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  • Bad Blood(Blood Coven Vampire,book 4)(51) by Mari Mancusi
  • Realizing we have to do something, I rise to my feet, grabbing Jayden’s hand and pulling him up with me. “We have to get out of here,” I say. “I can’t let Cornelius destroy the Blood Coven.” I look out one window then another. There are vampire zombies everywhere and I doubt we’d be able to make a run for it. Crap. What would Rayne do in a situation like this? “What to do?” I mutter, half to myself.

    “Well you’re the vampire expert,” Jayden reminds me. He’s trying to sound brave, but his shaky voice relays his fear. “What are their weaknesses? Like what’s in the movies? Is any of that true?”

    “Some,” I say, running the possibilities over in my mind. “Crosses, garlic, holy water all hurt. But I don’t think we’ll find any of that stuff here. I don’t suppose you can start a fire with two sticks by any chance?”

    Jayden shakes his head. “I dropped out of Boy Scouts,” he confesses. “Too much camping. Anything else?”

    “Just blood. They go nuts with the smell of blood. Though not my blood, I guess. Evidently the whole Holy Grail thing made it poisonous to a vampire.”

    Jayden shoots me a look. “The Holy Grail thing? I so need to hear that story when we get out of here.”

    “If we get out of here. I mean, not to be a glass half-empty girl here, but even if we are able to defeat Cornelius somehow there’s still a whole trailer park filled with vampires to contend with. We can’t exactly take on the whole town.”

    Jayden bites his lower lip worriedly. “And you’re sure your cell phone isn’t working.”

    I nod grimly. “Neither is the home phone. But even if they did, who would we call? A cab?”

    “I’d probably call nine-one-one in this case,” Jayden says. “This is an emergency, right? Though it’d be a little hard to explain to the operator just what kind.”

    Suddenly it dawns on me. Or hits me over the head, more like a lightning bolt.

    “Oh my God, Jayden!” I exclaim, a plan forming in my mind. He looks at me anxiously. “What? Do you have an idea?” “Your . . . alert thing. You know, if you get cut. Doesn’t it automatically call nine-one-one no matter where you are?”

    His jaw drops open. “Oh my God, of course!” he cries. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. It’s all satellite-based so we’ll get reception, even out here.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the device. It blinks back at him, a precious green light, promising freedom. “I suppose this qualifies as an emergency,” he says, ready to press the button.

    But suddenly the trailer door bursts open, slamming into Jayden and knocking the device out of his hand. It rolls under the couch. Before we can dive after it, Cornelius is looming in front of us again.

    “What are you two doing?” he asks suspiciously. “Not trying to escape, are you? I told you, it won’t do you any good. Silly little humans.” He sits down on the couch, blocking any chance of us leaning down and grabbing the device. Crap. I glance at my watch. Forty-five minutes and counting. If only we could distract him some way. Get him to get off the couch long enough for me to reach under and grab the device . . .

    “Hey, Dracula! Over here!”

    I whirl around, my mouth opening in shock as I see that Jayden has climbed onto the rickety kitchen table. He’s found a knife in the drawer and is waving it wildly. At first I think he’s going to try to stab Cornelius, which won’t do any good. A knife wound does nothing to a vampire. But then, a moment later, I see he has something much, much more dangerous in mind.

    “Jayden, no!” I cry as he proceeds to drag the knife along his chest. A crimson stain of blood suddenly spreads over his white shirt.

    “Come and get it, bad boy!” he snarls at Cornelius.

    The vampire is on him before I realize he’s moved, his mouth on Jayden’s chest, greedily licking up the blood. It’s flowing like crazy and I know it’s not going to stop.

    “Get the device!” Jayden cries, his eyes wild and his face white. “Save yourself! Save the Blood Coven!”

    I glance over at the couch, then back at him, my mind whirling in confusion. I can’t just let him do this—sacrifice himself to save me. I need to do something. I need a stake. But even if I had one, could I really manage to push it through his heart? I’m no slayer and I don’t think it’s really as easy as my sister would have me believe. Otherwise, why would there be official slayers to begin with, born and destined and all that? They could just get any random guy off the street and hand him a stake.

    If only I had stayed a vampire. I could kill him and save Jayden’s life. But no, I’m just a mortal girl. No superpowers. No super-strength. No way to save my friend . . .

    Jayden’s cries are softer now, weaker, as he tries to fight off the vampire with ever-draining blood. I glance desperately around the room, for something—

    anything!—that could possibly damage an immortal vampire. Then I see the stove. And I remember Cornelius’s story about Tabitha, Jayden and me discussing fire only moments earlier, and Rayne’s snarky comment about the blowtorch.

    I dive for the appliance, my hands closing around the burner knobs, twisting them to high heat. Soon the stovetop is dancing with flickering flames. Here we go. I may not have superpowers, but I can definitely kill a vampire.

    “Jayden!” I cry, backing out of the way. “Push him off you! Now!”

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