I wasn’t exactly thinking on a sexual level.”

    “Besides the privacy, what else would it be good for? A tax write-off?”

    Brushing my hand across his cheek, I smiled. “I want to give you a home, Rhys.”

    His expression momentarily darkened. I could tell from the emotions flickering in his eyes that he was reliving some of the painful aspects of his past. More than anything in the world, I wanted to help him move past all that—to give him a future filled with happy memories. “Let me give you a home, Rhys,” I repeated.

    “You already have.” Covering my heart with his hand, he said, “Right here.”

    Tears filled my eyes as I leaned over to kiss him. I let all the love I had for him pour out in those kisses. When I finally pulled away, Rhys smiled at me. Brushing his thumb across my cheek, he asked, “You won’t go crazy decorating it with frilly pillows and lace shit everywhere, will you?”

    With a grin, I teased, “I can’t make any promises.”

    He groaned. “Just don’t make it so over the top that my man card gets revoked by the guys.”

    “I won’t. I like your man card, and your manhood, too much to do that.”

    A devilish look twinkled in his eyes. “You do, huh?”

    “Mmm, hmm.”

    In a flash, Rhys rolled us over to where I was on my back. “I think I know how to solve that problem about you not being able to walk today after too much sex.”

    “Oh, what’s that?” I questioned breathlessly, as he ground his growing erection against my core.

    “I’ll just have to carry you,” he replied with a wink.

    “My pervy, yet chivalrous, knight in shining armor. You’ve been looking out for me since I was just a kid.”

    Rhys’s teasing expression turned serious. “And I’ll never stop. Ever.”

    Deep down, I knew he never would. Although times might get tough and the path might be rough, we would somehow have our happily ever after. Our heartstrings were irrevocably intertwined.

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