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  • Bad Blood(Blood Coven Vampire,book 4)(5) by Mari Mancusi
  • “Hello, my darling,” Jareth says in his deep English-accented voice. He wraps his arms around Rayne and pulls her close, planting a way-too-PDA-for-thefootball-field kiss on her mouth. A total “ew” moment, but I’ll let it slide this time, namely because I’m just so relieved they’re not bickering like an old married couple for two seconds. Poor Jareth. I’d stab a wooden stake through my own heart before I’d have agreed to be blood mates with my crazy, controlfreak sister. I don’t know how he puts up with her. He must have the patience of a saint, if not the soul.

    “Hey now, don’t start the party without me!”

    I whirl around, my eyes lighting up as I see Magnus approaching. He made it!

    My heart starts palpitating too fast in my chest and my palms become sweaty. Not long now, a voice reminds me. This is it.

    “Did you rent the room?” I whisper as he wraps his arms around me. Magnus nods. “It’s all set, my love.”

    He leans down and kisses me. Now that the tables are turned, I so don’t mind the PDA. His cool lips feel so good, brushing softly against mine. I cuddle a little closer, so very happy that I will be able to kiss this vampire for the rest of my life. Everything is going to be fine. This night will be beautiful and perfect. And nothing can stop us from—


    We break from our kiss and turn around in the direction of the voice calling my boyfriend’s name. Crossing the field is a tall, porcelain doll-faced girl with huge, green, almost catlike eyes and a red bow mouth. She has long red hair falling down to her waist and she’s wearing a slinky little black dress with platform heels.

    Who the hell is she?

    I glance back at Magnus and realize his normally pale face has gone stark white. Does he know this girl? And why is her sudden presence upsetting him so much?

    “There you are, Magnus,” the girl purrs. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I’m so glad I finally caught up with you, my love.”

    Her love? Her LOVE? What the hell is going on here? I look at Magnus, then the girl, then back at Magnus again. “Um, why did she just call you her love?” I demand. And here I thought my heart was beating fast before. Now it’s the tempo of a hardcore techno song.

    “Yeah, who the hell are you?” Rayne demands, looking as if she’s ready to kick the crap out of whoever this is. I smile a little. She may be a freak, but at the end of the day she can be a good sister.

    The girl smiles. But not in a sweet kind of way. I so don’t like her already.

    “Who am I?” she repeats in a voice that sounds sly and catlike. “Why don’t you ask your fearless leader, Magnus?”

    Something’s wrong. Really, really wrong. I feel like I’m going to throw up, though I’ve no idea why. “Magnus?” I manage to choke out. “Who . . . is this girl?”

    Magnus swallows hard, running a hand through his hair. When he finally speaks, his voice is hoarse. “Sunny, this is Jane Johnson,” he says. “The vampire council has ruled that she is to become my blood mate.”


    I stare at Magnus, then at the girl—Jane—then at Magnus again. My heart has pretty much bottomed out at this point, hovering somewhere around my kneecaps. The council assigned Magnus a blood mate? My boyfriend is getting a blood mate? My boyfriend is getting drop-dead gorgeous Jane Johnson as a blood mate?

    I guess in the back of my mind I knew this could happen someday. After all, Magnus is immortal. He’s going to live thousands of years on this planet while I, if I’m lucky, probably only have about seventy or eighty left. Many of which I’ll be spending growing old while he remains the spitting image of a hot high school student. At first, people will start calling me a total cougar, saying I’m robbing the cradle and stuff. Then they’ll ask if he’s my son. Grandson eventually.

    At some point we’ll have to break up ’cause it’ll just be too weird for us to be seen together. Either that or go into solitary confinement for a few years. Until, you know, I die. Of course, I sort of always figured he’d be so heartbroken about the whole thing he’d go around wringing his hands and swearing he’ll never love again for all of eternity as he could never find anyone as perfect and wonderful as me.

    But evidently he’s not even going to wait ’til I’m cold in my grave to find someone new. Or, you know, in my grave to begin with.

    “Magnus,” I say through my clenched teeth. “Can we talk alone for a second?”

    Jane frowns, sticking her full lower lip out (totally collagen-injected—I’d bet my life on it) into a full blown pout. “You know,” she whines, “anything you have to say to Magnus can be said in front of his blood mate.”

    I’m about to remind her that technically she’s not anyone’s blood mate yet, least of all my boyfriend’s, and, if I have any breath left in my body, she’ll never live to become one either, but suddenly Rayne chooses that moment to butt into the conversation.

    “Oh my God, Jane. What fabulous nails you have. What is that color?” she asks, grabbing the interloper’s hand.

    I stare at my sister. Can Rayne really be that fascinated by the lesser known shade of this fall’s Opi color collection at the worst moment of my life? But then I take a look at the nails in question. Hot pink. A color my Gothy sister wouldn’t use to paint the nails of her worst enemy. She must be trying to distract the girl to give me a word in edgewise with Magnus. I seize my opportunity and drag him a few feet away from the group. Out of Jane’s multipierced earshot. I can see from the corner of my eye that the bitch is struggling to follow, but my sister’s got her black polished claws into her—

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