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  • Wounded(Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #24.5)(41) by Laurell Kaye Hamilton
  • “Does this next victim have two bite marks on it from both of our first vampires?” I asked. No one answered me, so I raised my voice. “Ted, talk to me!”

    “Yes, the first two vamps seem to be working together.”

    “Did that victim die?”

    “No,” Sheridan answered. “He wandered into a hospital because his neck was bleeding, but he couldn’t remember how he got injured.”

    “They’re starting to figure out how to work together,” I said.

    Logan’s voice was strident. “Some expert you are, Blake. You were wrong about the second vampire. It’s not the one tearing out throats.”

    “You’ve got at least three vampires on your hands,” I said.

    “Did you hear me, Blake? You were wrong!”

    “I heard you, Logan. I’m okay with being wrong if it gets us better information to catch the vampires that are doing this.”

    “Two of them haven’t hurt anyone too badly,” Sheridan said.

    “Have any of the victims been attacked a second time?”

    “No,” Pearson said.

    “I told them to put protection details on the earlier victims,” Edward said.

    “Did they do it?”

    “They’re having a little trouble convincing their bosses to approve the overtime.”

    “Jesus, don’t they realize that the vampires can call their one-bite victims out again?”

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