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  • Bad Blood(Blood Coven Vampire,book 4)(54) by Mari Mancusi
  • “How can you morons believe some human? It’s all one big lie.”

    “I don’t think so,” Magnus says, looking down at the paperwork I’ve brought him. “In fact, I think she has some pretty solid evidence to back up her claim.”

    He thumbs through the documents, then turns back to Sasha. “I don’t think we’ll be needing your services after all, Ms. Star,” he says. “If you would be so kind as to step off the stage?”

    Sasha glares at him and the rest of the vampires, not moving an inch. Doesn’t she realize she’s lost? Then, slowly and deliberately, she takes the golden box off its pedestal and waves it in the air. “You’re too late,” she snarls at my boyfriend. “I’m going to be a vampire and there’s nothing any of you can do about it.” She yanks open the box and pulls out the vials.

    “Noooo!” I cry, realizing what’s going on. One sip and she’ll be a protected member of the Blood Coven forever—Magnus’s blood mate for eternity—and no one in the consortium will be able to do anything about it. I dive for the stage, but I’m way too far away. She downs the vials like shots of tequila, then licks her blood-stained lips and cackles as she turns to the audience, an evil smile on her face. Everyone’s eyes are on her, wide and shellshocked at what just happened.

    “Now I’m one of you,” she informs them haughtily. “Co-master of the Blood Coven and of equal rank as your leader Magnus.”

    The room erupts in chaos; no one seems quite sure what to do. They can’t kill her now; she’s protected. But they can’t very well let her walk away either. A roomful of deadly vampires and every last one of them is entirely helpless, hands completely tied behind their backs, due to complicated consortium rules and regulations. I can’t believe it. Where are the renegade vampire zombies when you need them?

    Sasha seems to be enjoying the madness. “So,” she says. “My first order of business as Blood Coven Master is to—”

    Suddenly, she cuts off, a look of horror flashing on her face. I follow her gaze, wondering what could scare her so much. Vampire zombies, hopefully?

    Perhaps ones bent on her destruction? But no, my eyes fall on something—

    someone—even better.

    Rayne, the vampire slayer, flips across the stage in a series of roundoff, back handsprings I didn’t know she could do: a bolt of lightning, brandishing a pretty nasty-looking stake.

    “Sorry to crash the party,” she quips. “But I heard there was a vampire in need of slaying.”

    “Get her, Rayne!” I cry, hope surging through my heart. “Stake the bitch!”

    If this were a Buffy episode, Sasha might have some kind of catty comeback, but I’ve found in real life vampires aren’t usually all that quick-witted. In any case, it only takes a second for Rayne to make her move, thrusting the stake into the new vampire’s heart and reducing her to a pile of stage dust. The crowd goes wild, as you can imagine. I let out a sigh of relief. It’s over. It’s really over this time. Sasha’s gone. For good.

    My sister hops off the stage and dances over to me. I notice more than a few vampires dodging to get out of her path. I don’t blame them. She’s scary when she’s all slayer chick.

    “Sunny!” she cries, throwing her arms around me in a hug. “Thank God I came in time.”

    I squeeze her tight. “No kidding,” I say. “I thought we were in real trouble there.”

    “Meh,” she says, pulling away from the hug and giving me a cocky grin.

    “Never underestimate the power of a slayer.”

    “Right. Except when said Slayer is previously occupied at the World Series of Poker.”

    “Well, you know, didn’t want to have to waste a good portion of my winnings on your funeral.”

    I roll my eyes. “Whatevs.” Then I get serious. “Thanks, girl. I owe you one, big-time.”

    “No.” Rayne shakes her head. “I owe you one. Or like, ten thousand, if we’re really keeping score. I mean, let’s be honest here—I haven’t exactly been the best sister since we got to Vegas. I abandoned you for those stupid casinos—

    and when you really needed me, too.” She grimaces. “Damn, Sunny, you could have died!” she cries.

    “But I didn’t,” I tell her, quickly relating the short version of my awesome vampire slay. “Maybe I’m tougher than I sometimes give myself credit for. After all, I did single-handedly take down a big, bad vampire.”

    “And I’m so sorry I missed that,” Rayne says with a grin. “You managed to save the day without any slayer powers whatsoever. You’re, like, a vampire hero. How many mortals can say that?”

    I can feel myself blushing. “I don’t know if I’d go that far.”

    “I would,” Magnus says, walking back over to us. He’d left to examine Sasha’s remains and console the other consortium members, who were totally freaking out from all the violence. Wimpy, soft vampires. “You’re my hero, at the very least.”

    He grabs me and pulls me to him, hugging me fiercely. I hug him back, but find I can’t relax in his embrace as I usually can. I guess I’m still angry about all that’s happened. About the way this all went down. I mean, sure, everything turned out okay in the end, but this would have been a lot simpler if he’d just listened to me from the start.

    I pull away from the hug. Magnus looks at me, confused. “What’s wrong?”

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