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  • Wounded(Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #24.5)(12) by Laurell Kaye Hamilton
  • Mercedes said, “Anita is almost a shapeshifter herself, without all the metaphysics. We’ve talked about her healing abilities; it’s not human normal.”

    “Tomas asked if becoming a shapeshifter would heal him,” Micah said.

    “He’s too young to make that call,” I said.

    “Yes, it’s illegal to contaminate anyone with lycanthropy who’s below the age of eighteen, even with their permission, but Tomas is asking, and I thought his family should know,” Micah said.

    “I wasn’t all vampire and shapeshifter super-healing when I got my arm torn up, Mercedes. In fact, they thought I would probably lose at least some use of my arm. I healed like a normal human back in the day.”

    “What did you do to heal?” she asked.

    “Physical therapy like it was my new religion, and I hit the weight room really seriously for the first time. I lifted in college a little for judo, but putting muscle around my elbow . . . one of the doctors told me that it could make all the difference. PT was strength and flexibility, and the weights helped keep the scar tissue from foreshortening the ligaments and tendons as they healed.”

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